Transformation Program

Bud Jeffries is taking on a new venture – Individual Intensive Consultations
What does that mean?  Bud is opening his doors to taking on 15 clients for a Transformation Program he is beginning.  He is only accepting 15 individuals due to the time involved and wanting to ensure that those people receive the utmost attention and focus.   He will be working in two formats – a three month program and a six month program.   

In 2001, Bud wrote his first book, How To Squat 900lbs Without Drugs, Powersuits or Kneewraps.  He always knew he wanted to write training materials for other powerlifters, weightlifters, strongmen and strength enthusiasts, what he did not know is where that journey would take him or the people it would affect.   In the past 13 years Bud has amassed countless emails and letters from people, men and women alike, expressing their appreciation for the materials and how implementing the training and mindsets changed their life for the better.

Letters from military personnel, fire fighters, police officers, Spec Ops, SWAT, and Federal officers stating their desire to go into particular training or jobs, failing the tests, then applying training techniques from Twisted Conditioning 1 and/or 2, re-applying and going through the programs and testing again, this time to have meteoric success, receive their promotion and reach their goals.

Numerous letters from people writing to express their appreciation for, I Will Be Iron, and the physical transformations they achieved by following its principles, applying them to their own life and hitting the goals they set forth for themselves whether in weight loss, strength totals, or commitment to changing habits and lifestyle practices.  Practices and habits which were taking them down the path of poor health and after following the book(s) they were now seeing far improved medical reports, feeling much younger, stronger, more mobile and sensing a major change in their outlook on life.

These letters, emails, Facebook messages and personal testimonies truly mean something to Bud.  Not just to him, but to his family as well.   Bud truly believes we are all here to help, to learn and to teach in some way.  He’s decided to move that to a new training set up by offering a personal one-on-one coaching program.  It’s far more than simply coaching strength, lifting totals or weight loss.  It’s a transformation program.  It’s a program designed to help you transform your life, your issues, your concerns, your fears, and your mental blocks into a clear path of success.

Helping someone hit totals for competition is great thing.  Helping someone learn to apply the commitment needed for that type of goal, to the other areas of their life for tremendous, balanced success and happiness is a phenomenal thing.  That’s what the Transformation Program is about. 

It’s about:

  • Understanding
  • Practice
  • Commitment
  • Reaching goals, not just setting them
  • Knowing joy
  • Living Life
  • Knowing peace
  • Having balance
  • Healing
  • Health
  • Success

So yes, while Bud wants to help you meet your lifting totals dreams, or sail through at the top of your class exceeding the bureau’s standing records, or lose the excessive weight that’s hampering your health and ability to participate in life – it goes beyond simply meeting those goals.  It’s about meeting those goals, excelling in them, and then applying everything you’ve learned to the mental and spiritual/energetic areas of life that exist far beyond those starting goals.

These aren’t just dreams – they can be your reality.  It is completely possible.  Regardless of what anyone has told you previously, whether you were told it’s impossible, a pipe dream, “people like us/you can’t achieve it,” you weren’t meant or built to do it, it’s ludicrous, absurd, ridiculous, and sometimes people will even go so far as to tell you you’re stupid for thinking or dreaming it – they’re wrong.

You CAN do this.  
You DO deserve it.  
You CAN succeed.  

Bud’s son Noah often says, “Nothing is impossible.  It just means you have to work harder to get it.  Then the satisfaction is greater in the end.”

The Transformation Program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Weekly Video chat or phone call with Bud (though video chat is preferred)

  • Step-by-step break down of your goals and how to get there

  • Email or private blog journal (Client’s preference)

  • Training materials from Bud’s library according to your goals or choices

  • Membership to Super Human

  • A seat at a future Strongerman Productions seminar 

This isn’t a cookie-cutter, binder printed manual telling you how you should train and handle your life in the exact same way everyone else does.  This is tailored to you, specifically.

You’ll first receive an emailed questionnaire and a book/eBook to begin reading.   Bud will go over your responses and then set up a time for the first video chat/phone call.  Make no mistake, this is a serious and dedicated program for people who are looking to improve their life, their career, their health, their longevity and their family/relationships.  Yes, they are all intertwined whether you realize it or not.   If you are not 100% committed to this endeavor, please, do not sign up.

This program can simply be for the purposes of exceptional physical training to meet qualifiers, lifetime PRs, records and career advancements, but it can and should encompass much, much more and it can all start here if you’re willing.


The three month program is $1,750.   This is payable in two options:


Option 1:  Pay in full, and receive a $250 discount




4 Payments of $437.50

Option 2:  Pay in four installments of $437.50!




The Six Month Program is $3,000.  Also with two options:


Option 1:  Pay in full and receive a $500 discount




4 Payments of $750.00

Option 2:  Pay in four installments of $750!


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