Outlaw Challenge

The Outlaw Strength-Fitness Training Challenge Series

Dear Fellow Strongman,

When was the last time you really got outside the box?  Outside yourself?  Outside of what you thought is possible or certainly what you find comfortable?  If it hasn’t been recently, boy have we got a challenge for you!

Who are the real outlaws in fitness and strength?  The ones who don’t really follow the rules?  The ones who simply make their own style and game and in doing so crush what other people think is possible – what science says you’re able to do?  These are the people who really break the mold.  That history will talk about.  The guys who lift things that other people can’t even think about being possible to lift.  Who endure things that shake you down to your foundation.  Outlaw is just a word.  A cool one, I’ll give you, but for us it means having the guts to do what you want to do.  To try something new.  To have the strength to stand on your own, out of anyone’s shadow and do something no one thought was possible.

It might BE madness!

Hermann Hesse opened the famous book, Steppenwolf with those words.  A treatise about a dangerously unchained passion.  This is what we want to bring you.  Yeah – it’s a physical how-to, but more than that it’s opening your own quest, to unchain the absolute physical ferocity of your life and thereby your mental and spiritual power.  To literally be as strong and as enduring as anyone, anywhere – period.

Man…this is gonna tick off the Fitness and Strength worlds, but that’s fine because that’s the whole point here …

  • Stepping out of the normal rules of fitness and making your own rules.
  • Having the guts to do it your own way – stick it out in public and prove it!
  • The guts to go against the grain that keeps most people locked into mediocre results and mediocre lives.
  • To do what can’t be done.

It’s just this simple – I’m on a quest to prove that my training methods have made me into the strongest and fittest man alive and this is an open challenge to the rest of the world to see if anybody can beat it.

You See This Is All About Redefining Strength And Fitness…

About testing the limits of what is possible for a human. Now there is a lot of endurance training out there that may have you doing 1,000 reps of something. But very few to none have you lifting something heavy for a number of reps that moves into the level of super-endurance. There’s a lot of strength training out there that has people lifting some heavy things. But there is nothing that really combines the two. And that I believe, is the missing secret of super human strength and endurance.

To take something that few people can lift and lift it 1,000 times. There are many expressions of fitness through out the world, but most fitness does not include real strength as a component. It may include strength endurance (think: how many push ups can you do), but rarely ever high-level strength and even those who do address strength just barely scratch the surface of what real strength is.

The hard-core strength training world is really no better. You see guys who can lift 700lbs, but can’t walk across a parking lot without being out of breath. But why can’t you be both? Why can’t you have everything? The fact is that you can, but few have ever gotten close and even fewer have unlocked the secrets of training for the opposite ends of the spectrum at the same time without getting a mediocre result.

But don’t think this is just about challenging the strength and fitness world.

This is Also About Teaching YOU How to Get There Yourself.

It’s about proving that it’s possible and then giving you the step by step guide to achieving super human strength and fitness.

You see you don’t just wake up one day and do this. It takes work. But beyond work it takes knowledge. How to do the exercises, how to put it together, how to balance strength and endurance training without screwing the whole world up.

But what if you could have it? What if you could have the endurance of Lance Armstrong and the strength of Paul Anderson in one? Without drugs, without insanity, but with the right combination of training, teaching and work.

This is pure function. One of the other things that this DVD series will prove is that you don’t have to look like a 130lb marathon runner to be able to have that same endurance. That fitness is about what you can do not how you look. This is also about proving that you don’t have to be roided up or a drug user to get super strong and super fit. Even though “Outlaw” is in the name of this challenge and I fully mean that word in the context of cutting through the crap and standing up on your own regardless of what others think – this is also about proving that you can just be a nice guy and still kick the butts of everybody around.

Hey – I know that I’m a big guy. Most runners would call me fat (of course that would be seconds before I wadded them up into a little ball – just kidding), and that’s okay. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but very few actually have the guts to back it up.

