Distance Training with Bud

  • skype_logo-580x367One-on-one video conferencing with Bud Jeffries
  • Fine tune your training, your totals and your goals.  
  • Push through plateaus in training and in life.
  • Bring everything you’ve been wanting to achieve to fruition!


Access Bud’s knowledge, skill, training and desire to build yourself into the strongman, powerlifter, performing strongman, all-around athlete, or whatever it is that is your goal of how you see yourself.

Find your balance in focusing on goals, and not just setting them, but achieving them as well.  It’s a skill and mindset for everything in life, not just physical training and it’s yours to develop and tap into in these coaching calls.

Furthermore – you’re not limited to sitting at your computer or webcam.  Use your phone and head to the gym for live training during your session.  Work on form, sticking points, observations and live coaching during your workout!

Recent Instagram post from one user:

Today smashed my PR with 320 unbroken 1 handed swings with a 20kg kb followed by 20 min rotating 3rd way cardio with 32kg gorilla kettle bell, 19lb mace and heavy battle rope…. Not saying this to brag but want to shout out to my insane and amazing coach @budjeffries from anunconventionalife.com for taking from nothing after severe malaria to this in around 12 weeks all physical attribute have more than doubled . Today’s workout was after almost no sleep 1 hr of yoga, in semi fasted state in the sun after not training much for 2 weeks. I can only attribute this to great coaching mentally and physically. Also want to shout out to Peter Ragnar for all his invaluable advice. Also to some of my close friends who inspire me daily to be better at my job and better at being me. #anunconventionalife #wayoftherogue #wayofthewarrior #bringmemybucket #superhuman #chigong #martialarts #nolimits #mindpower #itsallinyourhead #5bodyfitness #iamamachinenotamodel #combatfitness

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These are available in two packs:

 All calls are one hour each, set to your preference: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly – you name it – it’s your call.