Unshakable Confidence



Be the light in the darkness

You don’t control everything in your life despite what some motivational gurus say.

That’s actually a good thing.

You do not, for instance, make the sun rise or control your real hair color.  God did that in the setting into motion of the universe and I believe God cares for us truly and deeply!

However,  you do control a huge part of your life.  You control the atmosphere around you!

We all know someone who is “a dark cloud” or “lights up the room.”  You literally control the molecules directly around you that other people sense on an unconscious level. You do it whether you realize it or not. You project your emotions or intentions.

You can be the leader – The difference in the room. The one guiding how your space feels and what happens in it.

Practice unshakable confidence and believe that you have this power. Choose to be the light in the room and the world.  By the way choosing to be the light doesn’t make you less of a “man” or formidable person.  It makes you more. Choose it.

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