T Handle Kettlebell

T Handle Kettlebell

T Handle Kettlebell loaded up and ready for heavy swings

This articles will show you how to make a T handle kettlebell to be used for extra heavy swings. Its very, very simple to make. The D-handle, for one handed swings is a little more complicated so look for an article on that later on.

For the t-handle made to fit 1″ plates you need a 12″ long 3/4″ pipe nipple. A pipe cap or flange will screw on the bottom and make your stop so the weights don’t come off at the bottom. You’re going to need a t-junction for the top and a pair of 3 or 4″ long (whichever fits your hand better) 3/4″ nipples. You simply screw those all together and it makes you a lovely t-handle to use for two-handed kettlebell swings. I leave the bottom cap on and take the top t-part on and off when I want to add weight. You may want to tighten the cap and the handle nipples on with a pipe wrench so that they are good and snug. But the t-junction that goes down on the shaft I only tighten hand-tight or very lightly with a pair of pliers, because I take it on and off to add weight. 3/4″ is the inside diameter of the pipe. That will give you almost perfectly a 1″ diameter on the outside and 1″ plates will fit on there very nicely. I’ve loaded mine to over 250lbs and it held without a problem. I also wrap the handle with athletic tape because it gives a more secure grip, keeps the nipples from working lose and protects your hands from the threading on the outside of the nipples.

Here’s the recap of what you need:
12” long 3/4” pipe nipple
3/4” pipe cap or flange
3/4” t-junction
2 x 3” or 4” long 3/4” pipe nipples
Athletic tape (Optional)

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