Monster Conditioning – Dumbbells

MCTake Your Strength and Conditioning to Super Human Levels with
Dumbbell Training

Discover Forgotten Oldtime Exercises,
Circular Dumbbell Training, Challenge Workouts and More

Dumbbell Punch PressDear Friend,

In the normal training world dumbbells are used as a way to switch up exercises normally done with a barbell. Plateaued on bench presses? Start doing some dumbbell benches to hit the muscles differently and work the stabilizers more.

Sadly, this only scratches the surface of what you’re capable of doing with dumbbells.

That’s where Monster Conditioning comes in. To show you all the different ways you can build maximum strength, insane conditioning, stabilizing and circular strength, a muscular body and put it all together in one package.

You’ll find out how to put together tough challenge workouts that work the3rd way of cardio, a sustained high effort. Not to mention what was an integral part to my losing over 110 lbs.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn about on these 3 DVD’s.

  • The Value of Circular Dumbbell Movements (with almost a whole disc of examples)
  • How to do Dumbbell Complexes
  • The Basic Body Mechanics for Dumbbell Training. What to do and what to avoid.
  • When and Where the Dumbbell is Better than a Kettlebell
  • Why Dumbbells are an Optimal Tool for Developing Conditioning
  • When to use a Heave and when to not
  • What Randy Couture taught me about Dumbbell Training
  • The Fighters Stance and how to incorporate it into Dumbbell Training
  • How to Generate Maximum Force for Dumbbell Swings
  • One tip you can learn from Circus Dumbbells that’ll help your Press
  • Different Methods of Gripping Dumbbell
  • And exercises, there are tons of new and exciting ways to lift this age old tool. You’llk find all the basic exercises but many variations on top of that, some of which you’ve probably never seen before (I can say that because many I had never seen before).
  • More than Seven Variations of Presses for You to Master plus when and how you want to use each
  • Many Clean Variations
  • The difference between a Swing and Snatch with a Dumbbell. Most people get this wrong.
  • The Difference in DB Squats and Deadlifts
  • Tons of Squat Variations
  • Lunges and Step Pps to hit the legs when squats won’t do
  • Woodchopping and Star Complexes
  • The Crucifix (plus tons of variations)
  • Discover how to do the Z Move
  • Two different ways to Continental a DB
  • Here is just a small taste of what you’ll learn in the complete set.

There are so many exercises the first and second DVD’s are devoted to covering them all. From there in the third DVD you’ll see workouts in action.

1. Four workouts that mix the dumbbells with other tools for the best of ALL worlds.

2. Then 10 workouts with dumbbells only showing you how to do tons more complexes, circular training and put it all together for an instance conditioning battle.