High-rep grip training mixed with conditioning


Here’s a cool one that’s a version of grip training mixed with conditioning.

  • 100 plate/stair rows
  • 150 bottoms up kettlebell cleans
  • 200 pushups
  • 150 one arm D-handle deadlifts
  • 100 pinch grip deadlifts

You can do this by finishing each of the exercises individually or by going in a circuit or a mix of both.

I did a mix of both. By doing it all fast-paced you get a great conditioning workout focusing on back work and grip work.  Plus, it works your grip from multiple angles.

  • The plate row is an “open” grip
  • The Bottoms Up kettlebell clean is “dynamic” grip
  • The one arm Deadlift is “supporting” grip
  • The pinch grip Deadlifts are self explanatory/thumb specific.

In the past I haven’t used that kind of volume in my grip training, but I’ve gotten such great forearm work from high-rep kettlebell swings, I decided to experiment with other high volume hand training. Doing it in the mix with conditioning work is very efficient and kills two (or more) birds with one stone. My only caveat would be to be careful about the skin on your hands. If it’s not conditioned and sometimes even if it is, you can tear it up. Another point to pay attention to – high rep, one-hand deadlifts require good concentration and detail, because with fatigue it’s easy to get bad positioning. That however is part of the point of training, to keep doing it right even when you’re fatigued. They will light up your abs and just about your whole body. Enjoy!


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