Mad Men Only Challenge

The first words of the great classic novel, Steppenwolf, by Hermann Hess read, “For mad men only.”   I always loved that title.

Something about what we do takes a little madness and for what these DVDs are going to show you, it may take a lot of madness.  I also wanted the title to convey to you that there’s some stuff here that average people don’t want anything to do with.  They’re not going to want to try.  In fact they just shouldn’t.  This isn’t about adding a little bit of bulk to your arms so you look cool.  It isn’t about doing average things in average gyms.  It’s about exploring areas other people are afraid to go, both inside yourself and what is possible for a human being to accomplish.  What’s possible for you to accomplish.

People are going to say that the things I do are silly and crazy.  They’ll ask ridiculous questions.  They’ll ask why, but not seeking to understand, they’ll ask why with a smirk that’s really condescension.  What they really mean is, “I’m too good to do that.”  Or “there’s no reason to do that.”  If you’re a person who asks why without really seeking to understand the deep knowledge behind something don’t buy this DVD.   On second thought – buy it – you probably need someone else to poke fun at from your mom’s basement.

If you aren’t willing to try some different things – this isn’t for you, but if you’re willing to do some training that might change your output as well as your pure genetic makeup then you should open the door.

Turn the first page, come in, sit down, have little libation and get ready, because I’m going to show you some cool stuff. 

Scientists used to say you’re born a certain way – you’re stuck with what you’ve got.  If you’re born fast – you’ll be fast, but if you’re born slow, you’ll never be fast.  If you’re born strong, great, but if you aren’t born with the right bone structure or whatever they tell you – you’ll always be limited.  There’s a miniscule grain of truth in that.  Everyone is born with genetic plusses and minuses.  Everyone is born with a leaning towards strength or a leaning towards endurance, but how in the world they ever have the gall to say that, no matter what their lab findings told them, is beyond me.  You can study muscle under a microscope, but if you don’t study it with a world view of what’s actually going on in training then you’ll never understand what’s possible.  It’s happening all around you, but nobody is bothering to back it with academic validation.

Maybe it’s because this is the underdog’s end of the pool.  I have nothing against science in exercise, but most of it is set to the make the genetically superior better than they already are, not to make you something you never thought you could be.

The thing is – we love underdogs and if we’re paying attention we’d see that many of the people we look at, who we think of as genetic superiors started off as 98 pound weaklings or 300 pound couch potatoes.  You know how they suddenly became genetic superiors?  They worked. 

See, the genetic superior isn’t really the fastest kid on the playground, it’s the one willing to do enough work to uncover how fast he really could be, or strong, or muscular.  Hard work will always overcome the base you start with.  You don’t even really know what that base is capable of till you’ve done enough work to get past the first couple layers of rock.  Forever science said you were born with fast twitch or slow twitch muscle fibers.  Marathon runners had lots of slow twitch endurance fibers.  Powerlifters and sprinters had lots of fast twitch power fibers.  Everyone actually has both, but the gist of the theory was that you got what you got and never the twain shall meet.

The thing is – it’s been meeting in the athletic world for thousands of years.  The theory now is that muscle fibers are much more adaptive than we first thought.  That you’re not stuck with what you started with and fibers take on the product or traits of their training.  That there’s a whole new thing – instead of Type 1 or Type 2, now you can have Type 3 fibers.

Muscle that can not only be big, strong and fast, but has endurance and oxygen handling capacity.  Here’s the thing – as much as we know in sports or medical science we’re still scratching the surface.  But one thing we do know – even though you get occasional side effects from training and surprising carry overs, training is specific.  You don’t get what you don’t train for.

So this DVD series is about having all those capacities and actually training for them in an intelligent, progressive, productive and non-conflicting way.  How to actually build Type 3 muscle fibers.  To my knowledge no one has ever purposely explored a systematic way to take the combination of maximum strength and maximum endurance to their highest levels.  This is more than just a throw it against the wall and see what sticks system, which is essentially what’s been done in the past.

This is a step by step process of base building and combining progressive levels to build a whole new body and set of performance abilities.  It’s also a systematic way to find the holes in your endurance.  The thing is – we see people at the top end of their game as products of their genes or environment, but rarely are we clued in to the blueprint of how they got there.

What if this whole things is so much less about what you were born with than about the road map you’re given to get where you want to go?

I’ve come to believe I don’t care where you start if you have the right map you can get to some amazing places.  So this is the map for people who are off-the-map.  Who want to go to the rare places no one else goes. 

Each DVD will have 25 to 45 minutes of lecture and then actual training.


DVD 1 of this series: 

We talk about base building.  Everyone talks about that all the time in the training world, but no one gives you a quantifiable definition.  How do you know when your base is built?  I’m going to give you an actual quantifiable set of parameters to actually know when your base is built.  Also how much of each one you need to do and how often you need to do them to maintain them.  If you don’t understand this part – or actually do the work to have this part, you’ll physically explode when you get to the hard stuff.  Also the individual workouts literally give you the jumping off points to see when you’re ready and what you can do to go to the next level.

Digital Download

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Hard Copy DVD

$19.95 Hard Copy DVDs

DVD 2:

Expands on the super muscle theory and my previous work.  It explains all the components you need to develop and the different types of strength and endurance you’ll want to explore.  You begin to see how each component is a step that works together and builds on each other and develops its own conclusion and of course more live training.

DVD 3: (Not Yet Available)

Expands on the individual training possibilities and a logical order to put them in.  Its putting the As, Bs and Cs together in a way that you understand them and they actually do what you want them to do.  You learn things about why you need to put one thing in front of the other and then why certain levels need to be achieved before you move on to the next level and what the possibilities really are.  There’s more than a dozen levels here between general and specific training that will illuminate as we go along with live demo.

DVD 4: (Not Yet Available)

Shows you some even deeper water and some very specific applications for types of muscle building other than just basic strength and endurance.  It gives you keys on how to twist this into specifics like bodybuilding or any other strength and endurance pursuit.  Some very advanced forms of testing are shared here and of course – more live training.  I’m not going to lie to you – some of this stuff is absolutely ridiculous, even to me, because it’s just hard.

Some of the ways these workouts can be put together at the very top end are really the Mad Men pages of strength.  However – if you want to get to the real top end of what’s possible, you need a logical set of steps to get there and you have to do the work.  People say that hard training is crazy, because they don’t understand what you’re doing and learning with that effort.

If you’re reading this – you do understand.  This is the stuff that takes you to a place where people say things about you like, “Oh that’s not really possible, he’s just a genetic freak.”  This is as close as I’ve come to being able to put down what I think it takes for an ordinary person to become extraordinary.  We all love the super hero analogy.  Who doesn’t want to be Superman?  But I don’t want to be Superman if I didn’t do the work.  This will take you as close to comic book super hero as honest to God, real world, serious people training can take you.

At heart we all love the image of being a super hero, but we’re really humans.  This is about taking actual achievable training, taught from a non-fantasy perspective to make you your dead-level-best, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Madness is a funny thing.  It separates you, but it gives you a thirst for more.  Only you know if you’re really ready or willing.  When you want to find out – jump in.

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