11 Survival Attributes needed from your training

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Here are some thoughts on the physical attributes and skills you probably need to survive an emergency and how to make your daily training bring out the best in them.

Not a – three stitches in my finger emergency,  but a real, “Oh crap” situation.

They are listed in no particular order.  In fact I don’t think you can really put them in an order of importance, because whichever one you don’t have will probably end up being the one you needed the most.

  1. The ability to lift something heavy, as well as awkward and move or carry it as well.
  2. The ability to sprint short/medium distances.
  3. The ability to negotiate obstacles and be agile.
  4. The ability to cover a long distance under imperfect conditions
  5. The ability to keep going for long periods
  6. Health, the ability to resist disease
  7. The ability to fight very hard for short periods as well as the skills to do so and the ability to repeat as necessary.
  8. The ability to resist a blow and or injury
  9. The ability to use multiple weapons and tools
  10. The ability to think clearly under physical stress
  11. The will/skill/ability to not quit.

If you really think this through there are many specific “skills” you need, but these are meant as basics of broad physical abilities.  In these, some are both “abilities” as well as developed “skills” or they blur the line between both. Fortunately many of these abilities are often covered by simple exercises that train multiple areas at the same time.  Also the truth is that for most people to get real results in training, even in how they “look” they are going to have to do the exercises that train these abilities and do enough of them to really “go somewhere” to see results.

Regardless of the type or style of training you prefer, you really should find ways to incorporate modalities that build upon these attributes.  It’s not to assume there will be an imperative need for survival situation skills, it’s to take this body you’ve been given and build it to the best of its abilities.  Not just for the show or the one time heaviest lift, but so that it is functionally superior in all ways.  You can be strong when it’s needed, fast when it’s required, enduring for your life, intelligent, determined, healthy and committed to yourself, your loved ones and your community.

All of these attributes require strength training, cardiovascular training, boxing/grappling/martial arts, tool skills, mental training, and smart nutrition.  Build upon these and you will hone the skills necessary for a solid mindset and a strong, enduring life.
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