Maximum Functional Mass Vol 2 – Herculean Arms!

Herculean Arms!

You can’t get away from it.  There’s just a certain look that says, “Power!”  For those people who really know, it’s like this; a thick neck, a wide powerful back, python spinal erectors, a waist like a stone column, quads, hams and hips that say, “Squat!” in a bellowing voice – and arms. I know most of the crew reading in my little hard core arena comes from the, “back is more important than arms,” school of thought.  No disagreement here, but I have changed my mind.  I used to think, “Aw I’ll let arms take care of themselves,” but it’s a mistake and nothing says, “power,” to the general public like a gigantic slab of beef hanging out of your shirt sleeve.  But for me, there’s more to it than that, because everything for me filters through these ideas:

  • What can you actually do with it?
  • Does that size make sense?
  • Is it really as strong as it looks?

See I think an arm that’s powerful has a certain look.  It isn’t just big, its rugged looking from shoulder to fingertip.  It has forearms that hurt people’s feelings and make people ashamed for not doing their grip work.  A wrist thick as most people’s neck.  Fingers that look like cables. Hard biceps that aren’t just big, they pull like a tow truck. Triceps that look like they forged thunderbolts.  There’s a difference between a big arm and an arm that works. An arm that curls things most people can’t deadlift, but can still punch fast enough to hit you twice before you hit the floor.  An arm that looks connected to the rest of the body with development of individual muscle but complete unification as well. An arm that a woman would be proud to have around her, that makes her feel safe, because she knows that anything that threatens her can be squeezed into submission by that same arm. An arm that’s powerful and equally useful in the ring, on the mat, in the gym or contest, on stage or swinging hammers, turning wrenches, bending steel or for whatever other challenge you might want to conquer. That my friends is an arm you might like to have. So here’s our newest download on exactly how to get them –

 Maximum Functional Mass Volume 2:   Herculean Arms!

Once again we rock you with another hour of live teaching, or teaching and combined training footage.  Showing you all the major points you need to be training and the twists  you need to be using to get huge, functional arms. Like:

  • The combination you really need to get your arm to grow
  • The importance of compound and isolation exercises
  • The shoulder to fingertip arm theory
  • Mixing the arm with the whole body
  • Some of my favorite tools and exercises
  • Max weight arm training
  • Static strength training
  • Chaos bicep and tricep training
  • Conditioning sets with arms and the whole body together
  • Details on how to perform barbell and dumbbell curls you don’t want to miss
  • Safety considerations
  • The right mixes of volume, intensity and frequency
  • Strict to cheat style training
  • Cheat to strict style training
  • Training for speed, power and endurance
  • The arm, body and mix to get it all working together
  • Cable and chain isometrics
  • Some of my favorite Super-Sets
  • Doing what works for you
  • …and more

We also have some live footage of training including my best ever sets of barbell and dumbbell curls and each of the individual ideas presented is shown in live training. As always no fluff, and I don’t show you anything I don’t actually do.  I’m the live guinea pig for making this training work and making my arms as big, powerful and functional as possible and passing what I really do on to you. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics, the stuff that most people forget to do, the details they don’t know or some cool advanced twists. Or how to actually put it all together to actually get results in your arm training and results that pay off for your whole body – it’s all here. I’m not going to waste a lot of time talking you into something – you either want this kind of crushing power, strength and endurance and massive muscular development or you don’t – But you know you do.

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