7 Kinds of Crazy

“That’s just crazy!

You can’t do that!

You can’t do that and be strong at the same time!

You’re too big to do that!”

These are all things you might have heard and are regularly said to me when people see some of the insane endurance workouts that I do.  You might have heard these things too, but they might be twisted in different variations for you.  Maybe you’re too little, or you’re a girl,  or you’re too old – worse yet, you might have heard, “Why would anybody be crazy enough to do that?”  “Why don’t you just do regular cardio like normal people?”  Or “All you need is 15 minutes!”

All of that, ladies and gentlemen, is defeatist, negative crap.  Now sometimes when someone calls me crazy it’s actually a compliment.  Because what they’re really saying is, “That’s an amazing amount of work and it must be really hard and I don’t want to do that,” and that’s okay, but if you’re reading this I don’t think you’re in that boat.

You want to be better than average.  You want to be amazing, excellent, the hardest man you know.  You seriously want to get tougher and have amazing muscular and aerobic endurance.  Well that’s why I created this product and what I’m going to teach you in these two, one-hour long downloads.

A while back I came to a crossroads, I’d been training to get huge, to get strong, pursuing a strongman record.  And then I achieved it and then I didn’t know where to go.  However I had a few experiences on what changed my mind on what training should be and the amazing things the body was capable of doing and decided to pursue it with my whole being.  Maybe you have one of these experiences too.  Maybe you had a day when you knew you were stronger than somebody you worked with, but they worked circles around you, because you just weren’t in shape enough to keep up and felt silly about it.  Maybe you decided to do a little fight training and found you were super strong and very dangerous for about 60 seconds, then you became very vulnerable.  Maybe you’re just tired of being tired.  Tired of not being able to keep up with life, or your kids or more than that – not just keep up, but you want to dominate nearly any situation you get in.  You want to be the guy who can work all day and all night.  The one who sets the pace, doesn’t struggle to keep up with it, just doesn’t get tired and is real dangerous no matter how long he’s been going.

I’ve had those experiences and I decided that’s what I want to be and that’s why I continue to do this kind of training regularly.  Plus I had another experience.  I watched a close family member nearly die from being overweight and continue to suffer all kinds of ills, because they allowed their condition to deteriorate.  Well I’m not going to stand for it and I don’t want you to either.

So I decided to get nuts and ramp up this training, because I decided I wanted to be strong in my endurance.  I needed muscular cardio!  That friends – is what this is!  It allowed me to cut 100lbs of bodyweight, yet still regularly lift things heavier than I could before.  It allowed me to have a heartbeat of a marathon runner at 285lbs.  It changed me from the guy who would get tired grappling or boxing, to the guy who tires other people out.  It opened my world to an entire new set of training challenges that you can do for a lifetime.

Phil Pfister once joked in an interview that everyone needs cardio.  If you ask me, this is the kind of cardio everyone really needs.  The kind that makes your heart unstoppable and builds your will at the same time.  I don’t care how tough you are when you came out of the box, everyone needs a way to train their toughness at some point in their life, this is the prime way to do it.

So what are we really talking about?  It’s this – I’m going to tell you exactly what I do to build ridiculous muscular and aerobic endurance and how you can too.  Training that made me able to:
7 Kinds of Crazy

  • Snatch a 50lb dumbbell 305 times in 10 minutes.
  • Swing a 40lb sledgehammer for 2,000 reps in an hour and 20 minutes
  • Carry a 500lb yoke for half a mile
  • Jerk or snatch a 53lb kettlebell for 1,000 reps in less than an hour
  • To drag a sled for a mile
  • TO do battling ropes non-stop for an hour

And much more

See this isn’t about doing just the minimum to get the job done – This is about doing the maximum work in the optimum am0unt of time for the greatest effect – In fact it’s quite time efficient really.  Rarely do workouts last more than hour and rarely do you spend more than a few hours a week total in training.  Here are some of the specific points on the download:

  • Why it’s important to have balanced training for the greatest endurance
  • The need to mix the whole gamut of endurance training for the greatest effect
  • The importance of learning to breathe correctly at the right times
  • Three ways to mix in max strength to sky rocket your endurance
  • The need for a consistent whole body endurance goal
  • Why muscular cardio is superior to normal cardio
  • How to use marathon style training
  • The need for short burst and long burst cardio
  • How to over-prepare for a marathon challenge without eating up your time
  • Targeting your weaknesses
  • Finding your nemesis exercises
  • Why sometimes it’s better to use 2 exercises and sometimes just one
  • Why you need to mix pacing and different intensities for greater effect
  • The type of intensity I use most of the time and why
  • My normal cycle to include this type of training
  • How to trick your mind to get greater endurance
  • How to add to your toughness rep by rep
  • How to rotate your mental strategy so as not to build a crutch
  • How to one day be doing feats you never dreamed of and why this is the most successful way to get there!

There’s a ton of info to help you do the kind of training you can and should be doing for a lifetime.  The kind that gives you a marathon runners endurance without having to be small if you don’t want to or the potential aging effects of actual marathon training and the boredom of normal cardio.  In fact part of the reason I did this and I’m telling you now is I know many of you are like me and find normal cardio bores you to the point you won’t do it and frankly just doesn’t give you the results.

Nothing I did ever burned fat off the body or changed my heart rate or actually gave me the endurance to dominate real  life until I did this training.  The kind that destroys fatigue.  There’s all kinds of training out there you could be doing, why not pick the stuff that has the biggest effect.  The things that take you as close as possible to the super human level.  That teach you not to quit.  That build your strength into the mind and heart of a champion.

If you want to change from ordinary to the guy who does amazing things, then this is how you get there.  I won’t lie to you and say there’s some magic pill and you get there without work and without sweating in a way that most people even thought possible.  But if you’re willing to stand up to the test and to make yourself the best you can be, this is the information to get you there.

As always I believe in leading from the front- I don’t talk to you about anything that I haven’t done and we show you the live training footage where my personal endurance records took place.

Pavel Tsatsouline once said, “I was like a bumble bee.”  What he meant was I did things that science said was impossible.  I took that as a very special compliment, but I’m not that special, it’s how I train.  This is how I got there.  Science or no science it works.  I hope you’re ready!

Don’t waste another minute – get these now!


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