Secrets of Massive, Functional, Drug Free Muscle

Are You Tired of Being Small and Weak?

Barbell Row…Do you want bigger muscles, but you’re smart enough to know that those muscles need to be functional?

…You tired of bloated muscle training that leaves you bigger but with the power of a five-year-old girl?

…Tired of being sold short on the promises of most size-training?

…Ready to step into a new era of training? An era of massive muscle that actually does what it looks like it can do and more?

…Want to add inches to your arms as well as massive gains in what you can row and curl, yet still be flexible and fast?

…How about thighs the size of tree trunks that can still run, jump, kick and drop into a split while squatting weights that frighten the average caveman?

…How about being able to press huge weight while having barn door wide shoulders and a massive barrel chest, but still being able to crack off hundreds of push ups and not having to walk like you have “imaginary lats?”

…How about spinal erectors thicker than Anacondas and lats that split your shirts, but still being able to do gymnastic bridges and summersaults?

…You want to be big enough to block out the sun, but not get short of breath when you walk across the parking lot? How about one better? How about incredible muscle mass WITH incredible cardio power?

Well look no further because it’s all here in a brand new DVD series entitled:

“Secrets of Massive, Functional, Drug Free Muscle!”

If you scan all across the literature of muscle, strength and fitness you’ll see that this is one of the biggest topics. How to get big. Yet when you look further you notice some dissention. Sometimes from the fitness community, sometimes from the athletic and sometimes from fighters and martial artists and occasionally just from people who have eyes to see.

Most of the Mass-Training Info Out There is Pure Crap!

Barbell PressIt either doesn’t do the job – you don’t actually get any bigger – or, and this is worse, you get a little bigger but you don’t get everything you want out of the training. You’re not actually able to do more than before. You just look like you can to the uneducated eye. In my opinion that’s worse than pathetic.

Hey, I’m a live-and-let-live guy. If you just want to look bigger – while I think that’s stupid – you have every right to it. But the truth is most guys won’t really get any bigger unless they’re functional ability goes up at the same time. Yeah you might get a little gain from a pump up routine, but it’ll be purely that: a pumped muscle that won’t stick around and can’t carry it’s own weight.

Most people who don’t use drugs simply will not gain real mass unless they get stronger.

You can debate that with pseudo-science all you want, but that is the real world, rubber-meets-the-road fact!

You can take the average guy who can squat 225lbs and train him the Hollywood style: lots of pumping sets, lots of machine movements and he might add half an inch to an inch on his thighs and still won’t be able to rep squat more that 225lbs. But if you take that same guy, put him through some basic yet tweaked in a special way training and push his squat up to 500lbs (and don’t think you can’t make that gain), and he’ll add many inches to his thighs as well as pounds of streaming steel muscle and the most dreaded of all modern abilities… gasp…. Run away in fright…. Real strength!!

That’s right – the ability to move heavy stuff. The ability to be stronger than anybody you know. The kind of ability that gives you deep down confidence. And whether its moving things around the house or crushing someone who’s threatening the life and security of one of your loved ones – you’re up to the job.

Yet strength, while it’s the forgotten King of modern training, isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong – you get stronger and you will get bigger. However I don’t think there’s any reason you can’t get better as well as bigger.

What do you mean, “Better?” One of the major criticisms that you see is that…

All the Size Training Out There Doesn’t Make You Athletic

Hitting the Punching BagWe all know guys who are huge. Some of them even reasonably strong, but they can’t last more than 60 seconds. They’re slow. They can’t scratch their own head – you know all the clichés. Yet it doesn’t have to be like that. Simple little additions to training can make worlds of difference in the outcome.

Now some of these additions are simple and easy. Some are simple and not so easy. In fact downright ugly. Diabolical in fact. Cause you to curse my name while you’re doing this training type of diabolical. But if you want more than the average guy then you have to put out more than the average effort. And this training is definitely geared to give you more than average results.

What has it done for me?

Well over the course of my training career I have gained over 100 pounds of muscle. I’ve added over 700 pounds to my squat. I’ve pushed my thighs to 34″, my arms to 22″ and chest to 58″. My neck and calves are over 20″. My forearms to 16.” And those are honest to God measurements. Not joking around, bodybuilder style measuring.

Okay — so you got big and strong, but what about the rest?

