Monster Conditioning

mcfoundationfrontMonster Conditioning: Foundation
Super Strength and Endurance

(4 DVD Set) (4 Downloads)

Can you deadlift 500 lbs? Can you do 500 straight kettlebell swings? Can you do both back to back? If not you’ll want to check out this program where you’ll discover the 12 components of building Super Strength, Super Endurance and how to build them both at the same time.

You’ll find more on building Super Muscle, discover the Missing Ingredient to Incredible Strength, and how to incorporate simple energetic concepts into your training. Read more —>
Monster Conditioning Foundation

mcdbdvdMonster Conditioning: Dumbbells

(3 DVD Set) (3 Downloads)

Dumbbells. They’re used for strength. They’re used to switch up how you hit your muscles from barbells. But besides that they’ve been trapped in a box. It’s time to break free.

Discover oldtime exercises like the dumbbell swings and snatches (and how most people screw these up). Gain strength in every direction and angle with circular training. And blow your conditioning through the roof with these complexes. Tons and tons of exercises. Read more —>
Monster Conditioning Dumbbells

mcbbimageMonster Conditioning: Barbells

(2 DVD Set) (2 Downloads)

The barbell has traditionally been used just for building maximum strength and muscle. Nothing wrong with that, but what if you want to do more? That’s what these DVD’s are all about.

Building true stabilization strength, unilateral training, circular training and much more. There’s weightlifting yoga, switch hands snatches, the two hands anyhow and much more. Plus how to build crazy conditioning with a barbell, by itself or combined with a variety of other tools. Read more —>


MonsterConditioningHeavyBagMonster Conditioning: Heavy Bag

(3 DVD Set) (3 Downloads)

The famous wrestler Karl Gotch once said, “Conditioning is your greatest hold.” You may have all the technique in the world, but what happens when you’re so tired you can’t lift your arms up?

The Monster Conditioning series is all about building all-around strength and endurance. When it comes to fighting you need exactly those things.

I’m tired of watching excellent fighters do well in the ring, but their strength and conditioning program is nothing more then a bodybuilding split routine thrown on top of doing sparring exercises and a couple bag drills. That’s a good idea…if you want to get beat down and hurt. Read more —>

Monster Conditioning Heavy Bag

sledgehammer3dMonster Conditioning: Sledgehammers

(2 DVD Set) (2 Downloads)

In this set you’ll learn how to go way beyond the regular sledgehammer swing, that while a great exercise, is just the tip of the iceberg in what can be done.

You’ll learn over 30 variations of this simple swing, different ways to workout with small or large hammers and how to combine the sledgehammer with all sorts of other training tools. Read more —> Monster Conditioning: Sledgehammers

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