Bud Jeffries typical diet – Losing 120lbs

bud_pie1Many nutrition philosophies tend to go all or nothing and vilify certain foods.

It’s a mistake.

Low carb says all carbs are bad. Low fat says all fat is bad. Many diet people say a pizza or a cheese burger is the Devil. I don’t believe any particular food is bad in and of itself. Many of those same foods are however evil when prepared commercially.

Pizza in its original form was a whole wheat flour crust with natural cheese, tomatoes, herbs and maybe a vegetable or meat. That is healthy. Commercial ‘fast food’ style pizza is not and what they create chemically isn’t even in the same universe.

A hamburger in its original form should be a good cooked natural beef, whole wheat bread with possibly real farmer’s cheese (not that slice of preformed sheet cheese in a plastic wrapper), vegetables or condiments. It can be healthy. What fast food sells should be outlawed. It’s not even close and it’s not really even a viable food let alone healthy.

Getting the point?

Even sweets which I occasionally eat can be healthy. Heather (my wife –The Food Vixen, you should know that by now), makes a sweet potato pie which is completely natural and is my favorite. I’ll fight you over this pie… seriously, step away. Right now you’re probably saying, “What?! Blasphemy! Well maybe he means that occasional slice of pie isn’t going to kill you.”

Wrong. I mean this pie is literally good for you. It has a homemade whole wheat crust, (or sometimes she makes it with a pecan crust that’s equally amazing), simple ingredients of sweet potatoes, eggs, tupelo honey, lemon juice, spices and milk. That’s it. No chemicals, only slightly different than if you baked a sweet potato and put butter on it.

See where I’m going? Its how the food is grown, prepared and processed that determines whether its healthy or not. The specific food itself isn’t evil. In fact most things that are food from nature are actually good for you. For example olive oil, made from olives – good for you. Canola oil – Well you ever seen a canola? No, of course not, there isn’t such a thing and it is not a real food.

What’s this guy eating?

So – how much would be in a typical day’s food for me? On the average, I function the most effectively on two meals a day.  I’ve done three meals and on up to the six small meals, but overall, for my greatest efficiency and success, two meals work best for me. The first meal might be two servings of oatmeal with half a cup of blueberries or a banana (1 cup of oats/2 cups of water), or a large bowl of ambrosia (southern fruit salad with oranges as the base). If I’m really hungry add two to three eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast or a homemade whole wheat biscuit and of course coffee.

The second meal might be a 6-16 ounces of beef, 2 medium potatoes, and 3 cups of broccoli/mixed vegetables, etc. Maybe some whole wheat biscuits or possibly one my wife’s desserts. That’s just an example with typical portions to give you an idea. I generally drink at least three liters of diluted un-sweet decaffeinated green tea or water a day. Significantly more with a hard workout or a workout in intense heat. Sometimes a multi-vitamin or energy (Emergen-C) packet.

Ifcover_2_front the workout is very long or I got really crazy sweating sometimes I will have an electrolyte drink, occasionally homemade by adding honey to that green tea or using coconut water. How does that compare to when I was 375+lbs? At that time 6-8 eggs would have been normal for breakfast along with bread or grits, potatoes or meat, etc. Dinner would have been about double what it is now and I was nowhere near as strict about “food in its natural state.”

I have not lost any muscle or strength, in fact I am still setting PRs in strength totals greater than I did 120lbs ago, when I was pushing 400.  Being smart about your food choices in their quality and quantity is the greatest rule of thumb I can possibly advise for your health and success.
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