Maximum Functional Mass – The DVD

maxfuncmass1No more waiting!  Maximum Functional Mass NOW!

If you’ve been paying any attention to what we’ve been doing training wise, the videos we’ve been releasing – then you know we have a brand new DVD download coming – “Maximum Functional Mass.”

The first in our new series on how to actually build muscles – Large muscles! Powerful muscles! Muscles that can actually do more than they look like they can do. Muscles that actually work, not just look impressive. They work in any situation you want them to work in. On the job, surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, or just giving the general impression that you’re a throw-back Barbarian who ran with Conan and his crew back in the day. The kind that makes you awesome and is powerful enough and presence building enough that it makes people uncomfortable. That even though you’re the intellectual we know you are, they’ll think you wear skins and swing axes for fun. We know you – you probably do, but they don’t need to know that.

This download, as well as every one in this series, will contain live workout footage. No models who look cool, but can’t lift their way out of a paper bag, showing somebody else’s thought up, but not actually done training. No fake guru-ing. If I don’t try it, and it doesn’t work, I don’t show it. Each download will contain a complete workout showing basic exercises, special exercises, standards and movements for mobility, flexibility and agility, speed, bodyweight efficiency, endurance and crushing strength.

It will cover principles behind what I’m actually showing. I’m not just going to tell you, “Do this,” I’m also going to tell you why. But I’ll also give you the flexibility to plug in your own best exercises or formats for your needs. It will contain unique principles adapted to give you specific physical abilities while adding massive muscle. Principles like:

  • Railroading: A fast way to add massive volume as well as work high strength under fatigue.
  • One Arm Terrorism: Taking advantage of a single arm movement to create a pump like you’ve never had and conditioning like you won’t believe.
  • Fast Volume: Why most of the time you should lift heavy, but if you’re going to crank up the reps here’s an efficient way to do it and not overwork and get crazy endurance.
  • Mile Stone Conditioning: Everybody needs cardiovascular power and if you’re going to be functional, you might as well have a heart that laughs at aerobics while actually achieving physical goals.
  • Moderated Stress: How to pick exercises that work well together, give you what you want, because they leave you in pain because they overwork your joints and much more!



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So everybody sees the term, “Functional,” and half of you in the hardcore world will run screaming because you’re used to it meaning, “Silly sissy exercises,” or “Suicidal standing on a ball, get laughed out of a real gym,” junk. That’s not what we mean. What we mean is not being the guy who’s huge, but can’t walk across the parking lot without getting out of breath. Not being the guy who looks like he could stand on stand at the Olympia, but gets choked out by 140lb grappler. Not being the guy who can’t chase his toddler down, because he’s nearly crippled and immobile. Not being the guy who can bench 500lbs, but falls apart after 50 push ups. Not being a cliché. Strong, but inflexible. Enduring, but weak. Big, but slow.

Flexible, but small. All show and no go. Looks great on stage, but can’t keep up with a farm boy, working man or a fighter.

I want to be and I want you to be the opposite! The shockingly capable and muscular guy without weakness, without gaps, without glaring chinks in the armor, but with a massive set of muscular armor to play with. This is how I define functional:

picsay-1403376558In the context of “Maximum Functional Mass,” first it means you actually want to carry some appreciable muscle and be very strong. Then it means that, that muscle must be as highly usable in as many situations as possible. That means strength in every context: balanced, unbalanced, static, dynamic, multiplanar, single and compound movement, and any other way you can think of. It also must be healthy, relatively pain free, mobile, agile, flexible, durable and enduring. Usable in life, sport, combat, survival, sex, and fun. I want to be the guy who can squat 800lbs, lift a 400lb stone, bench 225 for 30 reps, snatch a kettlebell 300+ times in ten minutes, ride a bike 100 miles, does dragon flags and triple clap pushups, full splits and tumbling, bends steel, has 20 inch arms but can still show a little ab, who’s resting heart rate is 50 or less, who lives to be 100, who eats hearty, real and reasonably, who has a real non drug induced barbarian high libido, who can get on a mat/ring/street/field and win and not fall apart from injury,who can/does focus his mind and subtle energy at the highest level, who can play with his kid/grandkids, reads, has a real life, creates, and loves. That to me is the most functional in the most worlds I want to live and play in with the most muscle!!

These are going to be the real workouts to get you there. Each download will cover a different way to get there and different unique programming ideas and workout structures. All set up in ways you can make it work for you in a time efficient manner. None of the workouts take 30 minutes to an hour, some quite a bit less.

This first download will be nearly an hour covering 8 workouts.

Large Stone lift, Four Courners Monument, Four Corners, NM1 – Legs and lower back featuring full and partial Zercher squats, belt squats and tw0-handed swings.   Why this combination and structure will leave you gasping for air and pumped like you’ve never been.

2 – Shoulders. Combining seated presses and one-arm terrorism laterals for massive overhead strength and barn-door-wide shoulders.

3 – Chest and Arms. Featuring explosive and chest developer push up variations to train whole body speed, coordination and still grow impressive pecks. Some cool bicep, tricep and forearm movements to give you skin-splitting pumps and massive strength.

4 – Upper back. Absolutely monstrous upper back and muscle rowing power. The railroading technique applied to rows. 20 minutes and your lats will never be the same.

5 – Flexibility and tumbling workout. So you can actually move and keep up with anybody instead of walking around like a muscled up Frankenstein. An awesome way to condition as well as become the athlete you want to be.

6 – Snatches. Breaking the 1,000 rep barrier to build a heart like a nine pound hammer and work capacity that will literally let you do anything.

7 – The walking with a little extra workout. A restorative workout that you can combine with extra bursts to burn more fat if you want to.

8 – The Outlaw Day. The day where you’re free to do anything out of the ordinary that you want to do. To actually put all this to the test and see if you’re getting stronger, faster, more enduring, more useable. For this particular DVD its going to be steel bending and stone lifting.



Get your digital download now for $15

Get your digital download now for $15

So that ladies and gentlemen ought to tell you what this is about and what you’ll get when you get this – except one thing – I don’t think you need it, but you should get a huge does of motivation along the way because this is real life lifting. Real gyms, real effort, real sweat, real crazy!

You can do this – I’m just here to show you how. I’m not going to waste anymore space on convincing you. You know if you want to be more awesome than you are. This will help!


Looking for this deal?  Click here Now!

Looking for this deal? Click here Now!