  • Hip StretchThe fact is that even at 330lbs I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been.
  • 100 squat thrusts in five minutes. 400 kettlebell swings in 10 minutes.
  • Wanna run sprints or stairs? Got you covered.
  • How about a couple of miles? No problem.
  • How about speed and quickness? How does 89 punches in 10 seconds grab you?
  • How about running 25 yards with 400 pounds on your back in 6.9 seconds.
  • What about flexibility? How does a full side split and back bend sound?
  • Agility? When was the last time you saw a 330lb guy do a cartwheel?
  • Efficiency? How about one-arm push ups, handstand push ups and one-legged pistol squats?

You see I don’t think it’s enough that you get big and make no mistake about it you can get big. You also need speed, endurance, agility and flexibility.

This is the first program to truly give you all those in a fast efficient workout geared for a guy who doesn’t use ‘roids.

You see you can get not just big, but huge. Not just fast, but lightning. Not just flexible, but downright gymnastic. And you can have it all in the same body if you just do the right training.

Everybody I’ve Ever Trained Has Made Huge Gains In Every Area

You see this training is based on human performance not just my principles. A buddy of mine I taught these principles to has gained 70 pounds in the last year. (To be fair he went from 160 to 230, but he did have a previous high of 180 so some of that is regained weight). Also pushed his squat over 500 pounds and pushed his deadlift up over 500 for reps without even training it. Another recent trainee gained 15 pounds in a month and 50 pounds on his squat.

These aren’t isolated cases. This is regular results. It’s not like those TV infomercials where the fine print always says, “results are not typical.” That doesn’t begin to count the thousands of people around the world who’ve gained thousands of pounds of muscle and strength from the products we previously released. However, this is a new vein! One geared specifically towards putting massive muscle on you – quick! But still giving you all the other athletic qualities that you need and it simplifies things by cutting through all the crap.

The first DVD covers all the fundamentals and technical details. Then the second DVD launches right into the workouts.

This first volume in this series centers around the barbell and kettlebell used in combination for incredible size and results. Future DVDs will cover dumbbells, bodyweight, strongman, and other exercises. We’ll also explore totally unique routines as well as some twisted versions of classic size builders so that over the course of this series you have endless full body workouts and variations that will give you a lifetime of mass training and incredible physical ability to go along with it.

Here is some of what you hear me teach in these DVDs:

  • KB RowWhy you can or can’t have it all.
  • What is “functional mass.”
  • The reality of functional training
  • What’s real training and what’s made up crap that wastes your time.
  • How and why to train different parts of the body.
  • The real deal on heavy lifting.
  • Your perfect exercise.
  • The need for consistency and how to really make it work.
  • What real variation is. It’s not what you think.
  • Why conditioning and high reps are necessary.
  • Volume, frequency and intensity.
  • Road blocks to your success.
  • The real deal on food and mass. This will probably shock you!
  • Training speed.
  • Relaxation and flexibility.
  • Why can’t we all just get along.
  • Why there’s more similarity in real gain-producing training than you realize.
  • Don’t forget the small stuff.
  • My personal history with mass and what you can learn from it.
  • Whole body and split training.
  • The right mentality
  • Form and Tempo
  • Basic and Specializing Workouts.

That’s not all…

The DVD’s include full body workouts that will explode your size as well as give you incredible strength and endurance (in fact a lot of this is put together in a way that will freak out the people with endurance). As well as promote and give you gains in flexibility, agility and speed. We’ll cover the individual exercises and perform them live.

But be warned – I ain’t jokin’ around with this training. If you want gains you can’t joke around either this is gonna take work! I’m not going to lie to you like a lot of the advertising does with three easy 20 minute sessions or “just this simple bodyweight exercise,” or any of that junk.

This is Madmen Territory. This is Man-Making Territory.

But also be forewarned you may need new clothes. I’m not going to be responsible if you split the ones you’ve got. Or if you have to start shopping in an entirely new store because XX just isn’t big enough anymore. When you get so ridiculously hungry that your food bill goes up, once again you’re on your own.

But I’ll happily be responsible when you outgrow the weights at your local gym. Or you run right past the little cardio prince or princess on the elliptical. Or when you start accidentally start breaking stuff around the house because your hands are too strong or you have to tell your wife, husband or mom, “Oh I didn’t realize it was that light,” when you accidentally throw the couch while moving it.

If you’re ready to lift hundreds of more pounds, gain massive size, strength and endurance, outgrow your clothes and your gym and generally become the stud you can be, then you’re ready for this training. This DVD should cost much more than it does, but we’re keeping it down because we want you to get the best and be the best you can be.

You ready to grow?

God Bless,
Bud Jeffries

Get Secrets of Massive Functional Muscle Volume 1
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If you don’t feel like this DVD set is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just return it and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. The truth is if for some reason this DVD set doesn’t dramatically help you build incredible strength I don’t want your money and will happily give it back.