The Teleseminar Series

“Build Super Human Strength with the Top Training Methods and Tactics from The Strongest Men Alive Today”

Gain a Library of Knowledge on Training for Strength, Mastering Crazy Feats of Strength, Optimizing Your Health, Nutrition, Hormones and So Much More

Dear Friend,

So you want to become strong? Think you can learn something from the strongest people alive today in a variety of training disciplines? Old-time Strongmen, Powerlifters, Bodyweight & Kettlebell Experts, Grip Maniacs, Military Trainers, Ancient Training Aficionados, Nutrition Experts, Cutting Edge Performance Personal Trainers and tons of Record Holders.
But we’re not just talking about exercises and workouts. Discover the principles that keep everything in place.

  • Want to take your training intensity up a notch?
  • Want to learn how to better listen to your own body?
  • Want to develop the conditioning to never quit?
  • Want to learn what led all these people to becoming top trainers and strongmen alive today?

And performance doesn’t just come from training. In fact, there’s much more.

  • What about learning how to optimize your hormones?
  • How about learning what you need to eat, and how to eat, to perform best?
  • Advanced tips on recovery so you can come back stronger every time?
  • And the mindset that shifts it all into high gear?

Join us in learning all this and more. Your hosts Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher will introduce you to 20 Super Human guests who teach you everything that has taken them to the top. Our guests include some of the strongest people in the world. Period. But before we get to them let’s introduce your hosts who are no slouches in the realm of strength.

Bud Jeffries is best known for this amazing lift – squatting 1000lbs. from the bottom position of the rack. Certainly, not all strength with no go, he has gone on to lose over 100lbs. doing crazy several thousand kettlebell swings in a single workout many times. He teaches the ultimate in combining strength and conditioning together to make up Twisted Conditioning system.

Logan Christopher has been called a Physical Culture Renaissance Man for his ability in many different areas of training. Hand balancing, gymnastics, kettlebell juggling, feats of strength, and just general weight lifting, he has done it all and more.

Your hosts will be your guides as you won’t be learning from just one person but from 20 to find the approach the works best for you. Pick up one tip here and one tip there and in the end you’ll be stronger and healthier for it. We broken up the calls into groups and tried to place them by topic. It’s not perfect as there was much overlap buy you can check them out below.

Let’s introduce you to each of our guests and what you’ll learn from them of these downloadable calls.

Strongman and Grip Package

Grandmaster Oldtime Strongman Dennis Rogers (a $29.95 value)


  • What had Dennis’ Dentist Screaming? Find out about a Rare Feat of Strength Dennis once performed and it’s not what you think (You Won’t Believe This One!)
  • Do-or-Die Sessions of Training
  • The One Feat of Strength that Give You the Best Results and Five Methods of Progressing in it
  • Using Challenges and How to Flip the ‘Mental Switch”
  • Tons More on Building a Strong Grip, Feats of Strength, Mental Toughness and More

Master of Grip Tommy Heslep (a $29.95 value)


  • Tommy’s Path to Close the Ironmind #4 Gripper and How You Can Do It Too
  • The One Area of Your Hand Strength Most People Neglect, How this can Lead to Injury and Limit Your Potential Strength, and What to do about it
  • How Tommy Worked Up to the Ironmind Red Nail and More Tips on the Heslep Style of Bending
  • A Basic Starter Grip Program
  • Holding Back Two Airplanes with Grip Alone!!!

Dan Cenidoza (a $29.95 value)


  • The Secrets of Muscle Control and How a Little Practice can Benefit Your Lifting
  • The Intuitive Style of Training. Who should do it and how?
  • How to Increase Your Steel Bending
  • Two Programs Dan Used to Boost his Pressing
  • What Shaolin Monks and American Weightlifters have in Common
  • And much more

Diesel Crew’s Jedd Johnson (a $29.95 value)


  • The Biggest Mistake Jedd made in his Grip Training and what to do about it.
  • The Four Grip Movements and How to Train Them
  • Grip Athletics and Grip for Athletes – There’s a Big Difference in How You Need to Train
  • Volume and Hand Care for Long Term Health and Strength
  • 3 Ways to know if You’re Overtraining
  • Tips on Bending – Using Ironmind Pads, Assistance Exercises and much more

The World’s Strongest Redneck Steve McGranahan (a $29.95 value)


  • Becoming Redneck Strong
  • How making your Body Shake Under Load is the Key to Huge Strength. Discover the Surefire Method of doing it Right
  • How to get Stronger with Huge Volume Workouts (You Won’t Believe the Volume Steve Does!)
  • The Value of a ‘Breakthru’ Set in Setting You Up for Success
  • The Key Fingers to Strengthen for Bending and Grippers and the Secret Exercises for Doing It
  • How to Chew on Glass…in case You Wanted to Know

