Monster Conditioning – Heavy Bag

MCAttention: MMA Athletes, Boxers, Kick-Boxers or Other Martial Artists and Trainers

Imagine Your Opponent Becomes Gassed and His Strength Fades Away
While You’re Breathing as Easy
as When You Walk Down the Street

Famous Wrestler Karl Gotch said “Conditioning is Your Greatest Hold”

Dear Friend,

You may have all the technique in the world, but what happens when you’re so tired you can’t lift your arms up? What Gotch said applies to any martial sport. How many boxing matches have been decided because one person became tired and couldn’t properly attack or defend himself?

Many people don’t know this but I fought professionally a few times early in my career. 

I was Real Dangerous…for the First Two Minutes.

After that…well, I think you can imagine what happened. But that was long ago. Now I’m well-recognized the world over not just for my strength, but for my endurance as well. 

What if you wore them down and you felt like you were only warming up? It is possible and I want to show you how.

The Monster Conditioning series is all about building all-around strength and endurance. When it comes to fighting you need exactly those things. 

I’m tired of watching excellent fighters do well in the ring, but their strength and conditioning program is nothing more then a bodybuilding split routine thrown on top of doing sparring exercises and a couple bag drills. That’s a good idea…if you want to get beat down and hurt.

Strength & Conditioning that
Will Transfer Over to Your Fighting Directly

This DVD set is not about teaching you to be a fighter or boxer. If you’re looking for martial arts or boxing technique you’ll have to go some place else…

What this is about is showing you how to build phenomenal conditioning for your fighting, centered around using the heavy bag. It’s about using the heavy bag itself for conditioning. It’s about using the heavy bag with a variety of other training tools for much more. 

In this 3 DVD set we start off with some basics like:

  • How to Properly Hit a Bag
  • A Little Known Reason the Heavy Bag is Ideal Exercise for Fighters
  • A Common Mistake Many People Make When Striking but Can Easily be Fixed
  • The Differences in Hand Protection and What is the Best Option for You
  • Shadowboxing with the Bag?
  • How to Amp Up the Endurance with a Simple Concept
  • The “Push the Pen” Technique for Relaxation with Speed, Power and Whipping Action
  • The Two Knuckles to Strike With and How You can Break Your Hand if You Don’t Do this.
  • How to Protect Yourself while Striking
  • The Best Exercise for Building Power for Your Strikes
  • The Difference between Striking and Pushing the Bag
  • Generating Maximum Hitting Power with Your Body Mass Behind the Strike
  • How to Avoid Telegraphing Your Movements so Your Opponent Won’t See You Coming
  • What You Can Learn from Different Martial Art Styles
  • Adding “Qi” to a Strike

You’ll learn all about different strikes you can use during your workouts.

  • The Difference between Open and Closed Hand Strikes
  • How to do a Jab, Uppercut, Hook, etc.
  • Short, Straight Punching
  • Rolling Punches
  • Wing Chun Punches Styled from Bruce Lee
  • Which Punches are Best for Conditioning and Which are Best for Real-Life Fight Situations (Warning: Don’t Confuse the Two)
  • Systema Striking

You’ll learn the differences between fighting for you life, fighting in a sport, and training with the heavy bag and how to maximize each.

This Isn’t Just Theory But Shows You Over 10 Workouts
to Develop Strength, Speed, Power and More in Your Striking

Monster Conditioning is all about showing you exact workouts you can follow to develop the strength and conditoning you desire. You can do these workouts as they’re shown, or gain the ideas from them to structure your own for yourself or your fighters.

  • How to Get a Great Workout with Just a Heavy Bag…and Three Different Methods to do it.
  • Workout #1 – Building Your Neural Drive For Harder Hits with this Rare Exercise
  • Workout #2 – Direct Punching Power Exercises to Hit Like a Frieght Train
  • Workout #3 – Develop Handspeed, Shoulder Endurance and Striking Power
  • Workout #4 – The Twisting Workout for Stronger Throws and Elbows
  • Workout #5 – Shoulder Pre-Exhaustion and Isometric Workout
  • Workout #6 – Keeps You On Your Toes Randomization Workout for Insane Cardio
  • Workout #7 – Randomization Workout with More Exercises for Non-Stop Conditioning
  • Workout #8 – Stone Lifting and Striking
  • Workout #9 – Tire Flipping and Hitting
  • Workout #10 – Build Rock Hard Abs that are as Strong as they Look

Throughout these workouts you’ll learn things like the greatest exercise to add knock-out power to your punches (and it doens’t much have to do with your arms.) You’ll find how to target weaknesses you may have like dropping your hands during a long fight.

Tire Flip Workout

Bonus: 7 Guest Instructors Give You Their
Top Heavy Bag Training Tips and Protocols

I enlisted the help of 7 of my friends and fellow trainers to give their insights in how they train themselves, and their athletes with the heavy bag. With these you’ll find more workouts, both mixed with additional tools or just the bag itself. You’ll see much more then just striking with more focus on kicking and ground work too. And you’ll gain tons of additional in how you can get phenomenal results with the heavy bag.

  • James Alexander on Heavy Bag Ground Training
  • Jon Engum with Roundhouse Kicking Drills and a Fast-Paced Kicking Routine
  • Julio Anta with his Champion Bag Workout which combines Bag Work with Functional Movements like Club Swinging, Battling Ropes, Medicine Ball Throws and More
  • Mike Gillette on Building Mental Problem Solving and Physical Capacity with Standing and Ground Fighting
  • Rob Pilger’s Speed Punch Intervals
  • Noah Jeffries on How to Properly Wrap Your Hands
  • Roger Kessler on Maintaining Relaxation and Movement when Hitting
Heaby Bag Guest Instructors



“Hey Bud- just got the Heavy Bag DVD set – great stuff. I hit the bag, I like it, but I suck at it. This is very helpful. I am 58 and train alone and some days even train hard. I use kettlebells, dumbbells, trap bar, etc and heavy bag. Improvement takes effort, but it is fun when you are rocking away and smacking that thing. Anyway, this is the kind of stuff I like, thanks very much.”
– Lou Vascek, Littleton, Colorado

All of this is delivered over the course of 3 roughly 50 minute DVD’s. 

This is hardcore training information. It was shot mostly in my backyard where I actually train, not in some Hollywood studio. The lighting is not perfect. And there’s dogs barking and trains rolling by. So if you’re looking for computer graphics you won’t find it here and you can go back to lifting pink dumbbells. But if you want to see real work being done and how you can become stronger, faster and better conditioned then this set will deliver.

Now I’ve got two offers for you. You can grab the Heavy Bag DVD set by itself, or you can get the digital version and save. The choice is yours.


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