Round up the usual suspects – crimes against your training – Part 3


One more thought on this whole pattern thing – people have been asking me a lot lately (especially since seeing the pictures of me since losing 100lbs), “How did you do it?”

When they ask that question what they really mean is, “What diet did you follow to make that work,” and they’re expecting a very specific answer.  The important point is that anytime you talk about training you have to think about food and nutrition as well. Weight loss specifically goes hand in hand with what you eat and exercise, but within that is exactly the same trap as strength training.

The uber-specific, it-must-be-done-exactly-to-this-microgram-following-this-exact-combination-of-micro-and-macro-nutrients-or-you’ll-DIE-Nazi-style of nutrition. All the big diets work (within their context as long as you follow it – it’s not really a lifestyle change): Atkins, Microbiotic, Zone, South Beach, etc. They’re all very specific, but leave out the general pattern.

So what’s the general pattern? All these diets force you to take in less calories than you normally would and it’s mostly accomplished by forcing you to eat natural food. Now everybody sells their own meal replacement bars or powders to go along with these things, but the real principle behind it is eating stuff in the way it comes out of nature with the least processing available. For almost everybody that means fewer calories and weight loss. If you understand that principle it makes your life much more livable than trying to follow one specific restrictive eating pattern.

The bottom line: Natural food

Within that you can eat pretty much what you want so long as you learn how to make it with natural ingredients. That’s something else I’ll be sharing along the way. A couple of sneak peaks here: I ate pizza, meatloaf, brownies and even a chili dog and lost weight. Remember that it all goes hand in hand. You can’t have just nutrition you’ve got to have training too.  Combine the basics of training with the basics of natural food and you have a powerful formula for success.


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