Extreme Power with Isometrics

Everything IsometricsHow to Effectively and Easily Use Isometrics to
Build Strength, Burn Fat, Get Faster and More

Isometrics get a bad rap. Many people think they aren’t worth doing but they are WRONG.

They’re also not the end-all be-all of training. But they do work when properly applied and they work very well.

Think about a squat or deadlift. These are partially isometric exercises. More muscle is firing in your abdominals and back isometrically to support your structure, then in the muscles that are actually moving you up and down. The same holds true with one arm presses and just about every exercise under the sun.

So those that say isometrics are worthless don’t even understand what’s going on in most exercises.

That’s just one example. The truth is there are many different kinds of isometrics and the kind you use will depend on your goals.

Want stronger pressing? Try this isometric…

What do Steve Justa, Alexander Zass, The Mighty Atom, Dennis Rogers, The Great Gama, John Brookfield, Paul Anderson and Myself All Have in Common?

We’re All Big Believers in Isometrics and Have the Strength to Back it Up.

And the truth is that’s a very small list of who has successfully used isometrics in the past and today. That is because they WORK.

I’ve probably spent more time then just about anyone else alive experimenting with all forms of isometrics.

For the first time I unveiled all that I’ve learned and discovered at the recent second ever Super Human Training Workshop.

We’ve taken that segment to deliver this special set to you. Here’s just some of what you’ll find on these 3 jam packed DVD’s.


  • Is spot reduction possible with isometrics? Why bodybuilders believe it is!
  • The value of yoga and isometrics, and the specific variety that is best.
  • The isometrics used by Shaolin Monks.
  • The value of isometrics in training your mind.
  • The theory behind muscle control and how it can make your stronger.
  • Fallacies of sports specific training, where so many people go wrong, and how to properly use isometrics instead to strengthen your sport.
  • Why it goes beyond technique in fighters and wrestlers for their ability to dominate.
  • How the Great Gama, the famous Indian Wrestler, trained daily with isometrics.
  • Holding Isometrics and why this is a hole in many people’s training
  • How Isometrics make you FASTER (Listen to the Bus Pulling story)
  • How Charles Atlas was lying to you…and what this means for your training
  • Alexander Zass who escaped four times from POW camps in WW1 attributed his strength to isometrics.
  • How one type of isometrics is the key for leanness and hardness.
  • The York Method of Isometrics and the results they achieved
  • Why the scientific evidence that isometrics increase your strength in a range 15 degrees above and below is WRONG.
  • What is Spring Tension and how to apply it to every exercise.Want stronger deadlifts? Try this isometric!

Want stronger deadlifts? Try this isometric…


  • Why negatives aren’t the best option.
  • How most of grip strength is isometric training
  • The sliding isometric sledgehammer exercise of John Brookfield
  • The York Isometric Rack and why it fell out of favor
  • The 6 Main Types of isometrics
  • How to do simple Muscle Control exercises
  • How Steve Justa became insanely strong, lost it all, then built it back and went further with isometrics
  • The rehab applications of isometrics
  • Over the top isometric contraction applied to lifting
  • Immovable Isometrics
  • How to use isometrics to make you faster and stronger without fatiguing you
  • Relaxed Isometrics vs. Full Contraction
  • The Motorcycle Rider’s secret to extended wall sits
  • The Tension and Ligament Connection
  • Systema Pushups
  • Joint Support Isometrics vs. Bent Joint Isometrics
  • Yielding Isometrics
  • Combining cables for isometric pulls
  • What are Isotonics and how this forgotten branch of isometrics may be the best option for big lifts
  • Variations of the Partner Isometric Kettlebell Press Drill
  • How to setup a simple yet effective isometric training platform with chains
  • How to do Explosive Isometrics
  • How to make your press INSTANTLY Stronger by adding an additional isometric load
  • How to make your press Instantly HARDER by adding different additional isometric loads
  • Stability challenge yourself to any angle with these partner pull isometrics
  • Opposite Pull, Opposite Limb Isometrics

Want faster speed? Try this isometric!


