One Arm Push Ups

I think I might have a problem – Well really it’s a blessing, just an odd blessing.

I think I’m addicted to one-arm push ups.

I can’t exactly tell you why other than the fact that for me they’re one of the only bodyweight exercises that feel heroic.  I don’t know if you can define, ‘why.’  Maybe it’s the act of pushing. Nothing feels more conquering in the bodyweight realm to me than succeeding with what feels like and many people say is an impossible push up.  Maybe it’s because I watched “Rocky,” as a kid and saw Sylvester Stallone crushing the high rep one arm push up.

Maybe it’s the fact of getting on one hand in the push up position creates a crossing pattern and helps reset your vestibular system.  Maybe it’s the constant evolving challenge and the need for the body to have novel movement, because the further I explore the more crazy ways I find to do them.  Maybe it’s because it really does build an upper body that looks like a Viking warrior.  Maybe it’s because you’re doing with one hand, what lots of people can’t do with two. Maybe it’s because when you do them hard enough, you feel every muscle from your earlobes to toes, contract and you wake up the next morning feeling like you successfully fought a stegosaurus.  Maybe it’s because when I do them it feels similar to the positive power from lifting a monster weight. I feel like I could punch holes in stone and rip trees out of the earth with my bare hands.

It doesn’t really matter why even though those are all good reasons.  The fact is – I love ‘em.  They work and you’re not really strong if you can’t do them. 

So we created a course to teach you how.  Not just a little how, all kinds of how.  You see in pursuing this addiction and muscular triumph I found there are a lot of ways to do the one arm push up.  Ways you probably never even heard of, but awesome strength building exercises that make you just more.  More capable, more able to do the things we always wanted to do as kids – to be that comic book super hero who could do anything.  It’s okay to admit it.  We’re all inspired by some story or picture or legend.  Tarzan, the Hulk, Conan – incredible, moving, barbaric muscular power.  If you ask me this is one of the only bodyweight exercises that delivers for this kind of strength and it’s a flat hallmark to getting there.

Before you step back and say, “Hey I’m not a gymnast, this is out of my reach.  I’m not a ‘barstar.’  I’m not one of the cool kids doing bodyweight workouts in the park.  Trying to look like I’ve been to prison.  I’m not a 120lb ninja warrior.”  I want to categorically state that – Hey – the one arm push up is no longer the domain of the small guy.

In my mind no part of exercise belongs to anybody anymore.  You’re not too big or too small to achieve things that are out of the ordinary and to make the most of what you’ve got. 

I’m living proof.  I’m way too big to do this, but I found a way to do it anyway and you can to.  Part of what I want to teach you is that this is possible and there’s a systematic way to get there no matter what you’re size.

You see the one arm push up didn’t come to me easy.  In fact when I started doing push ups as a kid I just couldn’t do them.  I’m talking about regular two arm push ups.  The one arm push up wasn’t even something I was thinking was possible at that time.  It wasn’t even on my radar, but I didn’t quit.  I found something magic about push ups – your body learns them quickly.  You can progress fast in a push up if you just keep doing it and learning how.  It may not be easy.  It sure wasn’t for me.  In filming for this DVD trying to get some of the last, hardest variations of the one arm push up I’ve ever seen it took me 30 attempts to get about six decent, successful reps.  Now – I’m not talking about ordinary stuff, I’m talking about crazy, hard variations that would make Superman cringe and think he was wearing kryptonite lined underwear, but you know what?  I still felt awesome, didn’t get hurt, which is another huge benefit to these push ups – their safety, and I gained some amazing strength.

The key is – if you’re willing to do the work, you can get some amazing strength too.  You can get it anywhere.  For those of you who know me, know I travel a lot.  Sometimes it’s just not in the cards to get to a gym with decent weights, but I have to be strong all the time and working these exercises keeps me there.  The combination of these push ups with my other training has gotten me to the strongest I’ve ever been.   At 41 years old and 100 pounds lighter than my highest all time bodyweight.

So what’s on this material?  Actually it’s pretty much straight to the point – a quick intro, and then we jump right on the push ups.  But here’s the cool stuff:

  • A systematic logical way to progress to one arm push ups
  • The regular or special push ups you need to master for the one arm push ups
  • How to systematically alter your body position for best results
  • How to find the positions that’ll work for you
  • How to lock your shoulder and lat to be strong
  • Cranking the hand to activate the upper body
  • Digging the feet in for best stability
  • How to constantly upgrade your body position as you grow in strength
  • 3 Tricks to turn on your nervous system for stronger performance
  • How to load for extra resistance and how that opens the doors to do the really great stuff
  • Low or high reps – which one to do
  • Breathing to maximize performance
  • My personal progression and one you can use to build up from dead stop to the push ups that would make Chuck Norris proud.
  • Plus 45 variations of the one arm push up

To my knowledge no one has ever put together this thorough of a treatment on the one-arm push up.  So if you wanna learn how – it’s right here!  If you wanna get the power, do the work, and here’s the knowledge to get you there.

One Arm Pushups

You want resilient shoulders? You want bulging, rippling, horseshoe triceps?  Chest and abs made of stone, ultimate body control, greater coordination, faster hands, useable strength and to be the baddest kid on the playground?

Whether that playground is filled with weights or inmates or dudes wearing capes – this will give you some of the building blocks to get there!

This is a real hallmark of strength that you need.  You can’t call yourself bad or strong till you can master some of the one arm push ups.   So boys and girls if you want this stripe on your belt or merit badge or notch on your club for when you drink with the boys in the great mead hall – look no further and get it here now!

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