Wicked Toches Push Up Matrix

1405022631-picsayWeek 3 Release of Summer Challenge Series

TWO Digital downloads to choose from Volume 1 – The Basics or Volume 2 -The Beyond

Wicked Toches Push Up Matrix!

Why push ups Bud?  Aren’t you a heavy barbell lifter and strongman guy?

Push up Matrix? What is that??  What does that mean? Did you swallow the wrong red or blue pill?

 Are you just trying to be one of those cool push up guys whose been to prison, or hangs out in parks in New York?

 Alright, alright – I’ll tell ya.

Why Push Ups?  Because they’re awesome!  Period.  I don’t care who does them, or if they’re cool to do them or not, I’ve been doing them for a long time and they make a lot of sense.  If you know how to do them, and there’s the real key, you can make them pay off for just about anything. Strength, mass, fat-loss, body control, explosive ability and more.  The thing is almost no one knows how to do them correctly.

The push up isn’t rocket science and I’m not trying to sell you that I have some secret.   I’m also not renouncing barbells and telling you that push ups are the salvation of fitness. I believe they work best together. What I’m doing is teaching you how to do the real deal.  What I do have is a bunch of little tips on how to really do push ups that add up to huge differences and I’ll tell you a secret most people don’t know about me –

When I first started training I couldn’t do a push up. Now I can do them ALL.  Okay – that was a joke, nobody does them ALL, but the first part isn’t a joke, I really couldn’t do a push up.  And I didn’t have anyone to teach me the differences and what I was doing and what I should have been doing.  That’s what I’m hoping to do for other people.  That and give them inspiration that you can get great at anything including bodyweight exercises no matter how big you are.  That’s part of why I’m obsessed with conquering the push up.  So why should you listen to me, because today I can do push ups that almost nobody on the planet can do and push ups everybody says I shouldn’t be able to do, because I’m a big strongman and not a little gymnast.

The push up is no longer the domain of the 130lb gymnast, but you have to master the basics to get good at the cool crazy stuff.  That’s why I laid these downloads out this way and why I call this The Push Up Matrix.

These first two downloads cover the basic push up with everything from just barely got off the couch, can’t do one regular push up level, up to some very hard progressions that’ll get you ready to do the really wild ones I’ve been specializing in for the last year or so.

I believe there are six major types of push ups. 

  • Basic Push Ups
  • Swaying or Hindu Push Ups
  • Explosive Push Ups
  • Loaded Push Ups
  • One-Arm Push Ups
  • Hand Stand Push Ups

These downloads cover the basic military style push up with advancements getting you ready to do the hardest push ups you ever heard of. The other five styles of push ups will be covered in the next volumes of this series so get ready for them as well.

And each type has a bench mark, top dog, variation or two if you will, but within those, what most people miss are the infinite other variations within all these that give you truly well-rounded strength.  That give you the ability to do things you just shouldn’t be able to do.

For most people they’re not going to get to the crazy top-end stuff if they don’t do the basics well, progress smart and train unusual ranges of strength and motion.  That last part is where the Matrix comes in. I think of push ups as more than a straight muscle building exercise.  I think of push ups as my go to – carry anywhere – do anytime, exercise that allows me to build upper body strength and conditioning in 360 degrees of motion. Not just the basic directions covered by the six major types of push ups.  Or the basic directions you would use with weights.  However, in a logical progressive manner, that lets me over time, literally exert and build strength with my hands and body in every possible direction for me to reach and move.

You see for me it’s not enough to be strong or prepared in just one direction.  I want to be strong and prepared in every possible direction and I want the injury resistance, joint, tendon and muscle development that goes with it.

This is where most people miss out.  There’s little logic in how they progress and even smaller variety.  I want you to do the basic thing so well that you’re awesome at it. Then I want you to do things that are so out of the box that no one’s done them before and combine those two to be the greatest version of yourself.

The Matrix idea in these push up downloads encompasses this; A logical way to vary your hand, foot and body position so that you literally have done pushups from every angle possible.

  • All in all there are  more than 80 different variations of the push up and tips to perform them.  Tips including:
  • How to crank the shoulders for safety and power
  • When to use a straight body versus a sway in or arch to move up
  • How to work your feet closer or wider to adjust the resistance
  • How to progress in the Matrix so you cover everything
  • How to make things easier or harder to progress from style to style
  • Why to use a push up board
  • How to use partial range at certain times to keep tension on a muscle
  • Power breathing for max effort push ups
  • Relaxed breathing for high rep push ups
  • How to load the lats by digging in the elbow
  • How to change your vertical and horizontal hand position to cover every angle
  • Where to hold the neck and why
  • How to change your hand rotation to multiply your push ups, angles and why
  • …and more!

Also includes variations and progressions such as:

  • Push ups from the knees
  • Raised hands push ups
  • Push ups with sway or hip snap to get to the top
  • Isometric holds to build you up to normal push ups
  • Isometric holds to make push ups way harder
  • Military push ups with a regular hand position/close/semi-wide/ultra-wide and max width hand positions
  • Diagonal Grip
  • Uneven push ups
  • Alphabet push ups
  • Reverse Grip
  • Single hand turn push ups
  • Reverse Diagonal push ups
  • Ridge hand push ups
  • Elbow flare push ups
  • Grappler push ups
  • One and a half rep push ups
  • Typewriter push ups
  • Jack Knife Push ups
  • Thai knee push ups
  • Half and Full scorpion push ups
  • Modified tricep extension push ups
  • Tiger bend push ups
  • Diamond Scorpion Push Ups
  • Atlas Push ups
  • Extra Range Fly Push ups
  • Barbell Push ups from the bench press, military press, behind the neck and Bull rider positions
  • … and many more

So it’s this simple – master the basics and then you can get awesome at the unusual and amazing variations.  Master the unusual variations to move to the next level. Build strength, muscle and movement ability in every possible direction.  Get strong in ways that really transfer to other activities, not just make you good at push ups.

This is a basic and advanced level course to take you from ground-zero level into the Pushup-Stratosphere.  So you can be the guy in the gym doing the push ups no one’s ever seen or at the park crushing it with the other bodyweight enthusiasts.  Or just be stronger and more conditioned than you ever thought possible and ready to go to the next level.

I would hurry if I were you, because we purposely priced these low as an introductory price and gave you an even better deal for the set, that will definitely not last.

So get these courses now!

Download 1 – Basics

Download 2 – Beyond

Downloads 1 & 2

OR Get the Full Push Up Matrix – Master Level Course, including Push Up Matrix, Beginning & Advanced, Hindu, Dive Bomber & Swaying Push Ups as well as One Arm Push Ups, all 4 downloads together in one purchase for $35!


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