Total Man Training

Week 4 of the Summer Challenge Series

Total Man Training Program

What are we all doing this for?

Is it enough to work and slave to get a body that does powerful things?  Only to find that you have an amazing physical body and the reality is that if you add $12 you can buy a Starbucks cup of coffee.  Isn’t there more?  More lasting effect than the physical?  More places to take this physical than just the gym or competitive platform?  More perfection to be made in a man? 

What if you could transfer all that effort and use an efficient process to build your mind, your emotions, the subtle electrical and nerve force of your body and if you wanted to build your spiritual life, your real connection to God as well?

Well I believe you can!  I think if you look at most of the old training philosophies from around the world, you almost always see a holistic connection to a greater than physical benefit alone.  They almost all talk about making a better human being.  Not only one who could physically survive things or was healthier and stronger, but one whose mental strength was titanium hard and focus was razor sharp.  One with greater confidence, emotional control, one with greater ability to harness his internal energy, not just that of the muscles.

Many of them also talk about a man who is more moral.  Not just in the morality of taking care of the body you’ve been given, but who has meditated on and is now applying concepts like justice and kindness.  Who is deeply aware and deeply connected to God.  Who has a better life and is of greater service because his whole being is unified.  Who can do things that seem out of the ordinary in all those areas, because of his disciplined practice and his ability to apply greater than average energy to all parts of life.

Why aren’t we getting this now?  A few people have talked about it, but mostly they’re weak and charlatans.  Or they promise you things that won’t happen. “Do this – meditate three minutes a day and you’ll be rich and have six-pack abs!”  Friends, it just doesn’t work like that.  It’s never worked like that.  Nothing comes without work, but work without thought is a waste of vital energy.  The upper level of succeeding at whatever you want is the unified energy of hard work and the mind, body and spirit functioning together.

Nothing comes without work, but there is no reason not to have everything you want in an efficient manner.  In fact there’s a great reason to use efficiency to use your mind, body and spirit to be the great man that those ancient philosophies tried to be. 

You see today, we’re all separated.  We go to church on Sunday, gym on Monday (universal bench-day, everyone knows that), therapist on Tuesday, life-coach on Wednesday, Tai Chi on Thursday, Self-Help seminar on Friday.  Or we spend an hour a day at the gym, an hour a day meditating, usually another hour lamenting on what we missed while we were at the gym or meditating and maybe if we have time and are very conscientious we pray a little and read something other than a comic book.

What if I told you, you could put all that together and every time you worked out you could expand all those areas and that in fact, that was more effective than separate sessions taking up all your time?






Reality is, most of us have a life.  We have work, kids and spending three hours a day on solitary self-improvement is a bit much to ask.  But we still want the results.  I think we’re missing the point.  That there is no improving a single area without the need to touch every other area of life.  Thinking you’ll improve your body to the top level without training your mind is a waste of time.  Thinking you’re truly training the greatest mind without training the body is an opposite side of that coin and still a huge waste of time.  Thinking you’ll change your emotions and your responses without changing your mental traits is just wishful thinking.

Thinking you’ll have any lasting peace without a connection to God is just foolish.  Not taking advantage of the energy flowing in and around you to anchor those physical, mental and emotional changes or truly rev them up and get the most out of them is to let yourself be left behind.

What if I told you that one plus one, plus one, plus one in the ultimate building of the total man added up to more than four?

What if I told you that science, as well as personal and historic experience actually backed that up?  It’s not possible right?  In this instance, it is.

Training a singular part of the body, part of the human, mind, body or spirit separate, has less total effect than training them all together.  The anchoring effect of the change, the actual change in the mind or body, the growth of physical and subtle energy, the explosion of focus and ability to apply strength, that holds a deeper energy and simultaneously builds your emotional and mental power, adds up to a synergistic effect that is more than the sum of its parts.

So I think you probably want all this, but nobody says anything about how to get it.  Or they don’t give you a real pattern to use or its airy philosophy with no feet on the ground.  That aint what we’re doing.  In fact one of the first points I make on these two new digital downloads is that I believe in Conan-philosophy.

