How to Have Your Most Amazing Life

31 Tips to Change Your Life Forever in 31 Days

How To Have Your Amazing Life is a 31 Day guide to help you realize the potential, passion, motivation, power and zenith that your life can be. Take this 31 Day journey, apply the concepts and begin to move into the life you’ve been dreaming of.

With a better understanding of your true self, your goals, your dreams and hopes, you will be on the right path for achieving the richness of life possible and ready for everyone. You only need to be willing to have the adventure.

A different turn from the strength and fitness information you’ve regularly read, this book will inspire you to achieve more not just in the weight room.

172 pages. Both printed and ebook versions are available.

How to Have Your Most Amazing Life

How to Have Your Most Amazing Life

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Praise for How to Have Your Most Amazing Life

“My dear friend, Bud Jeffries is a man who eats obstacles for breakfast! He inspires thousands, not only by his mind numbing strength, but by his granite like character. When an amazing man writes about his life and reveals precious insights you can rest assured they’re priceless! Reading his book will give you the required tools for an awesome and amazing life!
Peter Ragnar –

Bud Jeffries does it again with an amazing read that I feel should be in every person’s library. Bud has put together a wonderful book that will benefit everyone that wants to improve their life. This book is the key to finding “stress busters” and to promote physical and mental well being. From exercise, to mental meditation, socialization, avoiding debt (one of my favorite chapters), living in the present moment, learning to love yourself and even tips on your role in society. In my opinion this book is some of Bud’s best work, with his writing he teaches us how to learn to love life and live it to the fullest. Even if you’re already living an awesome life I encourage you to order this book it may just open your eyes to something you have forgotten like it did for me.
Mike “The Machine” Bruce –

“Bud Jeffries is an innovator in real health and fitness… the kind without airbrushes and trick photography…the kind that will see you living to your nineties with or without paparazzi. In “How To Have Your Most Amazing Life” Bud gives a month’s worth of daily inspiration and practical advice for becoming fit and healthy in all areas of life. For most Americans, becoming fit has more to do with striving to fit into a certain size than it does finding out what our individual “bests” are and striving for those. The problem is that often that “certain size” approved by society and an actual personal best are vastly different, leaving many of us on a proverbial hamster wheel until we get too sick and tired to try anymore. In a breath of real, fresh air, Bud brings us a well-rounded look at what true personal health and fitness is and outlines practical ways to get there.

MY most amazing life involves much more than just looking good in a size 6 bathing suit. Along with physical fitness, I want to bring about my personal best in mental attitude and emotional health as well. For a challenging read that will have you pondering what YOUR personal best truly is, from a real guy who has never worn makeup… pick up “How to Have Your Most Amazing Life” by Bud Jeffries.”
Rebecca Hyman – Christian Author of Winds of Hope –