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Secrets of Super Strength and Endurance

Can You Deadlift 500 lbs and do 500 Kettlebell Swings in the Same Workout? If not, keep reading…

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When the entire fitness world was saying that you can have strength or endurance but not both, Bud Jeffries was a pioneer in showing the world how you could do both and at high levels.

His book Twisted Conditioning showed you how. Years later Twisted Conditioning 2 further refined the concepts. But there hadn’t been much new on the subject for years.

Still the entire time he was experimenting on himself and others. Losing over 100 lbs. of fat while retaining huge strength levels. Pushing the limits of endurance workouts. He trained martial artists who got phenomenal results on and off the mats.

The end result is this new program. Monster Conditioning is all about stepping outside the box in the strength and endurance world how normal people think. 

Think you can learn a thing or two about Strength and Endurance from Someone who has Squatted 1000 lbs. and Done a 3000 Kettlebell Swing Workout? (and that’s just two examples of many)

There are other titles that show you new and innovative ways to train with a variety of tools and exercises…

…But this is the Foundation.

Everyone knows that you need to have a firm foundation to build a house upon. If you don’t, eventually it will spell disaster.

The same is true with your training. If you don’t have the foundation you’ll never be able to achieve greatness or any of your goals.

This DVD set is designed to show you the exact steps you need to build that foundation of Super Strength, Super Endurance and be able to do both at the same time.

Let me give you some of the specifics.

Secrets of Super Strength

  • Why the Mental Genetics are More Important than Physical Genetics
  • Why 100’s of Different Ways to Become Strong is a Good Thing and a Bad Thing
  • Are You Doing These Two Universal Big Payoff Movements?
  • How to Harness Your Personal Gifts.
  • Take this advice if you’re not built for a move but want to do it anyway.
  • You have to do Squats…Or do you?
  • Why Following Your Body Structure is More Important than “Perfect” Technique
  • Use these Exercises to Build Raw Horse Power with Minimal Technique Needed
  • Using a Simple Visualization Skill to Erase Doubt
  • How to Conquer Fears of Heavy Weights
  • Why Chi is the Key to the Upper Level of Training Success
  • How to make your Body and Mind Fire on All 8 Cylinders
  • The ‘Black Out Hyper Focus’
  • How to Use the Right Amount of Variety
  • How Much Volume is Needed?
  • Do You Need Assistance Work? How to Target What You Need if any at All.
  • How to Gauge if Assistance Exercises are Helping You or Wasting Your Time.
  • Why Sports of All Types Need to Incorporate Partial Training
  • Why You Need Endurance for Super Strength
  • The 3 Steps of Restoration
  • 3 Methods to Setup Your Exercise Selection

Here is a short clip from the Secrets of Super Strength portion to give you just a taste.

Secrets of Super Endurance

  • Mental Toughness
  • The Proper Build Up for Endurance
  • Why Normal Aerobic Exercise is Not What You Want
  • The Balance of Tension and Relaxation
  • The Optimal Things to Look for in Endurance Exercise Selection
  • Emotions and Endurance Training
  • Interval Training – The Good and the Bad
  • Intense Training –  The Good and the Bad
  • How to do 3rd Way Cardio and Reap the Big Benefits
  • One Exercise at a Time or Multiple?
  • The Secrets of Pacing
  • Why you MUST Choose a Way to Consistently Test Yourself
  • Don’t Fall into the One Tool/One Exercise Trap
  • The Value of Working in Every Direction with Multi-Angular Training
  • A Simple Neuro-Trick to Make Kettlebell Swings Feel Lighter
  • Why You Need to Build Up Your Maximum Strength to Unlock True Endurance Power
  • How Nutrition Plays into Your Endurance
  • When to Stretch Yourself and Your Abilities and How Not to Go Overboard
  • The Optimal Frequency for Progression in Endurance
  • Tips on Scaling Weights for Different People
  • Why One Exercise Non-Stop will Break Barriers that Circuits Cannot
  • Why Most People Are Doing Too Much in Time and Volume

Bonus: The Missing Key to Incredible Strength

  • How to Put Partials and Full Range Lifts Together
  • How to Setup a Specific Pattern unlocking Optimum Performance for Each Lift
  • The Wrong Way to Lift Heavy Weights (Don’t Make this Mistake)
  • Foot Position and Stance for Partial Squats
  • How Partials are Safer Than Full Range Lifts
  • Maximally Challenging the Torso
  • Finding and Fixing ‘Dead Spots’ will Make You Stronger
  • Two Methods of Progression for Partials
  • How to Easily Make Smaller Jumps than Your Power Rack May Allow.
  • How to do Partial Deadlifts
  • One Tip for Sinking the Hands Under More for Partial Deadlifts Allowing Your to Grip Better
  • How to do Partial Presses with a Barbell
  • Two Different One Arm Version of Partial Presses
  • Overhead Lockouts vs. Partial Presses
  • Never Before Seen Wrist Strengthening Movement
  • Two Kettlebell Variations Made for Partner Dancing
  • Why Partial Front Squats Aren’t the Best Idea
  • One Shoulder Squats
  • Zercher Squats
  • How to get Your Stance for the Sumo Deadlift
  • How to get Aggressive

Bonus: Super Muscle
Integrating Strength, Endurance and Qi Into Your Workouts

  • What is Super or Type 3 Muscle?
  • What Rep Scheme is Best for Strength
  • What Rep Scheme is Best for Muscle
  • Build Up Styles of Max Training
  • Spread Focus Workouts and Same Focus Workouts
  • How to Structure Workouts More for Strength or Endurance
  • The Battery, Wiring and Engine Analogy of How to Become Stronger
  • Different Training Effects of Different Systems Across the world
  • A Quantum Physics Understanding of Energy and How this Relates to You Building Strength
  • How Dennis Rogers Power is Off the Registers
  • The Simple Qi Gong Exercise to Cultivate and Use Your Energy
  • Flipping the Switch from Off to On in an Instant
  • A Sample Workout of Partial Deadlifts, Sledgehammer Swings and Circular Dumbbell Movements
  • Plus a Variation to Make this Workout Harder

Here’s a short clip to give you a taste…

These DVD’s come from the Super Human Training Workshop where people paid up to $997 to be there live. You’re getting some of the best information from that workshop at a fraction of the price.

The lectures have crisp sound and were shot on two cameras. During some of the working parts with people doing exercises there is some background noise as people move around but you’ll be able to hear everything and get what you need out of it.

I’m here to deliver you the best training information not some Hollywood production.

Now we’ve got two offers for you.

Monster Conditioning Foundations: The Secrets of Super Strength and Endurance