Crushing Age! Stronger, Faster Fitter & Better Over 40

Let’s turn back the tide of the epidemic of weakness and the fear of age in our culture!

We have a brand new download, that’s the first in a series, called, “Crushing Age.”  Why?  Because I’m sick and tired of listening to people who are younger than me, complain about getting old.  I’m sick and tired of the fact that most of us generally are sick and tired.  I don’t want to be told that the number of years I happen to be at, at this moment on this planet, dictates what I can and cannot do.  I don’t want you to be told that either.

We are set up to fail in how we progress through our life, because we are told that at a certain number of years you’re supposed to do, be or feel a certain way.  In most people it’s hugely prevalent and often even in the people who are pretty awesome as they grow in years, it’s still a sneaky little varmint of thought, speech or action that pops up from time to time.

I am today, stronger, fitter, faster, more enduring and more vital than I was at 18, even though I’m now over 40. 

I am living proof of what I talk about and the fact that age is nothing but a number.  In fact, what I’m doing isn’t unusual if you study history and strength and if you look around for amazing examples.  They really are out there and much more prevalent than you think, but for most people it’s the opposite.

We all have two things to address in getting better as you age:  The mind, and the body.  I am committed to guarding my mind against thoughts of growing into weakness simply because time passes.  That’s why you’ll rarely ever hear me write or utter the phrase, “As you age.”  Even that implies that there must be degradation attached to certain number of years on the planet.   What if that really isn’t the case?

What if the mind is so strong it literally dictates most of how you’re body feels by what you’re conditioned to think about yourself?

How many of you out there are thinking, “I turned 40 – now it’s time to slow down.”  How many of you are thinking, “I turned 40 therefore I’ll expect certain aches and pains.  I’ll expect not to keep up with younger guys or girls.  I’ll expect not to be as strong or think as fast or be as sexually potent.”

What if the way you think about aging is just a security blanket?  What if you’re using it as an excuse to let up on yourself and just not perform?  What if there is little to no biological reason for that to be other than the fact that how you think is literally controlling your biology?  Is it all in the mind? Yes and no.

I realize that most of what we feel is what we’re manufacturing in how we think, but that isn’t to say that how you feel isn’t real.  If you’re waking up every day, feeling ‘old,’ one of the first things you have to address is your mind, but you have to also address the real physical reasons why you feel that way. I believe that despite what pseudo-science you hear, says, and we’ve all heard the commercials and media blasts that say, “Study proves that after 40 you’re testosterone drops, blah, blah blah,” or, “Your muscle mass depletes yada, yada, yada,” and “If you just take this magical pill…” it’s all hogwash.

I believe it isn’t the number of years that dictates how your body functions or how you feel, it’s the other physical things that are going on.  You don’t decline because you simply existed for a certain amount of time on this planet. You decline because you’ve had a longer period of time for your body to be abused by overuse or underuse by environmental and nutritional toxicity.  By the cumulative physical effects of  the way we live and for many of us the consequent stress that goes along with it.

Don’t believe me?  That’s why you can see 20 year olds with diabetes now from the toxicity of the environment, overfeeding and undermoving.  Why you see 30 year olds who look like they’re 50.  It isn’t the chronological number of years, its what’s gone on in those years and your body’s particular reaction to those things.  I come from a place with which to speak on this. 

I haven’t lived a gentle life.  I have lived what Theodore Roosevelt termed, “The vigorous life.”  Metaphorically crashing into the wall at 200 miles per hour.  I come from the same genetic place that you do.    I have advantages and disadvantages.  I’ve done the right thing and the wrong thing, but I’ve been blessed and pushed to find the right avenues.  The mental process to lose the concept of age and the physical training and nutritional strategies to keep my body actually getting better as years pass.

So what’s this digital download all about?

It’s about why and how to do exactly what I’m talking about.  Get better faster, stronger and fitter as your years grow.  This is the start to the total program that we’re going to share with you over several downloads that we’re the living experiment of.

The first 47 minutes of this material is discussion on:

  • Why I’m doing this
  • How to stem the tide on aging
  • Genetics does it really make a difference?
  • Why the proof is in the pudding after 26 years of hard training and crazy living
  • The why of age
  • How most science is twisted to manipulate you
  • Multiple examples of what you could be
  • A profound statement from a friend
  • Why the mind and the body must work together
  • Why distraction proves that age isn’t real
  • Why there is little to no difference in how you should train regardless of age
  • Why 20 year olds get away with things and it’s the not reason you think
  • Changing your mindset
  • Treating your current physical condition
  • The need for cellular nutrition
  • The House analogy on why cleaning the body out is so important to recovery
  • The need to fast and how I do it

The rest of the hour is a few of my personal bests achieved after I celebrated my 40th birthday.  A raid across different strength feats, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell and bodyweight training and some really unusual stuff.  This isn’t a cookie-cutter, everybody do the same thing and follow it like sheep type program.  It’s meant to give you inspiration of what’s possible, to give you the tools to change your mindset, the examples to make your belief possible and the beginning knowledge of eating, cleansing and training to get you going.  To give you the start to taking hold of the reins and making every year of your life, the best year, from now on.

If I can do it – you can do it.  Stop wasting the prime of your life – it isn’t the 20 to 40 period that everyone thinks it is.  It’s today.  Are you alive?  Then it’s today.  So do the things and get the knowledge to make the quality and performance of that prime, amazing! 

Get Stronger Fitter Faster and Better Over 40Here’s the jump start as to how.

God bless you and get started now!

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