Explosion! Throwing for Power

VID_20140701_191648_240_5646-picsayAre you ready to get kicked out of Planet Fitness with me? 

Wanna get ridiculously fast?  Have mind boggling power? Get leaner and have iron-strong muscles and have a heart that pumps like a Magnum V10.  Wanna get outside, have fun, do some crazy stuff, scare the neighbors and get literally one of the best workouts of your life?

Then jump on board here and let’s start exploding together with Volume 1 of Explosion!  Intensive Throws for Ridiculous Power!

We’re just too tame.  Most of our training doesn’t really allow us to give 100% effort.  Throwing does.  Where else can you find a workout where you can do 100 reps at an absolute max power output, yet still recover?  Where else can you find something that makes you more athletic and faster, teaches you to move against space in a resistance, primes your nervous system for bigger muscles and lifts through-out the rest of your workout and is just plain fun all at the same time?

Have you ever hung around elite throwers?  Most of them are ridiculously muscular – Strong, fast and athletic.  So are they bred that way or does the training they do mold them?  It doesn’t matter whether they were bred in the lab or not, this training can mold you.  You simply don’t get what you don’t train for and most of us are missing this component.  We don’t train things that work all those athletic ideals together, but throwing does.

If you ask me, there are four types of speed and power you ought to be training:

  1. Pushing as hard and fast as you can against a heavy weight.
  2. Pushing as hard as you can against moderate to light weights.
  3. Moving your body as fast as possible in things like bodyweight exercise, hand speed work, sprinting or sport speed work.
  4. But between there lies the 100% explosive contractions of throwing.

You see almost every other thing you do doesn’t let you actually get 100% follow through speed and power training against resistance.  When you push a big bench press or pull a big deadlift or even snatch a kettlebell or barbell you might be moving fast, you might be explosive, but you’re actually slowing the weight down to “catch or control it,” at the top of the movement.  But sport and life don’t slow down.  They require 100% and throwing is one of the only ways to actually give 100% safely.

VID_20140701_185749_867_7733-picsayWhen you throw against a moderate to heavy resistance you must move fast.  That’s speed training.  Because there’s resistance and your moving fast, that’s power.  Because your muscles are contracting at 100% effort, that’s strength.  Because they’re contracting at 100% effort they will require massive cardiovascular support, that’s aerobic.  Because you’re controlling an external resistance and yourself, that requires coordination, that builds athleticism.  Because you don’t stop when you throw, you accelerate all the way through with no slow down – you meld all those qualities together for the greatest possible combination and the greatest possible training effect.

Why not do things that give huge training effects over a broad range of physical abilities in one simple, but definitely not easy workout?

What if you could be the guy who could throw things for height and distance that other people could barely pick up?  What if you could get explosive in every angle that the body can move in ways you never even thought possible?  What if you could truly make your abs work as the connection to the upper and lower body like they’re supposed to and stop them from being a weak link?  What if you could apply that power and really be functional in day to day life?  What if you could access the absolute primal energy that’s actually held in you with nothing held back?  What if you got an incredible hormone boost from a fun and barbaric workout?

What if you could take the simplest thing and make it have the biggest results?  Why not jump in right now, join us and start throwing?

Volume 1 is laid out very simply.  There’s a short, but thorough explanation on the why and how to build maximum explosive speed and power.  Giving you the things to truly make you understand why you’re doing this and how to place it in the whole of your program.

  • Why you need to train in multiple levels of strength and speed
  • How most training actually limits your speed
  • Why throwing in an absolute physical basic
  • How to meld throwing into your program
  • How to get started
  • Three places to put this training in your program
  • How to make it insanely conditioning-based
  • How to look for weak links when you throw
  • The Ten Tenants of building explosive speed and power
  • An unexpected benefit for your feet
  • How to be safe while you throw
  • How to emphasize a particular muscle if you want to make it stronger or bigger
  • How to measure your progress


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Then there’s more than 45 minutes of live rowdy throwing.  The first volume features throws with kettlebells, although the tool isn’t even important.  You can and I have thrown just about everything.  Kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, concrete blocks, logs, rocks, couches, small children, coyotes – ya know, whatever you can get your hands on.  The important part is the body mechanics and the body area emphasis of the throws and the simplicity.

Some examples of these throws:

  • Swing Forward Throw
  • Swing 45 Throw
  • Step-Swing Throw
  • Diagonal Step Throw
  • 90 Twist Swing Throw
  • Outside Body 90 Twist
  • Outside Body 90 Step Twist
  • Whole Body 90 Turn
  • Swing Stop for Height
  • KB Flip Forward Push
  • KB Flip Forward Step
  • KB Push
  • KB Push Vertical
  • KB Push 45 Sideways
  • Russian Post Hole Diggers
  • Bottom Up Snatch Post Hole
  • Post Hole Digger Grip
  • High Pull Post Hole Digger
  • Crush Horn Upside Down
  • Post Hole Digger Lateral
  • Lateral Throw and Sprawl
  • Overhead Throw
  • Throw Behind Body
  • Snatch Throw 45

And many, many more

Get your digital download now for $15

Elite throwers practice their craft for years just like anyone else who is awesome at what they do.  Their foot work is immaculate and every nuance of technique is honed through thousands of reps.  That ain’t what we’re doing.  We’re striving to give you their physical ability without the finite technical practice.  We’re going to war.  War that might come from any chaotic direction and require you to have raw, overwhelming amounts of explosive speed and power that you can use in any direction, not just one technique.   To move in unusual positions with a body that can go any direction and do it fast and drop the hammer of power on anything it wants to

That 45 minutes will show you over 75 variations of live, 100% effort throws with kettlebells from 50 to 150lbs.  You can scale it to whatever works for you.  You have light stuff?  Throw that.  You have heavy stuff? Throw that.  You want to build explosive hips – it’s there.  Back?  Got it.  Shoulders?  Smokin.  Legs?  Like steel springs.  Grip?  Yeah.  You hang on to a 150lb bell while you throw it straight in the air and see what happens.  Steel claws.

Plus for me the biggest things about this is that it’s just plain fun and I want you to have fun in what you do in training.  To drip with lactic acid and sweat in hormones and laughter, adrenalin and power.  I’m not going to keep trying to convince you to buy this.  You can see this is probably a missing component in your training that if you do regularly and work hard will make you better at everything you do and more rugged as a human being.  If you don’t want that I can’t help you.

So don’t waste time – let’s go scare the neighbors and raise the spirit of kindred muscle and strength with this wild band of out-of-the-box, weakness killers together.

Get your digital download now for $15



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