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Discover the Simple System to Giving You Unbeatable Levels of Health, Vitality and Life

I’m amazed. Amazed at the number of people in our society, by both those who are healthy and those who completely ignore health, who are without energy. Without a zest for life. Without the eagerness to live. We’ve come to a place where we are the most technologically advanced we’ve ever been. Yet disease is rampant, attitude is unforgivably poor and the general zest for life is gone.

Have you realized that you might be less than you could be?

I believe the natural state of humans ought to be with boundless energy.

Do you have it? If you don’t this course will address the “how” of how to get it.

I regularly hear from people who are ten years younger than me who complain of being tired all of the time. That they would do anything amazing with their life if they just had the energy. They’d be strong, they’d be vibrant, they’d look and feel better and have more desire to have sex all if they just had more energy.

That my friends is terrible. It’s not how life is meant to be.

Last year I seemed to continually be placed in the company of many great new friends who are much older than me in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Many would call the particular group I’m talking about, “Unusual.” Truly when you compare the general population they are unusual, but they shouldn’t be. All these gentlemen and ladies are amazing, vital, powerful and getting better as they age. If they can – why can’t you?

The first of you must do is DECIDE that you can and should have that energy.

These are the steps I took in reforming my life, health and vitality as I lost over 120 lbs.

This isn’t just a training program but a WHOLE LIFE PROGRAM.

I believe one of the huge mistakes of many health authors is to create incredibly complicated plans. It’s a well known scientific fact that the more parts a machine has the more likely it is to breakdown. This applies to the construction of a plan in your life, to build any set of physical, mental and spiritual abilities.

Many in the field expect you to wholesale adopt their plan or lifestyle or set of living parameters. But its not possible. Instead you need something simple to follow. If you put just one tactic found in the Super Vitality course into action you’ll increase your energy and be able to do even more.

Its like setting a rock down a mountain side…and soon the rock turns to many and eventually an avalanche.

And at the same time this is a complete system. In fact, it’s the most largest and most complete system of training that I’ve even put together.



Super Vitality contains a Large Manual, 8 DVD’s and 3 CD’s.

Let me show you what’s covered here:

  • The Unified Theory of Building Vitality and Energy.
  • 10 Ways to Physically and Energetically Activate Your Body in One to Two Minutes for Optimal Vitality Every Day.
  • How to Combine the Hard and Soft Styles of Exercise
  • Why most people have their lives setup backwards and how “Energy is Produced on Demand”
  • Screw Low Carb or Low Fat. Every Macronutrient is Important.
  • 3 major healthy fats and what they do for you.
  • The Metabolism Stimulus Plan and How you can Win by Cheating
  • Arthur Saxon’s Rule on Sleep and Vitality
  • How your Spiritual Beliefs Play into Your Vitality
  • How the Super Vitality Plan will Potentiate Greater Possibilities of Strength
  • The Biggest Mistake People make in their Workouts that Robs You of Your Results
  • Build the Strength of a Power Lifter and Agility of a Ninja
  • The 5 Major Areas of Soft Work – There Similarities and Differences
  • What is 3rd Way Cardio and How You Can Develop It?
  • Mastery of Bodyweight vs. Mastery of Objects
  • Flowing and Circular Movements
  • The Secrets of Breath and Energy Mastery
  • Why most top level athletes are doing Qi Gong even if they don’t know it…And how you can consciously do it for even better results.
  • How to Directly Translate Your Qi Gong Practice to Lifting More Weight. Miss this and all the Energy Work in the World won’t help you lift even 1 more pound.
  • Joint Alignment vs. Joint Mobility
  • Why the Importance of “Full Range” Movements May Be Wrong
  • Neurological Restructuring
  • How to Change Your Body on a Cellular Level, Turning on Your DNA for an Incredible Life, Vitality and Energy
  • How Sex ties into your Vitality and Training
  • The Health Lift
  • A Moving Qi Gong Workout
  • The Differences in Ranges for Partials. Plus Learn the Optimal Range for Maximal Muscular and Strength Development.
  • The Exact Gestures and Visualization for this Simple Qi Gong Technique
  • 3 Formats of Combining Qi Gong with Your Workout
  • The Genesis and Evolution of Heavy Hands
  • Hard Qi Gong vs. Soft Qi Gong
  • Building Blocks to Energy or Road blocks?
  • Why the Focus on Joint Alignment in Eischens Yoga?
  • How to do Modified Yoga Positions for Beginners
  • General Joint Mobility vs. Specific Neurological Resetting Mobility
  • Obtaining the High Level of Knowing what Needs Correcting and How to Fix it in Under 20 Seconds
  • Free Form Mobility for Every Joint of the Body
  • The Lactic Acid Flushing Effect
  • Changing Workout Order for Different Effects
  • Why flexibility shouldn’t be trained the same way as the other Soft Work.
  • 2 Methods of PNF Stretching
  • Using breath control for deeper stretches
  • How to Safely Bounce in Stretches
  • Why Sandbags with Handles are NOT what you want
  • Pacing Secrets of the Kettlebell Swing
  • How to Properly Balance Tension and Relaxation
  • The Secrets of Charge and Recharge Workouts
  • Rubbing and Slapping to Awakening the Body

WOW! That’s a lot of information and that’s just a taste of what you’ll find with Super Vitality.

The Manual contains Bonus Articles from Peter Ragnar, Stephen Santangelo, Chuck Halbakken and Logan Christopher giving you some of their TOP Vitality tips that you won‘t find anywhere else.

Here’s the deal. Because this package is so large and it really is the culmination of my life’s work I only want serious people to get it.

Ask Yourself How Much is Unlimited Energy Worth to You?

Even in a low wage job you’ll earn tens of thousands of dollars a year.

What if the simple steps in Super Vitality add years to your life?

Not only that but you’ll feel alive with so much more energy you’re ready to conquer the world.

Would a simple investment of $1000 be worth that for you? If you say no then I think you need to get your priorities in check. Many a dying man would pay any price to get just a few more days of incredible life.

But I don’t want you to pay that much. I want to get this into the hands of the people that need it, which is everyone.

And right now you have to pay only $139. Go ahead and click the add to cart button below and get started on your path to limitless vitality and life.

God bless,
Bud Jeffries


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