Listen Up! by Eric Guttmann

Listen Up! 101 Self-Evident Truths to Get You Off Your Butt,
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself, and
DO Something with Your Life! By Eric Guttmann

“How You Can Achieve Anything You Want in Life Through Philosophical and Practical Advice as Applied in the Tough and Discriminating Environment of Today’s U.S. Navy!”

Dear Friend and Fellow Life Enthusiast,

If you are anything like me, then perhaps you are embarked on a life quest of self-improvement and self-discovery. I started when I was eighteen years old listening to Nightingale-Conant tapes and then by attending seminars to be in the presence of men and women that have demonstrated superior sustained performance and mastery over life. If you are like me then perhaps you would like to know how to apply some of these principles in the REAL WORLD. I wrote a book called, Listen Up! 101 Self-Evident Truths to Get You Off Your Butt, Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself, and DO Something with Your Life! in which I explain how I took these principles to accomplish the following:

  • How I earn an extra $1,000 a month even in the rigid military pay system (I actually earn $1,100, and could earn MORE, but the Navy caps this special pay at $1,000)
  • How doing what I love got me a readership of over 5,000 in the Navy
  • The best attitude to have when dealing with setbacks
  • How to lose 20 pounds without supplements or fancy gear and maintain optimum health (Peter Ragnar, Matt Furey and Clarence Bass do this)
  • The value of keeping your word
  • How the values of self-reliance and self-responsibility have helped me to become who I am today
  • What the most important virtue is according to Paolo Coelho
  • Why “staying in the space” is the key to health and taking control of your life
  • How to tell a true friend from an acquaintance
  • How to write a 100 page book in a 100 days
  • Why there truly are no “secrets” and where you can find them
Bud Jeffries with Eric Guttmann

Bud Jeffries with Eric Guttmann

  • The real definition of wealth as given to me by a millionaire (and why even if you have a “net worth” of a million dollars you may not be wealthy)
  • Why working daily on the skills YOU want to develop is the key to YOUR greatness and the results I got from following this advice
  • The two things you have to conquer to unleash your potential unto the world
  • How to turn every day into a “little slice of heaven” doing what you love
  • The number one realization you have to make to truly OWN your life
  • Why you MUST become strong physically, mentally and spiritually
  • The TRUTH about affirmations (you have to read this!)
  • Why you should NEVER complain
  • An Olympic gold medalist’s advice to incorporate in your training
  • How to get integrity in a hurry
  • How to avoid the one cause of failure that is more harmful “than all other factors combined”
  • What the most important thing one can “have” is
  • How to develop an iron will
  • What people want in business dealings with others (provide this and you will have customers for life, fail to do this and you will go out of business)
  • What the core of the American tradition is and why we need to uphold it to be successful (hint: it is not the entitlement mentality)
  • What sin really is and the consequences
  • How to focus your mind power
  • How to get ahead in your career and how I applied it to have other department heads PAY for me to travel with them
  • The REAL difference between good and evil
  • Why nothing takes the place of persistence and how I earned my wings and got to fly for the Navy even when I was medically disqualified from aviation
  • The one thing you should AVOID at all costs
  • How my track and field coach’s advice to “be a part of history” has propelled me to participate in events that have changed the course of world history

Two BIG Bonuses!

#1 – How to Raise Your Testosterone Special Report (A $19.97 Value)The simple and direct Training Program & Nutrition Strategy to increase your Testosterone, ramp up your sex drive, boost your self-confidence, make you stronger, and help you live longer. This step by step plan shows you how I naturally raised my Testosterone 127 points without any drugs.#2 – Video Interview of Eric Guttmann by Bud Jeffries (A $29.97 Value)

After the second Super Human Training Workshop Bud interviewed me on my training, life philosophy and more. A great addition to the book.

You can read this book one page at a time and you have a 101-day course or easily read it cover-to-cover in a single sitting it as an entertaining memoir of life in today’s U.S. Navy. This is the book I wish someone had given me in the start of my military career to save myself a lot of being chewed out! (And trust me, I got plenty of scar tissue back there from learning things the “hard way”, ouch!)

Here is what Peter Ragnar had to say about Listen Up! 101 Self-Evident Truths to Get You Off Your Butt, Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself, and DO Something with Your Life!:

“My friend Eric has written the book that is the definite companion volume to my Unveiled Mysteries of Self-Mastery. Mark my words, in a few years from now those that are inside Eric’s “circle of trust” will be extremely glad they got in with him today.” – Peter Ragnar

Eric Guttmann and Peter Ragnar

Eric Guttmann and Peter Ragnar

“I have been a student of philosophers, self help gurus and motivational speakers since I was about 12 years old. Having said that I will add that there were many, many books read and speakers heard from Wayne Dyer to J Krishnamurti. And even to books like the Hagakure and the Book of Five Rings. But I have never been exposed to so compressed and comprehensive a collection of good advice on how to be than in Eric Guttmann’s book. It has reminded me of many things that I already knew and exposed me to some new voices that I am surprised to have never heard. Thank you Eric for taking the time and energy to write this book and thanks Bud for exposing me to it.”
– Chris McCullen

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To your success,
Eric Guttmann
Listen Up! (Plus 2 Bonuses)

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