D Handle Kettlebell

Make Your Own D-Handle Kettlebell

The D-handle is a little more complicated than the T Handle Kettlebell. The bottom shaft is the same except I use a 6″ or 8″ instead of 12″ long nipple, because it’s too tall otherwise. The D-handle starts obviously again with the t-connection. From there you’ll need two 2″ nipples, four half male/half female 90 degree elbows, meaning one end has threading on the outside and the other end has threading on the inside, one 6″ nipple and two double ended adjustable female connections. Okay – what that is is a connection that will accept a male connection threaded end, but both sides can be tightened with a wrench so the whole thing snugs together.

Put both the 2″ nipples into the t-connection and tighten it down. Then take two of your 90 degree corners and put them on the ends of the 2″ connections and turn them down tight and turn them up so it looks like you have a pair of horns. Take the other two 90 degree elbows and screw them to the 6″ nipple. Tighten them down and line them up so that the bottom ends of all four of your 90 degree connections line up with each other. Then attach them together with your double ended connections. You need to put the whole thing together at least finger tight at the hardware store before you buy it and take it home to make sure it all fits properly.

Also I’m telling you this from memory so you may have to adjust the length of the nipples. i.e. It may have to be 1-1/2″ nipples instead of 2″ to match the top end of your handle. Also I sleeve the top end of my handle with PVC and tape to make it match the 90 degree junctions for thickness. That way it was a uniformly thick handle all the way across instead of thick on the corners and thin in the middle. To do that I got a short piece of PVC pipe that matched the 90 degree corners in thickness making the entire top of the handle 1-1/2″ thick. To make it fit I cut it to the right length then wrapped the 6″ nipple with packing tape to make the PVC fit snuggly and then shoved the PVC down over it. Then put the 90 degree connections back on, put the entire handle back together, snugged it down with a wrench, then wrapped the top section with athletic tape to make it smooth and uniform for gripping. The first time you put it together its a little bit tedious to work with but it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Obviously the t-handle is much easier to make so it’s probably the best place to start. I only made the d-handled one so I could do heavier than 106lb cast kettlebell one-handed swings.

Here’s a short video showing the D Handle kettlebell in action.

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