See the reality is that strength and endurance come in lots of different packages. But that’s the whole point. Making the absolute most of what you are, not what someone else tells you, you have to be. Never accepting any excuses or letting yourself be stereotyped.

If you’re small that does not automatically gift you with incredible endurance. And being big doesn’t automatically gift you with incredible strength. But being small doesn’t disqualify you from having incredible strength. Nor does being big disqualify you from having incredible endurance. But nobody – no matter who they are or what they look like – gets either without training. Just because you train for either or both doesn’t mean you’ll look like whoever your personal hero is in either area.

Forget about what people tell you you should do or what is possible. Open your mind. Open your mind to the possibility of what you can become. What you will become if you do this training right.

Stop settling for not having great strength or great endurance.

Stop accusing your genetics or situation.

The more time you waste worrying about what you’re not, the less time you have to become what you can be.

So how are we going to do all this?

This is a New Trail of Strength, Endurance & Human Performance

These challenges are perfect for the guy who just wants to be strong. Yet it’s also right for the guy who wants super endurance and it would be perfect for the martial artist.

You see real life doesn’t specialize. I trained this challenge a total of four times before doing it. I didn’t spend years working up to one specialized particular feat. The reality of my normal training is what put me here. The reality that most of the sessions that I do are less than an hour yet I was able to lift a dumbbell most humans can’t lift once – over 1,000 times in about 2 and a half hours.


Because this training works! It takes all the combined wisdom of the ancient strongmen and warriors and distills them down through modern science into a set of principles that will take you to the kind of performance that they had. The kind that kept men alive on the battlefield, that made the super strongmen of the past, that is making the super humans of the future. The kind that carries over into the rest of your life and breaks down barriers.

The kind that builds a strong mind in a strong body that really makes you a strong man… a strongerman. No one’s ever done this before.

Are you ready to go to your own mountain top? Are you ready to start knocking down the walls and excuses? It’s always been my goal to be the strongest man in the world and this is my way of proving it. This is also my way of bringing you along.

Taking you to your own strongest man. Your own toughest man. Your own fittest man. Don’t lie down and let life tell you what you can be – Stand up, grab it by the throat and make it give you the results you want.

Are you up for the challenge? Each volume has details below…

God bless,
Bud Jeffries

Volume 1 –
Proving I’m the World’s Strongest, Fittest Man
and How to Get Get There Too

Here’s the first challenge:

I lifted a 150lb dumbbell 1,000 times. Here’s how:

  • Overhead press 100 reps
  • One arm bench press 100 reps
  • One arm row 250 reps
  • One arm clean 50 reps
  • One arm deadlift 100 reps
  • Dumbbell box squat 100 reps
  • Side bend 100 reps
  • Dumbbell Upright row 200 reps

On this DVD Download we’re going to teach you over one dozen power dumbbell exercises. Simple, powerful things you can learn immediately and begin doing. You’re going to open your mind to the reality of how you should be training.

We’re going to begin giving you the secrets of putting your training together so that you can have more than anyone else around you. To be able to run circles around the average cardio buff. Lift with the big dogs and work the rest into the ground. To truly make you an “Iron Man.”

DB Lateral Raise

Here are the exercises:

  • The one arm dumbbell press
  • The one arm dumbbell bench press
  • The one arm upright row
  • The one arm bent row
  • The one arm deadlift
  • The one arm suitcase deadlift
  • Dumbbell box squat
  • Dumbbell snatch
  • Dumbbell clean
  • Dumbbell lateral
  • One arm dumbbell hammer curl
  • Dumbbell tricep extensions
  • Dumbbell swings
  • Side bend

Dumbbell exercises to work every part of your body and bring incredible strength and endurance. The how’s and why’s of training these exercises and how to make the most of one simple implement.

