Unconventional Training

unconventional_training_excerptsA collection of the top chapters from the following training manuals:

  • How To Have Your Most Amazing Life

  • How To Squat 900lbs

  • Twisted Conditioning

  • Twisted Conditioning II Advancing Concepts

  • I Will Be Iron

  • Super Vitality

This e-manual gives you the beginning foundations for multi-implement, cross-fitness sport training, combined with the concepts and process for mental focus and balance to achieve Unconventional Life goals.

Whether you’re looking to become a pro-level strongman, competitive powerlifter, Cross-fitter, all-around athlete, performance strongman, fitness enthusiast, improve your all-around health and find a path to phenomenal well-being – This 190 page eBook will take you across the training ideas of the most popular books from Bud Jeffries in combining many modalities to achieve the most in exemplary strength, fitness, endurance, longevity, mentality and spiritual balance.


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