Crushing Age! Stronger, Fitter, Faster & Better Over 40 – Volume 2

Well we’re back again with a follow up power punch to the first Volume’s lead jab on how to crush age.  You know it’s always more powerful when you use a 1-2 combination.

Crushing age is a big topic with lots of info and things you can do to make yourself better to change your mindset, change your body, to live the life you really want to live and not just be that, “minimum guy.”  To not be the guy who says,  “Oh that’s nice I think I’ll try to be a little better now that I’m over 40.”

To be the guy or girl who’s ready, willing and capable of ruling their world and possibly many others.  Why? Because they’re not just fit enough to stay healthy, strong enough to carry in the groceries or able to barely survive life.  They’re looking for more and ready to take it on.

The bare minimum attitude on aging and fitness just doesn’t get it done.  We don’t “bare minimum,”  anything and that’s why we brought you this second volume in our coming line up on how to be better than you’ve ever been, regardless of what age you are.

I said this when we introduced the last volume of this digital download and I’m going to say it again – I’m not going to waste a lot of time or create a huge ad copy trying to convince you to be better as you age.  If you don’t want to be, frankly I don’t know what to say to you.  When the opportunity and the knowledge and the inspiration to do so is right there to literally get stronger, fitter and faster than you’ve ever been and you won’t take it – then you aren’t ready for it anyway and it’s not for you.

Not everybody wants to be a lion.  Some people just want to be sheep.  That’s okay – it just makes it that much easier for me and the powerful men and women ready to do this work to rule our worlds.

Get Awesome Over 40So here’s what’s on this week’s download:

  • Why you can actually be better and might actually have an advantage to training your body after 40.
  • Why my wife says I still act like a 16-year old when training and why that’s a good thing
  • Why it’s important to develop a hard nose and never-say-die attitude and let it carry over to everything you do
  • How age is in the mind and it’s sneaky.
  • Why to be careful about how you view your past
  • Why the ‘It doesn’t’ matter if I have low expectations,” attitude is a killer
  • The advantages you’ve gained already in maturity, quality, focus and patience
  • Fire hose analogy for focusing your energy
  • What everybody really needs to physically be their best
  • Why alignment is so important for your body to be without pain
  • The importance of strength in several major moves that you need
  • How to get fresh challenges by still training with regularity
  • Why I like a 10-day training cycle
  • Why it’s important to do small pieces of each type of physical ability but do them way beyond the minimums
  • How to create a giant cushion against aging in your training
  • How to get incredible performance without massive time commitment
  • How to make your recovery better than it was when you were younger
  • The importance of using time and then losing a sense of time
  • How to leave on a high note
  • Why you should develop the, “Don’t talk to me about age anymore,” attitude.

Plus we’ve got another training series attached to the end, of more of the personal records I’ve been able to hit since turning 40.  It’s not meant to brag, it’s meant to show that I’ve just discovered how amazing life can be at a time when most people are telling you it’s time to shut down.  And if I can do it, you can do it.  It’s meant to show that a guy who’s been a high-level, incredibly rowdy strongman his whole life and lived like a raging barbarian is actually better today than he was at 18.    Able to do things he never dreamed of or even thought possible.

It isn’t the time to shut the door.  It’s the time to kick the door off the hinges and crank the volume up to 11 and scare the saggy pants wearing 20-year-olds away with the fact that you’re twice their age and stronger than them and still getting stronger faster than they are. 

You absolutely can if you take the reins, create the belief and do the smart work.  Let your enthusiasm bubble over with a boiling heat of the juices of life and burn away all the disbelief.

These are some of the tools, tips and secrets of how to do it.  Plus my “bonafides,” – The fact that this isn’t arm chair theory.  This is stuff I proved testing on myself.  So don’t wait around and I hope you join the movement of me and my friends in crushing age.    Bring yourself up to the standard we’re setting.  A standard higher than anyone has told you is possible.

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