Get The Strongman and Grip Package with
Dennis Rogers, Tommy Helsep, Dan Cenidoza, Jedd Johnson & Steve McGranahan
(A $149.75 Value) for only $10

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Kettlebells and Much More Package

Pavel Tsatsouline (a $29.95 value)

  • The Foundations of the Hardstyle System
  • How to Develop Super Human Abdominal Strength
  • How to Increase your Flexibility (including Little Known Techniques to Distract Your Mind Allowing You to Relax More)
  • Maxick’s Muscle Control and What this Means to Your Training
  • Techniques of the Russian Powerlifting Team
  • How to Add Mass (in a way no one else discusses)
  • Much more

Military  + Crossfit Kettlebell Trainer Jeff Martone (a $29.95 value)

  • Rehabbing Old Injuries. Did you know Jeff Dislocated Both his Shoulders Many Times yet Nowadays he can do…
  • The Human Turkish Getup (Lifting up to a 150+ lb Person with One Arm) – How Jeff Got Started and the Steps to Take to do it Yourself.
  • Why Martial Artists and Kids may be Best Served doing Kettlebell Juggling and Shot Drills.
  • The Biggest Factor You Need in Real Self-Defense
  • Why Bodybuilding is Not Strength Training and the Two Things to be Doing Instead

 The Iron Tamer, David Whitley (a $29.95 value)

  • The 7 Tests and 3 Point Scale of the Functional Movement Screen and What this Means for You
  • Why How You’re Training Right Now could Injure You and at the very least Cripple Your Performance…
  • How the Body is a Stacked in a Mobility/Stability Chain
  • Should You Practice Feats of Strength or Sports Activities Equally on Both Sides of Your Body?
  • And More

American KB Snatch Record Holder Andrew Durniat (a $29.95 value)

  • How to Do It All…Kettlebells, Strongman, Grip and More
  • What makes the Bent Over Row one of the Best Exercises for Strength and Mass Building
  • Identifying your Weaknesses and Training them is the Sure Key to Amazing Strength. How to Find and Fix them
  • Specific Ways to Gear Up for Competition whether that be Kettlebell Sport, Highland Games, Strongman Competition or More
  • The Big Difference Maker in Kettlebell Jerks (aka The Weakness of Every American Athlete)

 The Queen of the Kettlebell Swing Tracy Reifkind (a $29.95 value)

  • Superhuman Swings and Snatches
  • How the Kettlebell Swing Leads to Massive Weight Loss (Over 200 lbs of Fat Loss between Tracy and Bud Combined)
  • Pacing your Kettlebell Swings for Variety and Different Training Effects
  • Manipulating the Work-to-Rest Ratio to do Hundreds and Thousands of Kettlebell Swings
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Yoga
  • And More

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Pavel, Dave Whitley, Jeff Martone, Andrew Durniat & Tracy Reifkind
(A $149.75 Value) for only $10

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Discover New Training Styles and Tools Package

World Record Holder and Powerlifter Scott Weech (a $29.95 value)

  • Scott’s Typical Schedule for Powerlifting and Strongman Competitions
  • How to Flip that Mental Switch which allows you to Push Huge Poundages
  • The Specifics of Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Presses, Overhead Presses, Stone Lifting, Yoke Walks and more
  • Combining Strongman, Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting – Can it be done?
  • Tips on Grip Training, Powerlifting Gear and much more

John “Mr. Hands” Brookfield (a $29.95 value)

  • John’s Favorite Exercise to Build a Powerful Grip
  • How John Trained to Pull a Semi Truck Long Distances
  • What it takes to REALLY Build Super Human Endurance
  • Why Interval Training may NOT be the Best Way to Go
  • Why you need to Start doing Velocity Training and All the Benefits it’ll give to Your Strength and Endurance
  • If John could do Three Exercises what would they be?
  • And so Much More

 Adam T. Glass (a $29.95 value)

  • Strength with Biofeedback Training
  • How Everything You do is making Your Body Stronger or Weaker and How to Find Out Which is Which
  • Internal and External Focus. Which One Should You Follow?
  • Internal and External Governing. Which One Should You Follow?
  • The Different Metrics of Progress. How to Improve in Every Workout in Every Exercise.
  • Why Massive Tension may NOT be Your Best Friend
  • And More

Atomic Athletic’s Roger Lapointe (a $29.95 value)

