Bud Jeffries

Bud Jeffries

.Bud Jeffries was born August 31, 1973. He lives in Lakeland, Florida with his wife Heather (married 1996) and their son, Noah. He is a minister, massage therapist, professional performing strongman, motivational speaker, author and business owner.  He has written eight books, produced over 30 DVD series and several audio products. He has won 2 state, 2 regional, 1 national and 1 world championship in Drug-Free Powerlifting. He has set over 30 records including 2 world records and several national/American records. He was a member of the University of Florida 1991 SEC Championship Football Team. He has competed in Highland Games, winning his division in Orlando 1998. He has competed in NHB fights and Toughman competition. He stands 5’11” tall, weighs 280lbs and doctors said he would be stillborn or born “handicapped” to be kind about it.

Bud’s parents, Bernard and Shirley Jeffries, tried for 12 years to have children. During the first trimester of his mother’s pregnancy she was exposed to the Measles. (A viral infection which is dangerous to the infant’s development.) The doctors told he to have an abortion (under the newly passed 1973 Roe vs. Wade) and wouldn’t leave her alone about it. They and their churhc began to pray. They told the doctors not to ask again.

During his birth, his heart rate dropped off the fetal monitors and an emergency cesarean section was done. More prayer, a miracle, and 19 minutes later he was born perfectly healthy, August 31, 1973.

Later at four-years-old, while walking to his grandmother’s house with his mother and two younger sisters, he was struck by a speeding van. He rode 30 yards on the vans bumper and was thrown off into a ditch. By another miracle he survived. His right thigh was broken at the hip and his skull was fractured. he spent a month in the hospital and three months in a body cast running from chest to feet. When the cast was removed he had to learn to walk again.

For therapy his mother put him in Tae Kwon Do classes. He began to regain strength and flexibility. This also started his interests in physical ability and martial arts.

He became a Christian at eight years old through the influence of his parents and Sunday School teachers and the leading of the Holy Spirit. He excelled in school eventually graduating with honors, scoring over 1200 on the SATS and having scholarship offers from West Point and Ivey League Schools.

At 17 he had another car accident. While driving to church late on a Sunday morning, a car ran a stop sign and hit him in the drivers side door. It pushed the car off the road, over a ditch and into a telephone pole, plintering the pole, snapping the front axle of the car and demolishing it. He happened to land in the yard of people who knew his parents and across the street from a church his family had previously attended. The people called his parents at church and told them to come to the accident, because they thought their son was dead. The youth pastor of the church came and got his parents out of the Youth Sunday school class they were teaching and they left immediately, leaving the class praying for him. He had hit the wind shield hard enough to break it and was laying in the opposite side of the car in the floor covered in blood. Miraculously he survived once again through the life changing power of prayer and the blessings and mercy of Almighty God and Jesus Christ.

He walked out of the emergency room six hours later with only a broken nose and cuts and bruises. Interestingly the man who hit him and a paramedic who tried to lift him out of the car and hurt his back (Bud was 290lbs at the time) spent longer in the hospital than he did.

After graduating from high school he had scholarship offers to Vanderbilt and Penn State as well as an appointment to West Point – however in pursuing a dream he went as a walk-on to the University of Florida Gators Football team. He was still 17 and made it to 2nd string behind a fifth year senior and recorded the second highest squat on the entire team of over 100 players (6 or more of whom are in the NFL right now) before a broken shoulder during a game and overpowering illness ended his football career. He then left to concentrate on other things.

Interestingly his wife owned a gym that he worked out at and that is where they met. They like to joke that he bent and broke so much equipment that he married her to pay off the debt he incurred for the damage (Seven bars, two machines and three chairs). That’s just joke, she is a beautiful, talented woman whom he loves very much. She was a world class powerlifter, even though she only trained and competed for a short time.

Their son, Noah, also had an emergency birth, spending five days in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care unit.

They both come from strong families with powerful genetics. Bud’s father was a large man at 220lbs naturally and could one hand press over head 150lbs with no training, once lifted a 600lb steel mine wheel off the ground and could beat anyone in their area in a forty-yard dash. He also has several large cousins, one of them carried a V8 engine out of a junk yard under one of those “$29.95 For All You Can Carry” deals. Another cousin (about 50 years ago) who punched out a cow. He is also related to the Great Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Legend Jim Jeffries. He was heavyweight champion of the world from 1899-1905 when he retired undefeated. He was legendary for his strength and endurance.

Heather’s great-grandfather was also a Golden Gloves Champion. Another maternal great-grandfather as well as her maternal grandfather reknown in their family for his strength. Her paternal grandfather was a decorated soldier and accomplished musician who played with Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey. He was an Engineering Professor at Pittsburgh University and an accomplished artist.

Bud’s life is a testimony to God and family. He makes no claims to being anyone’s moral guide, only God is to do that. He wishes to acknowledge God’s power and give whatever glory to Him.