Trump That!

trump that


Combine the training materials from our two most popular programs – Maximum Functional Mass and Super Vitality for a powerful package of all around strength, health, wellness, endurance, and lifelong vitality!

You’ll receive the digital downloads for both e-training manuals – Maximum Functional Mass and Super Vitality

All 8 video downloads from Super Vitality as well as the 3 video downloads which accompany the training manual for Maximum Functional Mass – among them, Herculean Arms and the all new Power Building – Isometric Super Sets.

You will also receive the 3 mp3 audio downloads for Super Vitality

Perhaps the best of the pack are the 2 Distance Training Sessions you will receive.  2 separate Skype sessions with Bud for your own personal training to go over form, technique, your best set up to achieve your goals and how to put it all together!

Normally – if you purchased all of these materials separately it would be nearly $400! 

Right now you can get it all for $99!