3D Strength Training

Most Strength Training is Only One or Two Dimensional.
Become Even Stronger By Training in All Three!

Do you want to be functionally strong? The truth is you’re going to have to do more than the “average” exercises most people do.  I’ll be the first to tell you about the importance of doing the big, basic exercises. Those form your foundation of strength and fitness.

But if you want to be super human and insanely strong you have to go outside the box. Most training exercises are movements that only occur in one or two dimensions. I’m talking about straight lines, mostly just up and down. But the body moves in so many more ways than that.

You want to be strong in every angle right? Than why aren’t you training them?

There are places of strength that most of us never touch. Yet when you strengthen these “weak points” your entire chain becomes much stronger. This was something that was always done by the old strength cultures and strongmen of the past, yet it isn’t done so much these days.

Club swinging in its many forms certainly forms one version of three dimensional training. But its not the only way. Not by a long shot. And in fact, if you only use clubs and hammers you’ll still have gaps. With some ingenuity any training implement can be used in three dimensional training forms. That’s what this new course is all about.

You’ll learn how to use Different Tools with Different Limbs for Different Movements than you’ve ever done before.

There are dumbbell exercises, bodyweight , cables, barbells and more. You’ll see combination moves and even isometrics.

Discover the difference between unstable surfaces and slightly unstable surfaces and how training the latter is a secret method of Thai boxes.

You’ll find out about Paul Anderson’s Gravity Theory and how to incorporate this for upside down training.

You’ll see how to do anti-rotational training, a critical but unused component for most sports and martial arts.

And of course, you’ll find out how to put it all together.

New Exercises You’ve NEVER Seen Before

  • Bud-Upside-Down-TrainingGladiator
  • Dumbbell Halo
  • Circular Curls
  • Zig-Zags
  • Figure 8’s
  • Lunge Exercises
  • Squat Exercises
  • Kneeling Exercises
  • Box Pattern
  • Two Hand Dumbbell Circles
  • Dumbbell Squeeze
  • Front Raise and Curl
  • Rotating Curl
  • Upright Row and Leg Kick
  • Standing Bench Press
  • Pavlov Press Variations
  • Brookfield Bear Crawl Pulls
  • Plank Pulls
  • Typewriter Pushup
  • Corkscrew Pushup
  • Jon Hinds One Arm Chinnup Assisted Row
  • Pullover and Press
  • Assisted Handstand Pushups
  • Hanging Curl and Press
  • Layback Stand Up
  • Suicide Snatch
  • Lateral Suicide Snatch
  • Wind Surfer Complexes
  • James Bond Move
  • Weighted Somersaults

Also included in addition to the two videos covering everything above is a Bonus DVD or video.

BONUS: 3D Rollout Training

If you’ve been in the training world for awhile you’ve likely come across the ab wheel or Power Wheel at some point. But did you know with a simple (and even cheaper) tool you can get more benefit? In this bonus video you’ll learn all about it and many new three dimensional training exercises.

  • Why the basic  ab wheel is not enough
  • Every possible range of motion and angle
  • Proper form for rollouts
  • Using the right tension for the exercises
  • Beginner and advanced progressions
  • The mistakes most people make
  • How to train with this device and these exercises
  • Recommended rep ranges

This includes tons of new exercises

  • 3D RolloutElbow rollout
  • High and Low Rollouts
  • Side Rollouts
  • Twisted Rollouts
  • Diagonal Rollouts
  • Alphabet Rollouts
  • Box Rollouts
  • Circle Rollouts
  • Figure 8 Rollouts
  • Archer Rollouts
  • Windshield Wiper
  • One Arm Rollout
  • Cheater One Arm Rollout

When you order 3D Strength Training today you have your option to get the 3 DVD set or roughly 2 1/2 hours of downloadable videos. You’ll find tons of information and new exercises to put into practice right away for new fun and strength in your workouts.

God bless,
Bud Jeffries

3D Strength Training Downloadable Videos
For Only $60

3D Strength Training

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