How the Strongest Men Trained Part 2

How and Why Some of the Strongest Men in the Recorded Modern History Use Twisted Conditioning-Style Training – Part 2 – More Supermen

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This is actually going to turn into a multiple series article because the more I get to know the ins and outs of the training of the toughest world class guys walking around today, the more I find the same thing. We all have different goals, we all have different individual strengths. We train with different tools and different areas of the world, but it boils down to this: The training that produces unbelievable strength and incredible endurance is all related no matter what particular flavor you use.

Combination training is the way to super-human ability. Mixing heavy and light work, high and low reps, max strength and endurance strength and multiple training tools is what all of the greatest athletes and strength and conditioning minds do. That’s why we’ve created the books and videos we have to help you get really strong and truly enduring. It’s not the easiest way, nor the most marketable way, but it is the best way.

Here are three more examples of super studs and how their training is all twisted like mine as well as connected.

Mike Bruce

Hopefully you all know Mike. Mike is an ex-amateur and pro no-holds barred fighting champion, and former marine. In fact in the Marine Corp he was the guy they put in charge of conditioning the other recruits so they passed their PT tests. He’s also one of the most knowledgeable read-“world fighting martial artists” I’ve ever met. He has the most intense mix of high level strength and insane endurance in anybody i know. Especially anybody who hovers around 200lbs.

How about 600lb deadlifts while standing on a 100lb plate? 650 and nearly 700 off the floor completely drug free at a bodyweight of 202lbs. How about lockouts from the knee with 12001bs? That’s right. .. 1,200Ibs. How about head high dumbbell swings with 200lbs for two reps and 165 over head high for 8 reps? How about t-bar rows with 9-45lb plates for reps? Neck bridging holding two people. Repetition neck extensions with 200lbs. And that’s just a little taste of the stuff you’ll see from “the machine.” His endurance workout is even worse.

He has a unique type of jumping sprawl that forms the base of his workout. It’s very hard, I tried it. He does 20 reps in 60 seconds for 10 sets. Each set mixed with another conditioning movement such as heavy bag work, dumbbell lifting or other bodyweight exercises. Even though he had a previously broken wrist and thumb he bent a 12 inch spike the first time I handed it to him.

What does this training say? Heavy basic lifts for both low and high reps. Heavy partials for low and high reps. Incredible muscular cardio training that mixes both high and low reps of bodyweight and alternative conditioning exercises. Classic combination training with Mike’s unique twist.

Jesse Kellum

Jesse Kellum might be one of the most intense trainers on the planet. He’s also 10 time world powerlifting champion with an 800 equipped bench press and a 500+ raw bench press and a nearly 1000lb squat. He pioneered many of the techniques that the current powerlifting generation uses including the board press. He is the strongest powerlifter at 220lbs or under to ever live.

I had the chance to train with him recently and get a glimpse of his training system. What did it include? Mixes of very heavy low rep work and high rep work in the same workouts. For instance a back workout included hang high pulls for three to five rep sets up to 405lbs on a “light day.” The same workout included multiple sets of supine body rows. A leg workout included multiple sets of sprinting with and without weight, forward and backward sled dragging, bodyweight and barbell walking lunges, repetition full squat box jumps and finished with five rep sets of safety bar box squats. The rest of his training involves heavier low rep work on different kinds of squats, dead lifts and benches. He also cycles between light and heavy periods during the year and mixes in other training styles such as strongman training with tires, yokes, etc. Heavy dumbbell bench presses up to 190’s for reps, etc.

What do we see? One of the greatest strength athletes of all time using high rep conditioning movements, explosive training, strongman training, bodyweight and heavy barbell and dumbbell training. More classic combination training … don’t you think you should be doing this kind of training too?

Jon Bruney

Jon Bruney is a full time pastor of a full time church and full time evangelist and men’s speaker. Also a professional performing strongman minister. He has one of the most unique strongman shows around with very inventive feats and even travels with a full band. He’s partner with John Brookfield in a world record for pulling a semi truck one mile. That’s a mile people. Not a Tonka Truck … a semi. He’s also a writer for MILO and has produced some DVDs on sledgehammer training.

In his strongman show he does things like lift cars among other crazy feats. I spoke to him recently about his training and he had some very unique workouts such as hard sprint cycling as a pre-exhaustion for harness lifting. He uses a mix of high and low reps with barbell and dumbbell training, kettlebells, odd objects, insane rep sledgehammer work with really heavy hammers … you name it.

Guess what we see again here? The development of world class maximum strength and insane endurance together through the combination of high low reps and endurance training.

That friends are just three more of the modern supermen that use the same training that we teach you in Twisted Conditioning I, Twisted Conditioning II and Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts.


We all came to these conclusions separately. I never even met these fellas until recently. The answer is because this is the blue print for super human performance. The body requires heavy stimulation, endurance work, and personalized exercises to fulfill its potential. All the champion athletes have come to this conclusion one way or another. Be sure that your training includes these things. If you want to be the best that you can be, this is the road map.

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