Myofascial Mobility

The Newest Evolution in Mobility Training

If you’ve been in the training world for sometime you’ve likely been introduced to mobility exercises.

Perhaps from the basis of moving your body well where you move your joints to coat them in synovial fluid, ensuring that you can continue to move them well for life.

Perhaps from the basis of the neurological system as in Z-Health, to tap into your brain and improve pain or performance.

And that stuff is great. You should definitely experience those, and they alone can go a long way in helping you. But the truth is there hasn’t been any developments in mobility in many years…UNTIL NOW

At the latest Super Human Workshop I came up with the idea to add mobility from a basis of the my massage background, specifically a technique called Myofascial Release, hence the name Myofascial Mobility, as the target is the fascia rather than the joints.

The results were stunning. Some people saw their pain go down significantly. Everyone felt more energy in their bodies as if they were more alive.

The idea is to specifically move in ways that are specific to “issues” in your body. By doing these exact movements that YOU need you’ll better unlock your body then any set movements like basic arm circles. Instead you end up doing patterns specific to what your joints, muscles and fascia needs.

From further practice we’ve found the following benefits


  • Greater Bodily Intuition
  • Gain Instant Energy by “Un-Rippling” Your Fascia
  • Individuality Trumps a Follow Along Set Routine
  • Better Movement Overall
  • Results that Stay Longer than Traditional Mobility



This is covered in complete detail in this one video available here. For a limited time you can pick it up for just $29.95 for the immediately downloadable digital video. The DVD will be available soon.

Get Myofascial Mobility today!

Myofascial Mobility Downloadable Video
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YES Bud, I want to learn how to unlock my body with this newest form of mobility training for greater energy, performance and pain-free living.


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