  • Even more stability challenges with isometrics
  • Crucifix isometric positions
  • How to improve your kettlebell snatch with isometrics
  • Why strengthening every part of momentum movements will make you better
  • Even more unorthodox isometrics for full body strength
  • How to work 20 different positions (that you normally don’t work) of your lift in a matter of seconds
  • Curl isometrics
  • Deadlift isometrics
  • Using different handles for isometric exercises
  • Wall sit combination pull and press isometrics
  • Extended twisting isometrics
  • The Anderson Handwalk
  • Why Paul Anderson believed Blood Flow was key and how to put it into action
  • Working deadlift isotonics in a power rack
  • The Pull and Hold Method of the York Lifters
  • How to combine partials and isometrics
  • Sled pushing isometrics to improve your speed
  • A combination workout using isometrics and explosive exercises

Want odd angle strength? Try this isometric!

When you learn and apply what you’ll find on these DVD’s you’ll be able to…

Apply Isometrics to Any Lift or Exercise You’re Doing,
and Demolish Your Weak Points

You’ll become faster. You can watch example after example on the DVD’s of that occurring with presses, snatches, and sled pushes.

You’ll find how you can work outside the normal range and plug up the holes in your training.

Here’s what some of the people that were there live said about this Isometrics training:

“I learned the many uses of Isometrics and a plethora of ways to use them. My favorite iso lesson was using them in conjuction with kettlebells and how to improve/break through sticking points and making weak points stronger.” – Ryan Pitts

“I learned how using isometrics can skyrocket my strength & help me to develop strength that will carry me into my old age. I can also apply these techniques to work around injury.” – Laurel Blackburn

“The isometrics portion was awesome. After doing the wall sit isometrics w/ the isometric pulls under Bud’s tutelage I pressed the Beast almost effortlessly.” – Eric Guttmann

“I got a 24kg press (with slight support from the other hand).” – Melody Scheonfeld

“Great ideas for strengthening my max KB press and getting thru sticking points. My goal of 28kg press seems much more possible.” – Adrienne Harvey

“The isometrics segment gave me plenty of “ammunition” to add to my Strength-Worx class, which utilizes strategies from Bud and from Louie Simmons” – Frank Dimeo

“I have trained with Isometrics before in the past obviously & knew only 3 variations from what Bud was teaching over there, but he blew me away with the info he shared because he opened my eyes to completely NEW & UNTOUCHED levels of possibilities in Isometric Training! Which I’ve been incorporating into my own training since I got back & have seen some CRAZY & PHENOMENAL results from already!” – Matti Marzel

I just got through watching Bud Jeffries EXTREME POWER with Isometrics and must say I’m impressed. The man knows his stuff when it comes to Strength, Weight loss and Conditioning. Bud explains where he stands on the use of Isometrics, where they have their place, how they can be used to build more power in certain positions of an exercise, how they can help build muscular endurance as well as a variety of ways to use incorporate them in to your training. Bud explains everything in a very simple and easy format that anyone can follow. It is my opinion that anyone interested in taking their training to another level should order this 3 disc set. It has something to offer everyone from the beginner to the advanced trainee like myself. So go “Old-School” and try this out, you won’t be dissapointed. – Mike “The Machine” Bruce

Volume 2 May Be Even BETTER!

At the following Super Human Workshop Bud delivered even more on isometrics. Picking up right where he left off he delivers more exercises, tips and methods to use isometrics. Here’s a small piece of what you'[ll find on these NEW 3 DVD’s.

  • The Wall Chair as it’s never been covered before. Adding weight, going long, the best mental toughness exercise. Plus how it added 200 lbs. to deadlifting.
  • Isometric Exercises specifically for Martial Artists
  • Strongman or Odd Object Isometrics
  • Isometrics to increase your deadlifts, snatching, pressing and more
  • Three main types of Isometrics for short term, long term and burst strength
  • Odd angle movements as taught by Steve Justa
  • How to get a great conditioning workout with isometrics
  • Pure insanity combination isometrics (you have to try these to understand!)


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Complete Extreme Isometrics – Volumes 1 & 2