Being an amazing person – the final 10


America’s Got Talent 2016, On the bar – Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel – Truly appreciate their willingness to participate.

The final 10 tips in the 30 points to being an amazing person

Many people may think this is being written from a point of vanity and ego.  That I, Bud Jeffries, personally think I’m truly amazing and you should strive to be like me.  That’s not the case.  These tips are bred from a discussion of who we thought were amazing people and what made them so.  Are they famous people?  No, actually, they’re not.  Fame doesn’t make you amazing.  It just means you did something to give you 15 minutes of acknowledgement in the media, whether what you did was amazing or not.

Amazing people do things on a daily basis, live their life in a way that builds others up, making things better, stronger and more joyful.  They are constantly learning, ever the student of life.  They are ever mindful of the fact that they can always develop or cultivate something in themselves or others which is for the good.  They do not fear work, effort, hard times or a downfall.  They love beyond measure and have a depth of passion few truly understand unless they feel it themselves for something.

On the average this person may never be recognized by society, known in history books, documented on a who’s-who list by Forbes or People, given a gold medal, win an Emmy/Grammy/Tony/Oscar or be on the cover of the Wheaties box.  They do not do what they do or be who they are for the sake of achieving these things or those like them.  They do them, because it’s who they are at heart.  They’re amazing and they don’t know that they are.  They just become the example that others choose to live by in hopes of making a better world for us all.

The final 10:

  1. Fear is the biggest thing stopping most people from doing what they want. Systematically and in small bites kill your fear.
  2. Once you recognize it…most fear is a choice.
  3. If you haven’t failed some you’re not reaching high enough. Failure is the steps leading up to success.
  4. Cultivate your personal magnetism and positive personality traits. It is a shame to be great but alone because you’re annoying.
  5. Learn everything you can but don’t let your creativity be polluted by it or let it set your limitations.
  6. Broaden your mind yet hold firm your core beliefs.
  7. Treat everyone with kindness and equality.
  8. If a true threat comes to you or your family or those you protect…never let it make the first move.
  9. See the beauty in the world…be it the perfection of a flower or the artistic chaos of combat.
  10. Make decisions and move. Don’t second guess and don’t relent until you win.

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