The Key to Real Super Human Strength

Dear Fellow Strongman,

1000 lb. Zercher

A 1000lb. Partial Zercher Squat

Use Partial Movement training to literally knock out the plateaus and limits in strength that you THOUGHT you had.

Move and support massive poundages to condition every fiber of your being, bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, core and even internal organs into a power-producing machine. To build yourself into literally something more than the clay you started with. To so over prepare the body with a massive conditioning of strength that you build its ability to produce massive strength at any time, in any range and any situation.

THIS is the power of Partial Movement Training.

Many authors, most of whom are strictly semi-modern powerlifters have come out in print against partial rep training. I’m going to state right here flat out that they do not know what they’re talking about. They’ve said it produces incomplete results. Well let me tell you right now that’s because they don’t understand how to apply it. They have a narrow, short-term view of strength and they simply don’t have the experience and hands-on effort and understanding of how to use partial movements to create not only full range strength in competitive or development producing lifts, but a walking-around strength that literally bleeds from every pore of your body.

Many of these authors or lifters come from the idea that if you’re not moving away as far as you possibly can then you are somehow cheating. I come from a place that says I want to be able to move every ounce of weight I can in every range of motion and in every direction possible. There are no correct lifts. There are only people’s ideas of correct lifts. That’s not to say I’m not a big believer in full range lifting. I absolutely am, I just think it’s idiotic to cut yourself off from an entire training system that can produce such phenomenal strength results just because it doesn’t fit in to someone else’s idea of what is correct. I choose to think for myself. I choose to believe in my ability to train to produce super-human strength.

I choose to believe that you can do this training as well. This opens the door to a level of strength that you can’t get with any other training and ability that’s beyond what you can currently imagine.

This is the Training that takes an Average Guy with Average Genetics and Makes Him Exceptional

I’m using it now to break down barriers and what people think is humanly possible for a drug free athlete. Lifters HAVE used it since the roots of modern recorded strength training and I think even further back. In fact many of the lifters whom we consider legends, or who have produced unparalleled performance have used this type of training. Here are a few of them:

  • Paul Anderson Partials

    Paul Anderson built his huge squatting power with what? PARTIALS

    Paul Anderson

  • Bob Peoples
  • William Boone
  • Gayle Gillingham
  • Don Reinhoudt
  • Brooks Kubik
  • Anthony Ditillo
  • Steve Justa
  • Steve Weiner
  • Mike Bruce
  • and YOU!!!

These men and their training are representations of what you can become with this type of training. If they’re doing it, why aren’t you? Everyone in the world touts their training system as the best. That’s a natural thing. But I think these back up the facts that this training is the key to massive, world-class, brutal strength. Both on the competition platform and in real life where it counts the most.

There’s been a great deal of talk lately about functional strength. Let me tell you something… this is the most functional training you’ll ever do. “Functional” has just become a big buzz word to sell products. So over-used right now that it has lost its meaning, but this is the only training I’ve ever seen that literally conditions your body to apply strength anywhere. This is training in ranges of motions that most people actually use. And toughening the body to move support and handle weights that are staggering to the average person and far in excess of anything you will find in day to day life…

…THAT is Functional!

Partial PressTHAT produces a body that functions as a one-unit horse power producing machine and beyond that which any other training, regardless of the claims you hear for it, can give you.

Let me tell you a little bit about what this has done for me. Variations of this training have allowed me to push my drug free, raw, starting at the bottom position squat up from 700lbs to 1,000lbs. That’s more than any other human can do using that style. And that’s strength gained by an experienced lifter who was already good before starting this. It’s allowed me to win almost every strongman competition I’ve ever entered and even though I do a great deal of strongman training, most of the time the interruptions of life and Murphy’s Law prevented me from getting anything resembling serious, specific training for those competitions.

It allowed me to deadlift 700lbs off the floor, after a short training cycle using it and in a lift that I probably have the worlds worst leverage for. It allowed me to bench press 500 pounds raw even though I don’t practice the lift very often and have never been comfortable with it. I much prefer overhead pressing.

It allowed me to maintain and even build strength while radically increasing my endurance. It allowed me to lift some odd objects and do some strongman feats that are almost unheard of. Such as lifting and walking with an over 500 pound stone and yoke walking with 1,200 pounds. It has given me such sustained strength that I can yoke walk with 1,000 pounds at any time without even training for it anymore.

It’s part of the reason that I did pretty well in martial arts. The torso overloading and grounding effects of heavy partials made me impossible to throw in a clench. And gave me the power to toss just about anybody who would lock up with me. It made me hit harder from the extension power gained from upper-body lockouts and the torso, hip and leg snap from lower-body. It also helped keep me injury free. When other lifters are suffering all kinds of joint problems, mine are almost completely impervious to outside forces, because they’ve been conditioned to withstand force as though they are made of steel.