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Volume 2 – For Mad Men Only

This DVD is about three physical challenges about how you physically do the exercises and how you train to be ready to take on these challenges.  But it is about more.  If you have the guts to try these things, to build yourself to the level where you beat these challenges then you will explore much more than the physical to get there.  It isn’t about making things easy. All this is done no matter what; heat, cold, rain – so what.  It isn’t about making things pretty.  It’s filmed in our rough, underground, outdoor style.  It isn’t about special preparation.  It’s not some 18-week preparatory phase just to see if you feel like maybe trying something.  It’s about seeing if what you’re doing is working.  Are you really ready to take on anything?  Shouldn’t that be the point of your training?  To be strong enough and in-shape enough to do whatever?  Well here brother is some of that – whatever.

With this DVD we’re going to open-challenge the world.  Not in some ridiculous offensive way, but in an open, honest, let’s see what you’ve got, let’s grow, let’s work, let’s play.  We’re opening a leader board for anyone with the guts to try the challenge.  Take the challenge, send us video and we’ll rank you and you might even get a t-shirt.  We’re not playing for medals, this is for you personally.  To test yourself, test against me.  Have fun, build the brotherhood of strength and see how it shakes out.  I hope you beat me.  I hope you learn enough, and are inspired enough to train hard enough to beat me.  That’s all this is.  Learning and inspiration and an opportunity to test yourself and be more than you are. All the challenges will be some combination of strength and endurance.

3 Challenges in One DVD Download

The first challenge is a maximum weight “Anderson Squat.”  The Anderson Squat is defined by the USWA (US Weightlifting Assoc), as a bottom start rack squat with the bar starting at two-thirds of the lifter’s height.  The day I did this challenge I was blessed to be able to make 1,000 pounds.  I show you in the DVD performing the lift and how I train for it.  Then comes a sixty minute torture session of punching a heavy bag while wearing a 100lb weighted vest.  It will test your muscles, your cardio and your by-God grit and pain tolerance.  I tell you how I train for it and what the basic elements that have to be in your training all the time are that will allow you to do something like this.

Heavy RowsThe second challenge is a ridiculous, archaic, and “this guy might not be right in the head,” combination.  Simple really.  Maximum one arm row and then 1,000 sledgehammer strikes with a 50 pound hammer.  You may be able to see that across these tests will be every area of the body, every type of strength and every type of endurance.  The day of the challenge I was able to one arm row a 320lb dumbbell for five reps and swing the hammer for 1,000 reps in 45 minutes.  I’ll show you exactly how I did them and trained for it plus live footage of the actual challenges.

The third challenge is maybe even more unique, because it is double ended.  Maximum one arm snatches for weight, then 1,000 non-stop chest high kettlebell swings, then maximum one arm snatches for weight again.  You can begin to see that these tests will be unique.  This tests speed and strength at a maximum level, then muscular and cardiovascular endurance, then takes you right back to testing that speed and level again after fatigue.  This day was a 150lb dumbbell snatch, 24 kilo kettlbell for the swings and then the 150lb dumbbell again.

Some of you are going to say, “Well that ain’t fair – you’re big.”  But I think it is fair and I’ll tell you why.  Each of these is the combination of strength and endurance.  Everything I gained from being a big man for strength, I suffer for in the endurance tests.  There no more fair to me than they are to anyone else.  That’s the point – that they’re unfair.  Their things you shouldn’t be able to do together.  They go against science and biology – so’s life.  This isn’t about playing by someone else’s rules or living under the delusion that everything has to be fair.  It’s about taking yourself up to the standard, not dumbing the standard down to be fair.  Life isn’t going to ask you for fair. How are you not cheating yourself if you let yourself off the hook with the, “I’m not big enough or strong or I’m too big,” or whatever argument you come up with?  Have the guts to be an outlaw – stand up and take  the challenge whether it’s easy or fair.
I’m doing this because I’m a living guinea pig, not because I’m a freak or an egotist.  I want to find what’s possible and I want you to help me.  I’m going to test on myself and then give you the opportunity to test yourself against me and the rest of the world.

Are you ready?

Come play! Come be an outlaw!

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YES Bud, I want it! I want to discover your secrets of combining the greatest in strength and conditioning for becoming one of the fittest people on the planet.

Outlaw Challenge Volume2

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Outlaw Challenge Collection