Push Up Matrix – A Master Level Course

Push Up Matrix Master Level CourseSeveral years ago Bud Jeffries released a DVD series, “Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning – Push Ups.”  It was a two disc set covering numerous types of push ups and styles.  Since then, Bud has advanced training with Push Ups into much higher levels, complications, series, counts, for time, and in combination with other exercises for circuits, he’s also 100lbs less than when he first filmed UBC – Push Ups.

Over the summer of 2014, Bud filmed the “Summer Challenge Series,” releasing a new DVD series every Friday, for 12 weeks.  In it, he included 3 weeks of new digital downloads for Push Ups to refine and replace the original UBC – Push Ups.  Beyond that – the levels at which he now performs push ups has blown up as well as his theories on how phenomenal Push Ups training can be for full body fitness and health.

He’s addicted to the exercise, its variations and what it can do for you!  Now – you can get the complete Push Up Matrix – A Master Level Course all in one set.

The Push Up Matrix – 2 Digital Downloads

Hindu, Dive Bomber and Swaying Push Ups – 1 Digital Download

One Arm Push Ups – 1 Digital Download

So now you can get all three courses and 4 digital downloads to include the concepts, variations, explanations, practices, and theory behind this extraordinary exercise.  You can achieve through-the-roof fitness levels with this phenomenal exercise that is so often overlooked and discarded in modern day gyms and circuits.  There’s a reason that it’s still a military staple – it builds athletic success.


Each Digital Download sells separately for $10 each.  Get all four downloads now as the:

Push Up Matrix – Master Level Course for $35 



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