Highest Level Strength

Highest Level Strength Mastery

315 lb. Row

315 lb. Row

This article is about a theory. A theory about how to attain the absolute maximum output level of strength that a human can attain. It’s obviously is different for every person, but I think that we all come along the same road to that place.

Here are the levels that I think you must attain to get to your absolute potential along with some explanation about each one.

1. Basic muscular strengthening. This is the beginning level of training and this is probably the level that most people spend the most time at or get stuck at.

2. Advanced muscular strengthening. This is the top of the basic level and beginning to move on. This is people that begin to pursue an exercise harder than the average entry-level trainee and get to either some heavier weight or a stronger performance.

3. Technical Mastery. This is the level where you really begin to get good at whatever specific performance you’re trying to achieve. This level never really stops, because even the Greats continue to practice honing and perfecting their technique. This is also dependent on how complicated the skill you’re trying to display is. I.e. the Olympic clean and jerk is very complicated when performed at a high level. This is why most Olympic programs have huge levels of technical practice.

4. Belief in Strength. This is a level where you honestly begin to believe and apply that belief. Your confidence comes in the fact that you actually can achieve a particular performance. When you begin to train and act on that belief your performance jumps up a level.

5. Mental Focus. Mental focus is being built at every level of strength mastery. However for those who wish to truly delve into their potential it must be its own level and become a corner stone of their training. This allows you to actually squeeze every ounce of conscious strength that you have into a performance. You cannot be focusing on anything else. It must be purely on your task. It is also a continually developed skill.

6. Unlocking your own physical secrets. This is the place in training where you have enough experience to find what really works for you. You know just what exercise or regimen continually opens the door for new gains.

7. The development of upper atmosphere strength. This is where you begin to get into the rarified air of true performance. It is different for every person because every person’s potential is different. This is the level where world-class begins. This is also the level where you apply outstanding, unique training techniques. In my opinion this is high-level partials, continued muscular, tendon and joint strengthening. Continually building the body’s ability to handle higher and higher loads. Miles from the first level.

8. The development of endurance and the attention to health. This is where you truly begin to understand that strength and endurance are opposite sides of the same coin. Where you understand that to survive the world-class workout for strength you also need high-level endurance. That your recovery and performance is significantly enhanced by greater endurance, not marred by it. This is where you learn how to mix the two without conflict. This is also where you learn how to do the things necessary to keep yourself as pain-free and healthy as possible. Constant sickness and pain from lack of care will stop your strength.

9. Disciplined, Intuitive Training. All of these levels are truly being developed simultaneously, it’s just that at some point you will get to a full realization of this level from the small steps you’ve been taking along the way. This is where you have the discipline to train pointedly for a goal and the intuition and self-knowledge to direct your training intelligently and modify it as you go to get there. This is where training written down on paper is only a jumping off point. Yet your goal is constantly insight because of your discipline.

10. Destruction of Fear. In any high-level performance there is some risk. There is some reason most people won’t do it. This is different for every person, but is tied in to time, desire, and mental training. It is also developed at every level and constantly conquered.

Strength Qi Gong

Strength Qi Gong

11. Strength Qi Gong. Qi Gong is within this discussion, what I will refer to as the blanket term for developing physical ability by the focusing of subtle energy. Hard western style strength training develops “Qi” or subtle internal energy from the opposite way. That would be the developing of subtle energy by the training of physical ability. This is a subtle process that very few have ever explored and almost no one I know has done so consciously. It has been explored only in the stumbling across ways to harness that built up subtle energy most of which is applied subconsciously. Everybody who gets to world-class does this, they just don’t know it. I believe the conscious exploration of mixing together the utmost physical ability along with the ability to recruit the utmost in mental concentration and subtle energy is the key to the next level of strength. If you can find the effective key to consciously train them both together, you come out with a higher performance.

12. Spiritual Strength Flow. Level 12 and 11 are related but not in the ways that people might commonly say. I don’t see the development of Qi as a religious exercise. I believe it is related to the meeting of our spirit and our body together, but I believe spirituality is only truly connected to the one God in Jesus Christ. This next level is the highest level, but those who believe again practice it along the way of the other levels. It is consciously being in contact with God and allowing His spirit to fill you with peace and strength flowing through you into your physical effort. Prayer is the key.

*As a side note I’ve received some sarcastic questions from people who’ve asked if I believe in God, will it make me stronger. I think this answer this, ultimately it will. Very few people ever truly explore all of the levels. It isn’t easy. That’s why. But your true world-class performances have had deep dealings in all of these levels whether they can verbally express it or not.

Of course belief in God is not a requisite for being a world-class athlete. Nor is being a better athlete the right reason to believe in God. I do however believe it is necessary in settling your own spiritual questions, especially those in relation to eternity and it is truly important for the things that are most important to all of us. Living a better life, not just getting stronger.

I have some friends who’ve explored these subjects rather deeply and I hope to soon be able to put together a video discussion and training tape on integrating spirituality, mentality, Qi Gong and physical training for the greatest strength and performance.

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