Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts

“To Excel at Martial Arts You Need an Incredible Level of Both Strength and Endurance that Works For You On the Mat”

  • Most of the training information sold in the mainstream martial arts world is pure junk…
  • A cheap bill of goods that’s been passed down from the last generation’s left over snake oil salesmen…
  • Fallacies that have been passed down for the last hundred years get repeated over and over again to try and convince you that somebody’s lopsided idea of inferior training is the golden standard by which you will achieve the physical prowess you need for martial art success.
Isometric Pulls with Sandbag

Isometric Pulls with Sandbag

Well No More!


We are here to blow the doors off of these myths and to bring you the absolute best in physical training, strength and conditioning for your martial arts. Remember… what you read today and the information you receive in this powerful new book, Super Strength and Endurance for Martial Arts will shape your ultimate martial success and physical destiny.

How often have you heard stupid lines like this…

“You don’t need strength, just technique.”

I can’t believe this hogwash is still floating around, but alas, it’s like a rash that won’t go away. It’s a line meant to tell you that you don’t need severe effort based, physical training and make you believe that there’s some magic technique that will give you the ability to physically dominate another human being. That is not the case, never has been the case and never WILL be the case.

“Real strength isn’t that important.”

Another load of bologna. Why then in ALL the ancient martial systems did they devote so much time and effort to strength and conditioning? Physical training for the purpose of building a superior body was and is a cornerstone of all the ancient martial systems. Anybody who says different either has no idea what they’re talking about or is looking to take your money.

“Weight training will hurt you or make you slow”

Couldn’t be more wrong. Pure propaganda. Properly done weight training will make you immeasurably more resistant to injury and make you faster. The fastest people in the world weight train. Why shouldn’t you? Also all the great martial systems have some type of weighted progressive training and when I say weight training I don’t mean it in the locked in, nautilus machine mind set. I mean lots of different kinds of resistance that can help you build strength from any angle and endurance for any situation.


Big Dumbbell Press

“Let’s do some functional training, here… sit on this little rubber ball and hold these two little pink dumbbells.”

I almost can’t dignify this one with a response. There’s nothing wrong with balance training or with trying to be innovative, but when you water crap down it just becomes watery crap. This type of training won’t give you the real world horsepower to back up any kind of martial prowess. Real world exercises with real weight and using the most hardcore training systems such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, strongman exercises, etc., are what creates truly functional strength. It’s serious training for serious people.

“It’s all or nothing. My way or the highway. If you use anybody else’s training system it’ll kill ya. Certainly cripple you and most of your relatives. It’s bodyweight only (or substitute your favorite dogmatic training group), or death!”

The martial world is full of this kind of dogma. “Our art is the only and best art!” And equally “If you don’t train the way we do you’re not going to get anything out of it, you’ll be lucky to survive it and you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.” When you study the training of the ancient arts you find what is the universal formula for super human performance. Low reps, high reps, heavy weights, light weight, full movements, partial movements, high level conditioning, odd implements and unique exercises.

No system that gives true development or gives you the possibility of super strength and endurance is without these facets. However it is much easier to sell you just one facet and promise that it will deliver all of the performance you would get if you trained them all. If you have only one piece of the puzzle you’re not likely to solve it, are you?

“Just do a regular bodybuilding workout. It’ll make you look pretty and the rest of your martial training will take care of making you physically tough enough.”

This one is more a paraphrase of a prevailing mindset than anything you’ll hear someone say flat out word for word. But it’s maybe twice as insidious as any of the myths being regularly dropped around martial arts training. Why? Because this one tells you that you can train like an idiot and as long as you’re doing something you’ll get the results you want. That’s like saying that working for minimum wage will make you a millionaire. It also carried the implication that as long as you “look” like the modern ideal of the bodybuilder you will carry all of the performing qualities of a serious martial artist. In fact, many of the martial artists I know for some inexplicable reason train like bodybuilders. Consequently they hit like eight-year old girls and stay hurt most of the time. None of the old masters and few of the current crop of high-level fighters look like the supposed ideal of bodybuilding, because that look highlights features that make you weak and has nothing to do with how you perform physically.

That doesn’t say that by training with the exercises and ideals put out in this book that you won’t look better. You probably will. But what you WILL be able to do is hit crushingly hard, grapple with the strength of an orangutan, lift things that you never thought possible and function with more endurance than anybody you know. Strength and conditioning that you never knew you could achieve tailored to bring about your ultimate martial success.

So here we introduce our newest book….


In-Art Training

Super Strength and Endurance for Martial Arts

Finally a book within the martial arts scene that tells the truth.

You DO need strength and a lot of it.
You DO need endurance, the more the better.
You DO need muscle.
You DO need to tailor your training to your specific needs.

