More on being an Amazing Person


Want to re-read the first 10?

  1. There’s something you have a great talent for…could be anything…take that talent and absolutely master it.
  2. Talent is only the beginning and is by far not the most important thing. Work ethic is.
  3. In mastering that thing you have 2 opportunities. Learning to master yourself and learning what it takes for you to achieve greatness at something.
  4. When you master one thing can then master almost anything. Take that confidence and excellence and spread it to every area of your life.
  5. Don’t worry about looking good while you get great at something. It is much more important to be a thing than to just look it.
  6. Realize the real best rarely judge others who are honestly working on a thing even if their style is different. You shouldn’t either.
  7. Realize you do not have to sacrifice a full and rewarding life to be great at things…you just have to be efficient in training and smart at relationships and refuse to let passion for a thing destroy the totality of your life.
  8. Realize that if you sacrifice a real full life to achieve greatness in one thing you have actually held that greatness back by the chaos sacrificing your peace creates.
  9. Breathe. Move. Think. Love. Eat your vegetables…for starters.
  10. Let the passion you have both burn bright and balance all the areas of your life!

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