Monster Conditioning – Barbells

MCDiscover the Power of Non-Traditional Barbell Training to Develop All-Around Strength and Monster Conditioning

Here is the Type of Strength that Most People Think You Can Only Get from Kettlebells, Crazy Bodyweight Exercises, Odd Objects and More…

One Leg Good MorningDear Friend,

They’re wrong. Barbells aren’t just for maximum strength and powerlifters anymore.

The barbell has been a great tool for strength as long as its been around. With its balance and design you are able to handle maximum poundages that can’t be done any other way. You can build great strength and muscle with one rep or twenty.

But almost all this strength and all the exercises have only been in a straight line. This is great in that maximal strength can be generated that way.

But what happens when you move outside of that straight line?

Have you ever seen a power lifter that can move some big poundages? A 400 lb. squat, 500lb deadlift, and 300lb. bench press for example. But then you watch this lifter try to handle a 90 lb. sandbag and struggle to put it overhead. Or swing a kettlebell and look completely uncoordinated before dropping it from breathing too hard.

These other tools take stabilization which comes into play with barbells but not to the degree of other tools. Until now.

  • You’ll discover crazy Yoga Weightlifting techniques that combine poses with the barbell. Think Front Warrior is tough? Try it with 135 lbs. on your shoulders!
  • It’s got deadlifts, squats, rows, cleans, presses, curls and more. Plus tons of variations of each to make the exercises even more effective.
  • It’s also got Unilateral Barbell Training. Here the balance and width of a barbell becomes the limiting factor. But great for the grip and stabilization.
  • It teaches the simple yet varying ways of doing Olympic lifting without getting too technical.
  • It’s got the beginnings of what is known as barbell juggling like the One Hand Switch Snatch.
  • The Barbell. Not just for Strength Anymore.

After all this is Monster Conditioning. You’ll discover:

1. How to do conditioning with a barbell by mixing the exercises seamlessly.

2. Taking barbell complexes to another level.

3. How to integrate the barbell with other training tools for the best of ALL worlds.

You can use a barbell of any weight to get an awesome workout and you’ll find out how. These videos give you just a small taste of the kind of exercises and training ideas you’ll find on these DVD’s.


Monster Conditioning is not about Theory,
but in the Trenches Training Hard.

I don’t just give you the exercises and say do this. I show you with the help of some friends with a whole bunch of workout ideas shown in action.

Disc 1 covers all the exercises. Disc 2 covers ten different workouts that you can use as is or pull ideas from to generate your own.