Want to be an amazing person?


Continuing the journey in more points that people seem to miss about their life when they’re stuck in the mentality that our popular modern culture gleans.  No one is entitled to anything regardless of social status, popularity, wealth, race, religion, gender or lineage.  The only things that will determine your true worth exist within you and can only surface and be recognized through work, time, commitment, honor and love. 

Here are some quick simple steps…

  1. Stop living the way and doing the things the majority of the human herd does.
  2. Make your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into unstoppable forces.
  3. Do things that are hard enough that they force your body, mind and spirit to unify in a deep primal way.
  4. Listen to that primal voice that will come out when you do them.
  5. Begin to hone your intuition and instincts we’ve lost touch with by listening to that voice and stop being afraid to act on it.
  6. Believe you can do things you and others never thought possible.
  7. Systematically train mind, body and spirit to do them.
  8. Learn from others but find your own path.
  9. Know God…Smile and laugh at life, smile and laugh at death…flow with life and change the flow when you need to.
  10. Never listen to naysayers and haters…and never quit.

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