“What is that,” I know you’re asking while simultaneously picturing a barbarian who looks like a certain Austrian.

Well I’ll explain it to you in the downloads, but let me give you the short version:

Practical philosophy.  Useable.  Applicable.  It’s one thing to have pie-in-the-sky thoughts that are nice to think about, but have little to do with rubber on the road.  That’s not the point here.  The point is a real pattern to use for combining physical training with mental, spiritual and energetic conditioning, and then do it.

Practice it.  Will it to come true and then it does.

So what’s actually on these downloads?

Each one is an hour long.  Truthfully most of it is just me teaching.  Teaching you important things on what’s going on and how to actually do it.  Each download also contains a physical demonstration section where you see the beginnings of how I put into practice what I’m actually teaching you.

This isn’t a 30 exercise, six week program, false promise to make you a perfected human being and a millionaire in six weeks.

While it does have specifics on how to do exactly what I’m teaching and what you want, its also the reasoning behind it and how to build your own way to do it.  For this kind of training – I can and do tell you specific things, but if you don’t get intimately invested in your own life and take some ownership and make it personal to you, it’s value is limited.

These downloads will give you the blocks to make it your own and make it really work.

So what am I going to teach you about?

  • The definitions of the types of training
  • What we’re actually talking about when we refer to the body, the mind, the spirit and energy.
  • What this can and can’t do
  • The mental traits you are already concentrating on when you physically train
  • What subtle energy or qi really is
  • Why using it is a booster to your other traits
  • How you’re opening a door to change, but how to really do it on purpose
  • Why your purpose and thought make all the difference
  • Differences between affirmations and prayer
  • A trick for building your focus as well as really learning to focus energy
  • A movement pattern to actually take energy and then push it into a physical feat
  • The pattern to use all of this for any quality you want to build
  • What types of non-physical qualities certain types of exercises build
  • Why to use certain thoughts with certain exercises for greatest effect
  • The importance of knowing what you actually believe
  • The importance of simplifying
  • The importance of getting out of your own way and letting it happen
  • Why finding a small daily physical thing to do can radically effect other areas of your life
  • Tips on conquering fear
  • Building intuition
  • Learning when to focus and when to unfocus or block certain feelings
  • How to use rhythm and split focus for higher effect
  • Why its important to use both isometric as well as moving exercises
  • How to turn your whole workout into a moving meditation
  • How to build specific qualities by pointing your brain and energy to connecting to those things and using a specific physical movement
  • The physical/mental continuum
  • When to back off
  • When to use specifics and when and how to go formless
  • … and more

In the physical demonstration sections I take you through several specific form, energetic or qi movements, applied directly to physical training. 

  • One example is a warm up through a max effort and then through partial movement and isometric training.
  • Then another example is pulling energy specifically into a muscle to build it as well as the energy in it.
  • Another example is using a concentration on an area of my life I want to build and a mental trait I want to build and combining that with energy and a specific physical exercise.
  • Another is an example modified, formless, light exercise with moving concentrations, changing back and forth through prayer and mental conditioning on happiness and emotions and physical abilities.  Showing movements at different speeds for different emotions.
  • Another example is a conditioning workout showing emotion, physical energy and manifestation into life connected into a conditioning complex and a mobility movement for specific reasons.
  • For me this training is pervasive and I literally can’t show you everything because much of it has to be done by you in the way you want to train and how do you show thought on a video file?  Well hopefully we’ve captured it.  You can definitely see changes in energetic and emotional presence.

If you’re ready to change and get more out of training than you’ve ever gotten, to think and be mindful, to grow your mental game, your closeness to God, your physical power, your subtle energy, your presence, your ability to make life happen the way you want it – then don’t waste any more time and get these downloads!

I want to see you have the most amazing life possible and this is part of my personal practice to get there, I’m sharing with you.

Let’s be amazing together.

Get ‘em now!






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