I’m too fat to talk about fitness or health – so they say

Bud Jeffries and Brett Fain, Brett pulling 700

Brett Fain and Bud Jeffries Brett pulling 700+. Why? Because life is meant to be fun! Don’t let others dictate what you can, and cannot do based on their opinions of you.

Do you know that we are literally CONDITIONED to believe that if we don’t LOOK perfect that we don’t deserve a happy life?

To believe that if we only look perfect then we could do the things we really want to do, but that until then how dare we think that we can do amazing things?

That only pretty people can really have incredible lives. How STUPID is this? How manipulative and controlling?

BREAK FREE of this thinking and these chains!!!!! Be the absolute best you can be at everything:  Fitter…stronger…smarter…better relationship with God…more peaceful….more fun…look the best you can look… without driving yourself into a black hole of destructive emotion thinking it has to take every moment of the day or that you have to meet an arbitrary standard that makes you okay.

Realize that the inside is MORE IMPORTANT than the outside!!!! Stop waiting till you’re “better” to start having the life you want. Start DOING the things you want to!! When you start believing those things and that you deserve them, you start doing them! You build an incredible life full of the things you want and stop listening to the negativity that tries to stop you!

You have this power… Stop waiting to “change and then deserve the good you want.”  

You deserve it now.  Do the work now because life is now!

“I don’t answer or acknowledge things like this for myself.  I do it because I’m past anyone who hatefully criticizes me or any societal conditioning stopping me from living the life I want or being what I want to be. I do it, because I’ve already been through that place, BUT most people haven’t gotten here yet. I talk about this not to acknowledge haters, but to talk to all those who are still hurt by hate and held back and tell them they don’t have to be.  Even when, and especially if, they’re not perfect. I’m actually glad I get this hate from idiots, because it gives me a platform to help people that need it. Every time I talk about this it touches a nerve and these are some of my most popular posts. I believe its because people are tired of being held back by the lies of the fitness industry and by people who feel its okay to try to bully other people, because they look different.  I’m not having it anymore.  I’m going to stand up about it.”   ~ Bud Jeffries

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