How to get the perfect body

“My life will be great as soon as I lose this weight!  I’ll have the perfect body with six-pack abs, incredible legs and arms and a magnificent butt!  I’ll get the perfect job, I’ll finally meet the right person, nothing bad will ever happen, all my stars will align, I’ll buy a new house, a new car and win the lottery!”


I don’t have a perfect body. Most of our readers know that I had an over 120lb weight loss and yes, I wrote a book about it, “I Will Be Iron.”  However, even with a 120lb weightloss – I still don’t have a perfect body.  I posted before-and-after pictures that were untouched, because I wanted people to see the truth.  Almost all the feed back has always been overwhelmingly positive. (Thank you).  However – As always there are a few people out there who will always take shots at it.

I’ve never said anything about having a perfect looking body and I never will. Guess what – Yours doesn’t look perfect either. No one’s – and I mean no one’s is perfect. In fact that’s the never-ending trap that many people fall into when their “look” becomes a primary objective. Even people whose life long quest is their appearance will tell you they’re not perfect. While they may look it to outsiders, they themselves still see flaws. They are also some of the most unhappy and obsessive people who you’ll ever meet.

Don’t fall into that trap.

I’m big enough to be honest about myself, (no pun intended). How you look is the most genetically dependent trait about you. How much you learn, how you think, how strong or fit you are are all qualities that you can exert a great deal of control over. However, where your nose is or how fat distributes or your body or your weight or length of your limbs and torso just isn’t in the cards for your control.  No one ever looks perfect.  When someone’s goals are based strictly on appearance, when they hit the goal they thought they wanted, they suddenly find new imperfections they think they need to correct.  Those who think they are flawless and perfect, are usually shattered to learn they’re not perfect to everyone. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is a powerful statement. Physical perfection is an unachievable, bottomless pit.

Hollywood and the modeling industry are wrong

Losing excess weight to gain health, strength, mobility, flexibility and longevity are the important reasons to do so.  Also note the concept of “excess weight.”  Many women think they’re overweight, because they don’t fit the model industry’s standards of thin or Hollywood’s current look.  The dangers of being too thin are just as bad on your health and longevity as being overweight.   All humans are intended to carry a percentage of body fat.  When women are so thin they look sickly and emaciated, but are celebrating, because they finally can wear a children’s extra-small – there’s a problem people.  Men do the same thing it’s just not talked about as much.  Our perceptions of what is healthy and fit are so far off the mark now its ridiculous and far off from what is achievable for most people’s body types to morph into without starvation and anorexic levels of obsessive cardio exercise, leading to poor health and detrimental self-esteem issues.

Yes, if you’re overweight – you can diet and exercise off most of your body fat. I’ve shed a great deal of mine and I’m still shedding more, but no matter what anyone says – I’m going to enjoy my life and my physical prowess.  I’m going to enjoy my training, my strength, my endurance and my food. Enjoying the steps to getting where you want to go is the biggest factor in staying there when you reach your destination.  You should never lose weight or gain muscle just to appease someone else’s concept of attractive or fit.  Your opinion is the only one that counts about you.  I want my training, time and life to build fun, vitality, memories and strength in a realistic way.

Training for Real Life

You can have a real life on your way to looking the best you can and being the best you can. The key to that for most people is real, consistent training that takes you somewhere. The kind of training that is set up to massively add to your existing abilities. Only then do you get the big changes most people are looking for.  Male or female, young or old, tall or short, big or small – we are all born into this world meant to move, lift, carry, run and walk.  Weight training isn’t exclusive to men, cardio isn’t exclusive to women, and getting older doesn’t mean you should stop.

Be the best physical version of yourself in your health and vitality for you and those you love .  Never do it to meet someone else’s standard of “perfect,” because perfect simply doesn’t exist.

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