It made my muscles hard as a stone and gave them a density you can’t get from standard training. It built up an immense reserve of internal and muscular energy and trained the intrinsic muscles of my body that are almost impossible to reach. It made my tendons like thick titanium cables.

You too can have this power. Because you know what? I’m putting these secrets right out here for you. And they’re simple to apply. They don’t take a lot of time, and really only require a power rack or some improvised version of one.

They will eventually require a great deal of weight because you’ll get so stupid strong that you’ll have to add to your iron collection to fulfill your needs…

…That’s okay, iron is cheap. Strength is precious.

What it DOES take and probably the reason that it’s never gotten mainstream popularity is work. Effort. Man-size, sissy-killing, type effort. And guts.

But if you didn’t have those two qualities you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

We know you want this kind of strength. I do too, that’s why I do this. And that’s why I’m putting this material together for you.

Here is more of what you’ll get from this training and on this hour and a half long DVD and it’s companion workbook:

  • How to make partial movements pay off for full range strength
  • How to get stronger for every day life.
  • Build up of internal energy
  • Earth mover type tendon strength
  • The most power abdominals known to man
  • The ability to hit harder
  • Strength for every martial situation
  • Joint strength and injury prevention
  • An unparalleled all-around strength
  • Becoming immovably rooted
  • Building strength and endurance at the same time
  • Setting the stage for future gains
  • Setting the foundation for the thickest, densest, strongest muscles you’ve ever had.
  • Build an unbelievable reserve of power
  • Get faster PRs on your full range lifts.
  • How To Protect Yourself from injury and overtraining
  • How To Blend Partial Training with your other training successfully
  • Partials for every joint and angle you can think of.
  • Conquer fear of heavy weight
  • Conquer the feeling of heaviness in weight or yourself
  • Train your nerves to handle massive stress
  • Train your body to resist massive shock and load
  • Train intrinsic muscles you can’t reach any other way
  • Immediately boost your full range strength
  • Immediately boost your athletically applied strength
  • Get the extra horse power in your body that makes all the difference in performing in your chosen sport and in your life. The difference that makes you not ordinary.
  • Different types and styles of partials to use
  • Progressive distance and how to make it work for you
  • Over one dozen routines
  • Routines for tendon strength
  • Routines for muscle building
  • Routines for squats, deadlifts, and presses
  • Routines for fighting strength
  • Routines of the great lifters
  • Routines mixing endurance and strength for the ultimate physical combination


  • And MORE

This is different training. It may be controversial. It may anger some people and challenge some long held beliefs. But I know you want this kind of strength. And this is the way to get it. I’m not even going to ask IF you want to order it. I KNOW you do, because I know you’re not going to sell yourself short. I know that you can be incredibly strong and I’m giving you the blueprint to do it.

Does it Work for Beginners?

Partial RowYou know this is part of the training that I used to train two 15 year olds to levels of strength that grown men could barely match in only two years time. I didn’t go on a quest to find the most genetically gifted kids walking the planet. It’s just two kids I happened to run into. One of the them could barely deadlift 135lbs and the other only weighed 145lbs. Both of whom gained 30 to 40 pounds of muscle, were able to lift 1,000 pounds in a partial movement and deadlift over 500 pounds in the full movement and both could do 500 bodyweight squats in less than 20 minutes without specializing on them. All of this in just two years.

How’s THAT for a kick in the butt for soft modern training?

That’s results and drug free!! And don’t think you can’t get exactly the same or better. You know we don’t just talk about training on our DVD’s although this one has a lot of discussion, in fact the most detailed discussion anywhere of how to use this training. We show you the real deal heavy lifts too.

How’s this?

  • 1,000 pound ¼ Zercher Squat
  • 1,000 pound ¼ Front Squat
  • 1,000 pound ¼ One-Shoulder Squat
  • 1,800 pound ¼ Squat
  • Attempt at a 2,000lb ¼ Squat
  • 1,000 pound ¼ Conventional deadlift
  • 1,000 pound ¼ Sumo Deadlift
  • 1,000 pound ¼ Split-Leg Deadlift
  • 1,000 pound ¼ Split-Leg Squat
  • 700 pound Lockout Floor Press
  • 700 pound Overhead Support
  • 400 pound One-Arm Overhead Lockout
  • 300 pound One-Arm Partial Rows
  • 900 pound ¾ Squat without a belt
  • 1,100 pound ¾ Squat
  • and STILL MORE

There you have it my friends. An opportunity for you to get stronger than you’ve ever imagined, and all the real life examples and proof and detailed training that anyone would need.

All you have to do is take advantage of it. Get this hour and a half DVD download along with the companion workbook right now.

You can get strong. Or you can use partials and get ridiculously strong. The choice is yours.

God bless,

YES Bud, I want it! I want to know everything on doing partials to build ridiculous levels of strength. Whether I can lift small or big weights now I know that this is the roadmap for real strength.

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