You need to in essence “have it all,” and this is the book to show you exactly how to get it. If your training isn’t pointing you in the direction of having the greatest strength and endurance combined then you’re on the wrong road. Hang a hard left turn from the far right lane and get this book!

Here’s some of what you’ll find in its pages:

  • The 50 greatest strength and conditioning exercises for martial arts. More than enough for you to find the gem that will skyrocket your personal strength and endurance.
  • Our 50 greatest martial arts workouts. Workouts for every facet of physical development and for combining training styles for the most cutting edge and powerful progress you’ll ever make.
  • Maximum strength “in art” training. A secret of the old masters.
  • ‘Double Compound Conditioning.’ A little walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death that we came up with to explode your strength, muscle development and endurance all at the same time.
  • Ultimate Circuits. A unique walk on the wild side of training that gives you the power to simultaneously train every major physical attribute in the same workout.
  • The ‘Anderson Mixing Principle’. A powerful technique we lifted from Paul Anderson that has been proven to do what he said it would do by science fifty years later. Never before applied to martial arts. Truly powerful!
  • Go the Distance Training 1 and 2. Unique workouts to take you to a new place of mental and physical toughness.
  • Qi Gong in Training. How to use a basic simple Qi Gong move to unify your entire being into your movements and take your training to a new level.
  • How to be super strong but still light on your feet.
  • How to get a great workout with any implement available.
  • Combination movements
  • Before, during and after training.
  • Ultimate Self-Defense fitness.
  • The size, weight, speed and flexibility myth.
  • How to train to hit harder. Hard enough that the FBI may keep a file on you, “just in case.”
  • How to train to be unstoppable when you throw someone and how to make yourself almost impossible to throw.
  • Pain Killers
  • Reality Strength to overcome personal weakness
  • A detailed powerful look at single limb exercises to take your martial strength to a scary place.
  • … and more, much more.
Plenty of Grip Training Exercises

Plenty of Grip Training Exercises

These are just some of the headers from the book that scratch the tip of the ice berg of what’s really being laid out for you.

This book can be the great equalizer for you. We all know great martial artists who practice their art specifically and have such a genetic gifting for it that they are unbelievable. But other than specific technical practice, often these people train stupidly. Falling prey to the same myths that we discussed above. How much better would they be… how much better would YOU be if you could double your strength and endurance while simultaneously increasing your speed and flexibility and molding your newly built physical giftings into the technical craft of your art.

Everybody who is a great martial artist builds serious strength and endurance. They are your greatest weapons and without them you will never fulfill your own potential as a fighter or artist. This book is the key to opening doors previously not believed to be possible. To taking your strength to the ultimate limit… farther than you ever thought you could and simultaneously developing and endurance that never quits.

This is the Cutting Edge of Training Today,
but also the Resurrection of the Most Historically Correct and
Worldwide Training of the Ancient Masters.

Stone Lifting

Stone Lifting

Distilled down for you in a simple format to be easily understood and applied immediately. Who wouldn’t want to have the incredible ability displayed by the martial arts legends and the toughness of the living breathing animals of today put right into their training in a simple to use, convenient format?

No serving a 12-year indentured servitude on top of a Tibetan Mountain to get to read the first page. It’s all here and we tell you the flat truth. We’re not going to tell you that you can effortlessly become a superman. It takes work. We’re not going to think that you’re dumb enough to believe that all you need two and a half minutes per day and suddenly Mike Tyson will run in fear. But we’re also not going to flip to the opposite end of the idiot spectrum and tell you, you need to train four hours a day, seven days a week in hopes of making a little progress. We give you intelligence and flexibility in your training so that you can train as much or as little as you need to and in the most efficient way possible to get maximum gains and to be able to live your maximum life.

We picked out the best exercises from every significant training implement and style and we tell you how to do them and why. More importantly we’ve put it in a useable format and tell you the secrets of how to construct your program so that there is no conflict between building your strength and endurance and simultaneously your martial skills.

Condensed down of all the things that I learned as a real life martial artist and competitor and all the real life experimentation, experience and unique contacts that I’ve been able to make with some of the greatest athletes and trainers in the world. And it fleshes out. It holds up when the rubber meets the road because I’m the living proof of my own theory. Not some guy who sits back and tells you what everyone else has done and has never tried his own exercises or routines or sweated it out with an opponent on the mat.

Here it is for you. You can have it all…

Unheard of Strength, Unbelievable Speed, Unquestionable Endurance, Unparalleled Agility.

Don’t sell yourself short. This is the top of the mountain in martial training and you can have it. Don’t wait. Your competitors aren’t.

God Bless,








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