Monster Conditioning – Sledgehammers


And Find Out Just How Butt Kickin’
Productive this Exerise Really Is…

Dear Friend,

Bud Jeffries Sledgehammer WorYears ago I really started to study and look around at all of the different things you can do with a hammer. I began to think about how tough the old time workmen were and how much productive exercise we could learn from them. I worked with a ridiculously heavy hammer. And I got a lighter hammer to practice speed based swings and one handed swings. I got to experimenting and training.

What I found was that these boys were surely on to something. The harder I trained the better shape I got in and that was just the beginning.

  • My abs got stronger.
  • My grip strength increased
  • My breathing exploded.
  • My punching got harder.
  • My arms, shoulders and back got more muscular.
  • My total body endurance went up.
  • My ability to explosively apply force went up.
  • … And DANG I was having fun!!

Who knew that hardcore productive training could be that fun? Or that you could do that many different things with a hammer. I guess that’s just in my makeup. When I pick up a strength training tool and really get convinced that it’s productive, then I gotta start putting it through it’s test runs. I gotta see what it can really do for you. AND I gotta see how many different things you can do with it.

You Can Call It Sledgehammer Swinging 2.0

Years ago I produced a DVD called Hammers and Maces. Well I completely re-shoot this new version to include more exercises, more variations, and the special edition on Monster Conditioning Workouts all focused exclusively on the Sledgehammer. Now we’re making this new 2 DVD set available.

DVD #1 is all about using the sledgehammer by itself in a wide range of ways beyond the classic move of swinging in against the tire. Of course that is shown, and taught in more detail than you’ll find anywhere else. When we put this video together, and distilled down all the exercises that we’d come up with, even we were surprised. You’ll also find:

  • The History of Sledge Training and How You can Learn from it.
  • Weighted Mobility with Light Hammers
  • Sledgehammering Levering and the Method Favored by John Brookfield
  • Technique Broken Down Piece by Piece for the Classic Sledgehammer Swing
  • How to Use Different Training Styles (Endurance, Spring Sets, etc.)
  • Changing up the Intensity of Your Swings
  • Changing up your Grip Positions
  • Using Wrist Bands and Gloves
  • Adding Footwork to Your Swinging
  • Decreasing and Increasing the Stroke of Your Swing
  • Working from Isometric Positions

Here are just a few of the specific exercises you’ll find on this set:

  • The “Straight Up and Down” Swing Style
  • One Hand Sledgehammer Swings
  • The “Conan the Barbarian” Exercise
  • Several Styles of Circular Swinging
  • Lunges and Squats
  • The “Laser Pointer” Workout
  • The “Number Game”
  • Spinning Swings
  • “Chaos” Training
  • Kneeling and Sitting
  • Combination Explosives
  • And many more

Sledgehammer Sizes

Different Size Sledgehammers Need to Be Trained Differently. Do You Know How?

The Ultimate Sledgehammer Combination Workout Guide

One of the main ideas behind the Monster Conditioning series, besides going outside of the box, is learning how to incorporate different tools together. DVD #2 is where we dive into combining the sledgehammer with a wide variety of other tools for even more effective workouts. You’ll find:

  • Sledgehammers mixed with Kettlebells
  • Sledgehammer swinging with Dumbbells
  • Sledgehammer workouts involving Bodyweight Exercises
  • Sledgehammers combined with Isometrics
  • Sledgehammers and Bands with a Partner
  • Sledgehammer swings and Sled Pulling
  • Using the Standing Tire

Overall there are tons of different workout ideas and examples you’ll gain from this set. And you’ll also see the many different types of sledge swings from the first DVD shown in these workouts as well.

“WOW!  I just watched the first DVD of Bud Jeffries’ Monster Conditioning Sledgehammer DVD and learned more in 56 minutes about hammers and sledgehammers that I have in the previous two years.  In the first five minutes you learn about leveraging hammers and the multiple ways to use them to warmup and strengthen the whole shoulder area and improve your grip, this belongs in the arsenal of everyone who wants to self-heal or rehab any injury as well as for health and longevity purposes.  Next he walks you through more swings and variations than you can imagine: the Russian swing, the Conan swing, one arm swinging, using the sledgehammer as third wave cardio, footwork drills with the sledgehammer for increased athleticism, the John Hendricks swing, lateral swings, reaction drills with a laser pointer (which remind me of the whistle reaction drills I did in Track and Field as a javelin thrower), combining sledgehammer with isometrics, the Steve Justa swing (very tough!), how to take your arms out of the swing to increase your body and core power, and much, much more.  In fact, they should probably rename this ‘The Modern Encyclopedia of Sledgehammer Swinging” because it is that complete and thorough.  The greatest danger is that you will want to stop all your current training and just do sledgehammer swings!” 
-Eric Guttmann

No where else will you learn how to use a sledgehammer like this.