Catch Wrestling for Cops

Former Marine with Over 15 Years in Law Enforcement Don Powers shows you how to safely handle bad guys…

“Effortlessly Manhandle an Obnoxious Drunk”

And Tons of Other Techniques for Police and Citizens Looking to Stay Safe

I had gotten a few of my fellow Officers together and started teaching them some Catch Wrestling holds that I used. One of the Officers is a Black Belt in multiple systems and he had never seen the holds or the way I applied them.

This got me thinking.  If I could put these moves together in a simple system, I could help a lot of Officers enhance their control tactics and improve safety. So, I sat down and began writing down the moves I use. I tried to make it easy for others to learn, and included a fair amount of humor common to Law Enforcement Officers.  I wanted it to be both informative and entertaining.  I had a few Officers read it, and they loved it.

An Officer called me at 2 a.m. on New Year’s Eve to tell me that he used the Double Wrist Lock to take a drunk to the ground. He was working an off duty gig and had someone that wouldn’t comply, and he locked it on with no problem. This is an Officer that has never been involved in Martial Arts, which was the reason I had him read the book. I thought that if someone who didn’t have a strong interest in Martial Arts could understand what I wrote, then I was on the right track. His call confirmed it.

Unfortunately, Many Martial Arts are Ineffective and Can Even Get You Killed

I developed this program based on deficiencies I observed in Control and Arrest Tactics. For several years I was a Field Training Officer in a Department with a very high turnover, so we were training new recruits all of the time. A high percentage of the recruits I observed lacked a basic understanding of controlling suspects that fight police.

They had been taught how to handcuff complaint suspects. They knew a little boxing and a little grappling but were never shown how to integrate the moves. This program will show others the skills I have learned throughout my career. It is based on Catch Wrestling holds that I have modified for Law Enforcement Officers. I have taught these techniques to Officers at my Police Department and neighboring agencies. I have even demonstrated some of these techniques to Iraq Police Officers.

I also included a section on exercise.  It integrates weight lifting, conditioning and technique drills in an easy to do format.  This makes up about 20% of the course and is based on my background in Powerlifting, Strongman, competitive grappling and some other esoteric exercises systems.  I wanted a program that was user friendly for the regular, everyday working person.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I have been involved in competitive martial arts and have over 20 years’ experience in real world violence.  I’ve competed in both Toughman and Submission Grappling.  I have worked as an undercover Officer and as an Emergency Response Team member.  I have studied violence from the perspective of the victim, offender, and the person responsible to stop the violence.   I have trained with Jiu Jitsu practitioners, Catch Wrestlers and Kuntaw Martial Artists.  I’ve then been afforded the opportunity to apply what I have learned with subjects that want to do me harm in the course of my duties.  This has given me the chance to take things back to the drawing board, if you will, each time I’ve used a technique.  It is the time spent after the fact studying what has occurred that has helped me improve my individual techniques.  This system is not the end all be all but is my own system that works exceptionally well against combative subjects.

Learning from the Best…

I was a fanatic when it came to the old school Pro Wrestling. Many people were and are unaware of the devastating art of Catch Wrestling practiced by the Old Time Pro Wrestlers.  I actively sought out old training manuals by old time wrestlers and lifters. Men like Saxon, Hackenschmidt, Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch, and Strangler Lewis.  I became certified in Catch Wrestling by Scientific Wrestling.  I added to each technique I learned for Control and Arrest Tactics to make it more effective for me.

I had the benefit of knowing how to wrestle and then spent the last 20 or so years learning different types of submissions. The key has been knowing the ones you need, and their proper application. It’s great to get online and learn a ton of cool techniques but you need to know how to apply them and the right time. If you have not learned how to wrestle, knowing all the Catch holds won’t do you a lot of good. In Police work, it’s about knowing how to control the suspect. Most people have an idea, but this was a way to put it together for them. I believe in learning from every source I can; Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing etc…. and then applying them to Control and Arrest or Self Defense.

This book is based on my last 15 years in Law Enforcement and the previous 25 years of life experience.

I’ve worked on this program for a long time to bring you an effective and simple system that will enhance your Officer Safety. For regular everyday folks, it has techniques you can use on the street in self-defense.  I have added some Cop humor to keep it light and entertaining.

Catch Wrestling for Cops EBook
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“I have had the honor and privilege to meet Don Powers in person and personally review the book ‘Catch Wrestlng for Cops: Control and Arrest Tactics for the Politically Incorrect.’  First of all let me say that Don is the REAL DEAL, a former US Marine and Active Duty Police Officer with Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) experience under his belt.  One of the first things that impressed me about Don was how STRONG he was.  He made Rack Pulls with 700+ Lbs look EASY at the last Super Human Workshop.  When he showed me the book and the specific control techniques it immediately made me want to sign up and take a seminar with him.  His explanations on cuff work were unique and awesome and the book is very entertaining and has some true life accounts that are extremely funny.  This book should be required reading for all police officers and bouncers. In fact, this training was previously ONLY available to law enforcement units.  Again, there will be a need for seminars to come out of this book!”
-Eric Guttmann


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