Summer Challenge Video Download Series!

What is the Summer Challenge Series?

During my ‘summer vacation,’ from the school anti-bullying tour, I decided to issue a challenge to myself to create a new DVD every week for 12 weeks.  A complete DVD, available for download, delivered to your inbox every Friday.  A new title, with fresh content.  Not a re-hashed, edited file of previous releases, re-packaged like a “Best of Bud,” edition – nope – filmed every week with new concepts, training material and all with things I’m currently doing, experimenting with and seeing consistent gains.

Here’s how this happened:

  • Saturday – I make an outline and begin developing the week’s release
  • Sunday – We film some of my own training
  • Monday – We film any intros, lead-ins, explanation sections
  • Tuesday – We film the remaining training footage needed and anything else
  • Wednesday – The material is edited and put together for DVD/mp4 format, then I review, and doing something new we’ve never done before, instead having the training footage be just training with field noises, I am going back through the final video line and voicing-over to explain things more in-depth to provide the best learning experience for the viewer.
  • Thursday – The material is cut into sections for the trailer, the editing is completed and the files are rendered and uploaded to Amazon S3 servers.
  • Friday – We release the DVD for sale – OR to those who subscribed to the Summer Challenge Series – they are immediately emailed the links for web viewing and/or downloading for viewing on a device offline or burning to a DVD.

We began releasing on Friday, June 27th and then filmed, produced and released one a week until Friday, September 12th.   Normal releases have a one-hour running time, however, on some of them I changed it up, gave more info and tried to amp up the challenge, so some have two that are an hour long.

We’ve covered everything from strength training, to endurance work, to flexibility, grip, bending, kettlebells, mental training, energetic work and how spirituality ties into physical work and vice versa.

You can get the entire Summer Challenge Series for $199.95.

You can also choose to go for 3 payments of $66.65 for the Summer Challenge Series, still getting the same price of $199.95, but in easier manageable payments.

Summer Challenge Series Titles:

So get them all now, the entire collection,

for $199.95, or 3 payments of $66.65.

Individually purchased they’re $29.95 per title so it’s a phenomenal deal!

One Payment of $189.95


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