  • Ancient Training Methods and Tools
  • How Your Build can Play a Huge Role in Your Weightlifting Abilities
  • The Drip-Down Effect from the Top Athletes and How it Affects Your Training
  • How Ancient Cultures have Perfected Lifting with Various Implements, and What You Can Learn from Them
  • How Much do You Really Need to Practice? Answers from Olympic Champions Fred Lowe and Tommy Kono.
  • And more

 StrongerGrip’s Ryan Pitts (a $29.95 value)

  • Hammers, Clubs & Maces Oh My!!!
  • Why You need to include Club and Mace Swinging in Your Workouts
  • Why the Sledgehammer is the Best Tool for Learning How to Produce Force
  • The Differences between Medium and Heavy Clubs vs. the 1 to 2 lb. Wooden Clubs and What You Should Use (Controversial Topic)
  • How to Make Progress Besides in Weight Jumps
  • And More

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John Brookfield, Scott Weech, Ryan Pitts, Adam Glass, & Roger Lapointe
(A $149.75 Value) for only $10

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Optimize Your Hormones, Nutrition and Training Package

Mike Mahler (a $29.95 value)

  • Hormone and Training Optimization
  • How Supporting John McCain in the Presidential Election Resulted in a Huge Testosterone Drop (Seriously)
  • What to do to bring Your Stress Levels Down and Good Hormone Levels Up
  • How Eating 6 Meals a Day may be Destroying Your Health
  • How to Optimize your Workouts for Strength, Size and Good Health with a Coach

Monkey Bar Gym Owner Jon Hinds (a $29.95 value)

  • How to Best Use the Many Different Lifeline Cables
  • The Importance of Training Basic Skills and How to Add Resistance to these Movements
  • What Jon used to Cure Crippling Back and Knee Pain After Years of Searching
  • An Incredible Recovery Booster that Jon says will Instantly Recover You 85-90%
  • Why You’ll want to Increase the Plant Foods in your Diet Today
  • How to Dramatically Increase your Jumping FAST

 Ryan Magin (a $29.95 value)

  • Elite Muscle Gaining Secrets
  • The Connection between Strength and Speed
  • Combining the Fine Line of Sport Practice (Ryan does BMX) with Strength Training and doing it Effectively
  • How to Balance Sticking with a Program and Listening to Your Body
  • The Value of Insane Challenge Workouts (with Examples of course)
  • Finding the Commonalities in All Programs and More

 Stephen Santangelo (a $29.95 value)

  • Advanced Nutrition Tips
  • The Dangers of MSG, Stearates and Artificial Sweeteners, and How these ‘Hide’ in Your Food
  • Analyzing Your Blood pH and How to Become Alkaline
  • Why You may want to Flip Your Eating Schedule on it’s Head
  • Breaking Down the 6 Energy Pathways and How to Train Each One for Maximal Results
  • And More

 The Magic Man of Mystic Mountain Peter Ragnar (a $29.95 value)

  • How a 70+ Year Old Man is Stronger than You!
  • Lessons from the Farm Days – Discover the Conditions Needed for Optimal Strength and Muscle Building?
  • How and Why You Need to Train the Type 2X Muscle Fibers
  • Why You Are NOT Resting Enough Between Workouts and How to Find the Exact Right Amount
  • Taking in the Right Minerals for Health and Performance
  • Doing Qi Gong to Improve Your Lifting?
  • The Difference Between Training to Failure and Intense Training and Much More

Get The Hormones, Nutrition and Training Package with
Mike Mahler, Stephen Santagelo, Jon Hinds, Ryan Magin & Peter Ragnar
(A $149.75 Value) for only $10

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Not only can you learn from any of these 20 experts but you can start learning from them today. When you order you will be sent an mp3 download list. You can listen to these on your computer, throw them on your device, or even burn them onto a CD to listen to in your car.

But that’s not all. If you act today you’ll get a special bonus.

For every call a Hot Tip Sheet had been created. In this short 2-4 page pdf you’ll receive all the main points for the call so you can have easy access and quick learning. While we encourage you to take notes from each call we’ve already done it for you!

Don’t be overwhelmed with all 24+ hours of information. Just listen to your favorite guests first or the ones you think you can learn the most from. (Though I have to say some of the ‘sleeper’ guests you may not know often have the most impactful information.) Plus on the download page we’ll even throw in a free report on how you can speed up your learning time for these calls and everything else you do.


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That covers everything. You’re able to get these top strongmen and trainer to help you from the comfort of your own home. Get up to 20 calls on a wide range of physical culture topics from a wide range of experts. Along with the downloadable hour+ long audio you have the Hot Tip Sheet for each call. All of this is guaranteed and all of it for only $35. Order today!