Round up the usual suspects – crimes against your training – Part 2


Let’s continue with the thought on finding the important patterns in training.

This is all really about narrowing down what’s important and making the most of your limited time by spending it on those things. To do that you need to dissect training not in its minute detail but in a broad overview. Let me explain a little:

Just for fun, let’s say you have four major categories of weight lifting athlete;

  • the bodybuilder
  • the powerlifter
  • the Olympic lifter
  • the strongman

Each of these, for the most part, trains the same. I can hear the questions now. “What do you mean they train the same!? I don’t train like what’s-his-name and I never will!”

Hear me out – We’re talking about broad patterns not specifics. Let’s take the squat for example. All of these athletes squat generally one to two times per week. They may each do it differently: wide stance vs. close stance, high bar vs. low bar, five reps vs. ten reps, etc, but the basic pattern is one to two times per week hard work on the big basic exercises. Some type of squat, some type of press, some type of deadlift.  Within that there’s a great deal of freedom and gains to be made. They all end up big and strong (at least the hard training ones).

If you understand the greater pattern you can pick out the specific that will work for what you want. Just because one of these groups does it a specific way doesn’t mean that you will fail if you don’t follow that exact specific dictum. You can do it your own way, the way that’s right for you, as long you follow the big basic pattern. You still end up big and strong, you’re just following your own path to get there.


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